Joe Ching (郑佐)
    李佳敏  (Jamie Li)

      DECEMBER 2018
No matter how other planets do, 
the earth must be a public world 
based on merits.
We have tried communism, but the 
capitalists, who like to exploit 
others, have been threatening us 
with extermination.
Ok, now the mass is being 
slave-driven by the capitalists like 
cattle and a sheep, enabling the 
world to progress to an era of 
automation. Now even the cattle 
and sheep have lost their reason for 
existence, and are facing the fate of 
being slaughtered.
Those greedy capitalists also use 
wars and money to exploit other 
countries. The bullying trade wars 
and illegal sanctions were not 
enough. They were so stupid that 
they even went after the top 
scientists of rival countries, to 
smother their contributions to the 
world. The Earth itself is now also 
facing a crisis of being blown up by 
something called "trumpidity".
All the oppressed masses and the 
hunted scientists must stand up and 
save themselves.
We must make automation public.
We must remove and replace those 
idiotic and barbaric capitalist 
leaders with the best talents in the 
The world must be made public and 
meritocratic, letting leaders of good 
characters to bring fairness to all, 
and let all the people of the whole 
world to share the fruits of 
The above mission would not be 
possible before. But now that we 
have ROBACUS and pongfu, we can 
do it.












I wrote these books in English 
because I can't write Chinese. But I 
wrote them for the Chinese, so I 
had to learn Chinese and then 
translate. But when I wrote the 
third book, "Return Our Culture," I 
found out that all that came out of 
my head were in Chinese. It was 
just then that my computer had 
taught me how to write directly in 
Ha, I waited for sixty years, only 
talking and not writing Chinese, and 
I waited until the computer came to 
fill the most difficult gaps for me to 
be able to rewrite in Chinese. That 
is, I just have to guess how to pinyin, 
or use computer translation to help 
me with locating certain words or 
phrases.  Now I really think that I 
have exceeded my elementary- 
school Chinese level of 60 years ago, 
and my Chinese progress is faster 
than my writing.
Up to now, I am convinced that I 
am a "Chinese and English duality" 
person.  And I also see that the 
world will soon become 
"scholarship and kungfu duality".
The Chinese and English duality 
ability has turned me into a "full 
brain person" from a half-brainer, 
because the picture-type Chinese 
language uses the left brain, while 
the alphabetic pinyin-type English 
uses the right brain. My brain now 
really feels more comfortable than 
before, of being full, and my friends 
say that my writings also improved 
since I started 3 months ago. 
In the past, I could actually write 
computer programs faster than I 
wrote English, so the computer is 
my best friend. Now I can see that 
human beings can also be friends. 
Of course, that rules out the 
bastards I want to expose in my 
In this way, I also found that my 
two life's inventions, ROBACUS and 
pongfu, just happened to be the 
extensions of our Asian scholarship 
and kungfu, respectively, and they 
can be used to fill the deficiencies 
in the olden day scholarship and 
kungfu. Plus, they are destined to 
solve many of the problems we 
have today.
The pursuit of progress in recent 
centuries and the coming era of 
automation have always been 
considered beneficial to humanity. 
But now it has become a 
threatening enemy.  Not only 
would humans be replaced by 
robots, but the earth might be 
blown up not too long from now.
Scholarship and kungfu duality here 
is not yet another progress. It is a 
transformation of history.
Asia has fared well under its 
previous feudal system, and there is 
absolutely no problem for 
extending the good life for another 
five thousand years. But the West 
has forced us to "progress" our way 
to the present.  And now we 
suddenly discover that progress is a 
bottomless pit, and power is a road 
of no return.
Therefore, we are not able to 
return to our cherished ancient 
feudalism any more, but we can 
transform our history and bring us 
to an altered future. It may be a bit 
of a hard living, but we don't have 
to live in fear of being marginalized 
or destroyed.

        FUTURE OF 

Don't be afraid, this is 
something we Asians ourselves 
invented. And it is something 
that most Asians like. It may 
knock out some of the losers 
among us, but it can also make 
our ancient traditions no longer 
"outdated and corrupt" as they 
were smeared by the Western 
aggressors.  It is our 
"scholarship and kungfu duality" 
of the future.
Most Asians like pingpong, and, 
at least, no one will look down 
on it. Although our kungfu is a 
bit lacking these days, martial 
arts novels and movies are still 
very popular. Even when we are 
not very good at English, we are 
still very comfortable with the 
computers and mobile phones 
that they have been written in 
English by the Westerners. If we 
could only enter the computer 
to help write some software, 
then it would be all the more 
The above is the essence of 
what we meant by possessing 
both the scholarship and kungfu 
duality skills. The the 
scholarship is ROBACUS. The 
kungfu is a ping-pong kungfu, or 
a pongfu. The good news is that 
they will be the new 
replacements of our jobs in the 
future. The bad news is that 
they will also be used to stratify 
humans preserving their 
persistence in life's challenges.

