Trump is being forced by the slimy liberals to hate America.  He might to anything to let out his steam on America, including selling out America.

Asia must seize this chance to liberate itself from America, including outright buying out Trump.  This is just the right job for Xi and Kim.  Don't they look like a pair of suckers to the salivating Trump?

So, let's make a deal to liberate Asia for profit!  If Xi and Kim could pull it through, 
they will be the next living Mao's.  And for fulfilling what Mao wished but never lived long enough to accomplish, their accomplishment would get them the honor Asians had wanted to bestow to Mao when he's alive - to be the 
Emperor of Asia.

Now, here is the teamwork.   On 10/1/2020, Kim will demand that all American military bases in South Korea and Japan to pull out.  Xi will militarily backup the demand with military readiness, substantiated by live-ammunition military exercises in strategical regions of the world.  Trump is supposedly to put up a big fuss, backed up by military threats, but keep his promise to Xi and Kim that he would finally reluctantly back down.  

And Xi will promise Trump that Asia would foot all the expenses of the pull out, including the costs of all the weapons and equipment involved.  Trump, of course, would get a big commission for this teamwork of peace.



那么,让我们就达成他的心愿吧!习近平和金正恩可以做成这件事,他们将成为一对下一个毛泽东。并为了成功实现毛的愿望,他们将获得亚洲人曾经想给毛泽东在他还活着的时候的荣誉- 成为亚洲的皇帝。


特朗普将提出严峻的抗议,加上军事威胁。但他心里会守信他对习和金的私人承诺 --不情愿地退出日本和韩国。 

习也会实现他对特朗普的承诺,让亚洲将全力以赴拿出一切的费用,包括所有涉及武器和设备的成本。 特朗普,当然,为了对世界和平的贡献,也会得到一笔巨大的佣金。