Our world started when the East met the West.  This began with China’s Admiral Zheng He’s voyages around the world in the early 15th century.  Zheng He’s visit of the West gave the West an excuse to blame its Black Plague on the East.  Today, the best explanation for the four centuries of plague in Europe, and the absence of similar prolonged plague in the East, is, respectively, the curse of the superstitious Christianity in the West and the blessing of herbal medicine in the East.   

While the Easterners survived the Plague and developed the most advanced civilization in the world, the Plague devasted the Westerners’ morale to such a low level that they became savages in fancy clothes, fully equipped with weapons for doing aggressions on others.  Furthermore, they were intellectually reinforced by superb ability to use words to twist facts, especially related to inhumane deeds against non-believers of Christianity. 

The map Zheng He created led Columbus to “discover” America.  The great migration to the new-found land of America turned out to be a cure for the Plague.  However, the curse of Christianity was actually exacerbated in the fertile land of America in the forms of unrestricted exploitation.  This curse transformed itself into something even worse than the Plague.  It manifested in the forms of the genocide of the America natives and the enslaving of the African blacks.  And finally, it spread genocidal Christian crusades spread around the world, masqueraded as missions of God’s salvations.

Christianity and their inventor, the Jews, did not limit their scheme of exploitation in Europe and America.  The greatest damage they did was in the East.  The Plague-affected savages, after established a military camp of a nation in America, ravaged Japan so badly, causing Japan to exterminate them in the mid 17th century.   

And in China, the elite Jews of Karl Marx, Sassoons and Rothchilds, hired the British navy to force the Chinese people into one century of opium holocaust.  Marx, after justifying the Opium War against China, rationalized the overthrow of the China’s Qing Dynasty by the Christian Taipin Rebellion and other pro-West Christians, such as Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek.

So, the past of our world was Plague and opium.  And even after we remove the harms of Plague and opium, its negative impacts still haunted our future.  The negative impact in the West is the business of never-ending exploitation of the weak by the strong, resulting in putting humanity on the road to self-abortion.  

The negative impact in the East is the loss of the culture and traditions that has sustained Asia for more than 5000 years.  The sugar-coated tools of Western exploitation, such as technology, economics and even the dog-eat-dog politics and religions, become the darling of most weak-minded Easterners, who have been negatively affected by opium and other Western imports.

Recently there has been a proposal to move the United Nations out of America, perhaps to China.  Well, the idea is good, but it preserves the bad tradition of exploitation, much more than offer any solution to the world’s real problems.  

The United Nations is an instrument of the West to show case its leadership and distract the people of the world to seek a viable solution to our problem.  So, to get a fresh start, we need first to abolish the United Nations, along with all its agreements that suite the West’s interests.  Asia must lead the way.  If for nothing else, Asia needs to abolish the sanction United Nations has on North Korea.  This would open the door to the road to the future for the world, that is long overdue.

So, instead of the United Nations, we need the World’s Dao, which should be consisted of the following missions:

1. Removing all foreign military bases around the world.
2. Denuclearization, starting with North Korea, and continue onto a last-come-first-leave sequence of roll back, until the first comer, America, gets rid of its nuclear weapons.
3. Creation of a World Center of Automation managed by Computer Intelligence, independent of any nation:

(1) The Computer Intelligence will be the collective intelligence of all the people of the world accumulated on the super-network, consisting of the following components:

i.Software automation interface, ROBACUS, developed by UC, Berkeley and Boeing Computer Services
         ii. Supercomputer Sky River from China
         iii. 5G from Huawei of China

   (2) Putting all intellectual properties and innovation in the public domain
   (3) Production and distribution of the basic necessities to all needy people in the world
   (4) Allocation of credits and management of debts through issuing a universal currency, once full automation is achieved
   (5) Development and promotion of new human activities to replace the sacred notion of “job” in an era of post-scarcity:
         i. Pongfu for fitness and general self-improvement
         ii. ROBACUS for fitness of the mind
         iii. Other activities that would present themselves as a challenge to the humans in the modern society with meritorious stratification of its members based on achievements in these activities, to replace the old standards of money, fame and power.

                              世界之道 - 过去和未来









    I。软件自动化使用University of California, Berkeley和Boeing Computer Services的电算盘





4.乓夫 - 用于健身和一般的自我改善
5.电算盘 – 脑子健康的锻炼