Andrew Yang has to pull America out its viscious cycle that started from day one. The following elements have put America on a road of no return: 

* A godly figure, Jesus Christ, is used as a justification for the eternal mopping up of nonbelievers. 

* An exploitative spirit that requires constant strengthened by military buildup and sustained by endless supplies of victims.  

* A fixation on language skills for its theatrical merits, reaching such an extreme extend that made language a weapon for conquest of the minds rather than the tool of communication as it should be.

The rescue of America is a tall order.  And Andy is just a little Chinaman.  However, today even the littler Chinamen backhome have now become giants.  China is powerful enough to destroy Amreica, risking doomsday, or save it through Andy.

Peace is as difficult as war is easy.  This is what Andy can do for peace:

Overcoming the overwhelming language skills of the best talkers in America and get the following messages through to the voters to get himself elected and to gain the power necessary to accomplish the following tasks:

* Getting America to pull all its troops out of other countries.

* All the rest of the world, leading by China, will foot the bill for all the expenses involved, including reimbursing for the costs of construction of the weapons, which should be turned into peaceful uses by whoever put up the money, and pay up other expenses relate to this peace effort, all toward the goal of forgiving America's national debts, which otherwise is fast turning into the greatest cause for WWIII.

This suits humanity just right, because those debts were the exact expenses spent on building the capability to destroy the world.

* Sharing all intellectual properties and centralize them on a hub of 5G, supercomputing, software automation network to automate the world, without abandoning and enslaving the working mass, this time.

Granted, the above proposal is hard to swallow, but it is doable. And our mad Andy has already taken the first hard step.


杨安泽(Andrew Yang)必须将美国从第一天开始的恶性循环里拉出来。以下的因素使美国走上了不归之路:




拯救美国是一项艰巨的任务,而杨安泽只是一个小小的中国人。然而,今天即使是更小的在老家现在的中国人已变成巨人。中国有足够的力量摧毁美国,谁然要冒着世界末日的风险。 但我们可以通过杨安泽去拯救美国和我们自己。




*由中国领导的世界,为所有相关费用买单,包括偿还那时建造武器的费用。这些费用应该由任何人可把他们变成和平用途来付。  中国也要负责支付其他想象的到,与这项和平努力有关的费用,导至为了宽恕美国所有无法付还的国家债务。否则这些债务将迅速成为第三次世界大战的最大原因。