My straight talk is having a tough time catching up with CNN and liberal democrats' double-talk propaganda.  The latest is the lynching mob's assault on the Australian  "white supremacist's" executions of 50 Muslims in New Zealand's Christchurch.  This is the long-running hunt for Donald Trump as the leader of the white supremacist movement.

Is CNN doing this for the benefit of us Asians? The loud and clear message is: However savage and godly lost-soul the Whites have exposed themselves recently, they are still superior to the colored race, especially the feared Asians!

Well, let's get this shit straightened out once for all here:  The whites are not superior; the Asians and the Jews are.  But the Asians help the inferiors, while the Jews exploit them.  And, most importantly: the so-called "white supremacists" are really "godly lost-soul genocidalists", trying to hunt down all the no-god Asians and different-god Muslims and other colored races.

In my five years of teaching in University of California, Berkeley, I have been clearly exposed to the racial profiles of thousands of the elite students.  And in my twenty years of research into Asian history I have dug up so much inhuman dirty tricks performed on the superior Asians, all in the name of the low-self esteem suffered by the white race, which has been guided spiritual by the most superior of Jews, particularly the two top dogs, Karl Marx and Albert Einstein. 

Specifically, Marx used opium and military savagery to kill 300 million Chinese and has still been trying to wipe out the Asian civilization, all out of jealousy and fear.

While Einstein, after praising that Japan was a land of gods, suggested the building of abombs with the intention of exterminate the buddhist Japanese, in case they don't unconditionally surrender to the Christian Americans.

In conclusion, to illustrate how superiorly Asians behave, in comparison with the fake "white suprematicist", let's use the examples of the New Zealand killer, Iris Chang of Nanking Massacre book fame and Andrew Yang -- a presidential candidate for America's 2020 election.

The killer simply got himself an arsenal of weapons,which is allowed in inferior countries, and merrily executed all his 50 some Muslim victims.  

Iris Chang also bought a gun two days after Bush,Jr.'s 2nd successful election.  She humbly used the gun on herself at the end.  

Andrew Yang has gotten himself to be a Christian, which is a prerequisite if he wants to dispose the leader of the white-supremacists' movement now sitting in the White House.

Isn't these all what's really happening to us? 











杨安泽先让自己成为一名基督徒。 这是一个先决条件,以便当今他想要竞选总统,为了要彻底处理现在坐在白宫的白人至上主义者运动的领导人。