Is pongfu addictive?  Yes, if a 
person is strong-character enough 
to master the basic skills and put up 
with occasional humiliations of 
defeat.  This initial hurdle could be 
easily overcome by everyone if 
pongfu is made a mandatory 
curriculum in schools.  Anyway, 
how can a person quit a skill that 
makes him feel all others are 
moving in slow motion?
And now comes the big question: 
"Is pingpong more addictive than a 
job?"  In all my playing days, I 
have found that all my fellow 
players definitely put pingpong 
ahead of their jobs.  And on the 
average, the higher the position a 
person has in his job, the lower his 
pingpong skill.  I have seen many 
players given up good jobs or 
educational opportunities for jobs. 
Several even took sabbatical leaves 
from their jobs to devote 
themselves in pingpong. 
Another potential of pongfu is for it 
to become an industry on its own 
right.  Besides the manufacturing, 
the coaching and 
sparring-partnering business could 
be a win-win proposition for profit 
and fitness.  The escalating 
intensity the top two country, China 
and Japan, are investing in 
pingpong foretells pongfu's 
potential to be the number one 
industry by default in the coming 
era of automation.
One of the tough problems of 
equity is the distribution of wealth 
in a communistic automation 
society.  Ideally the share a person 
received from the fruits of 
automation should depend on the 
merit of his character.  It so 
happens the design of pongfu is 
heavily focused on making it a 
measuring stick for merit of 
character.  The immense data 
collected over billlions hours of play, 
it's firmly established what it takes 
to be good in pingpong is a person's 
merit in his manifestation of 
character in both training and 
Pongfu, unlike its predecessor 
pingpong, is made gradable in 
classes.  The very ability of 
self-training on the playback board 
can be quantitatively establish, kind 
like genesis records.  For instance, 
how many nonstop repeats he 
could do determines accurately his 
skill level.  
Oops,I might just have replaced 
and displaced by the pinpong 
coaches with a superdumb 
motionless robot. But we have 
created a brand new sport that 
could get millions occupied, or, 
equivalently, employed.
Another thing is that there is hardly 
any sport in which the hierarchies 
of superiority "as humans" among 
players of different skills is so 
voluntarily adhered to as in 
pingpong.  Just watch how China 
and Japan defend their national 
honors in international pingpong 
Too many things to talk about。Let's 
give them a little time to happen 
first before we put them into this 
book. So to conclude, we shall just 
reiterate,  as a sample case, what 
such a dual scholarship and kungfu 
society would typically do. 
Furthermore, in our current 
situation, if this is not done, we 
might even never get the chance to 
engage in novel stuffs like pongfu 
The US election has always been a 
mega-billion-dollar propaganda 
campaign. This is its most handy 
and monopolistic time for America 
to pave the way for a treacherous 
assault on some foreign rival 
nations for the next four years.
These rivals can only watch from 
the side and pray that the American 
people will rationally choose a 
president who would be good for 
all parties concerned. But in the last 
election, most people were greatly 
disappointed. It is only now that 
everyone is starting to figure out 
that America has fallen into an 
abyss of hostility, blaming all its 
own faults on other nations. Voters 
have become mobs. They wanted 
to choose a president that the rest 
of the world least wanted them to 
History has shown that the first 
term America chose such a 
president was to pave the way for 
something ominous. But if he is 
chosen again, it would either be a 
war, or some nations are going to 
be harassed bad.
What can we do?
It's high time that we must defend 
righteousness by raising the banner 
of peace and globalize America's 
presidential election in 2020.
We must put a bigger bet on peace 
than America on the election 
campaign gearing on hostilities and 
wars. It is also necessary to have 
the potential to make peace a 
chance that America can't stop.  
It's a do-or-die time. Of course, 
there should also be something 
unexpected like in the Chinese 
historical episode, Goujian's 
Does mobism, hiding behind a mask 
of democracy, have not deceived us 
long enough? We must let this 
lynching mob see what true 
democracy is. It's all the people of 
the world coming together to vote!
Would that nullify the election?
Well, that might just be the result 
we most want, as that would put 
America in a situation that it would 
least able to make wars.


ROBACUS is a mirror of our minds.  
It is especially keen in exposing the 
flaws in our thoughts when we do 
computing on it.  In this way, 
ROBACUS is also a teacher for 
beginner users, who typically 
possesses many defects in logics 
and just bad habits from past 
brainwashing that would stay with 
them for life for nobody could 
effectively help them, except 
So, ROBACUS measures our minds.  
This is definitely a hard concept for 
most people to swallow.  We need 
it to be more palatable.  We need 
to start from the very young.  It 
should become as normal as a test 
in schools.  And being in school, 
we need to offer a chance for 
improvement on the measured 
levels.  Thus, ROBACUS, must be 
taught in school starting as early as 
How much can ROBACUS improve 
the level of our minds? Before 
answering this question, it should 
be pointed out that human beings 
are really not designed to think.  
As the world will soon realize 
computer is the real thinker.  Also 
the very importance of thinking by 
human is greatly over-estimated.  
So, it's really not that important to 
improve the mind in the first place.  
We just need to get people to be 
sensible.  Well, by the time any 
mind learned to be compatible with 
the computer intelligence that 
drives ROBACUS, that's enough.
As mind is not the main stay of 
human quality, his character is.  
That's the job for pongfu.  And 
together with ROBACUS, we will 
achieve a society consisted of 
members with sensible minds and 
integrity of characters.   
The best minds could continue to 
improve ROBACUS.  And the best 
characters could guide our society 
out of the dismal states we are in 


The five components of ROBACUS, 
iolupd, useupd, edeupd, dieupd and 
na1upd, they are source codes for, 
respectively, i/o c-language library, 
user interface, robotic editor, 
diagnosing debugger and 
natural-language programing, 
needs at least one expert each to sit 
on it, possibly as a lifelong career, if 
not from birth.
Initially, we need to select from 
volunteers, but in the future, they 
will be manned by the best 
graduates from ROBACUS classes.
In the immediate future, there are 
two areas that I personally would 
have to address until I could train 
someone else to take over.  They 
1.	In na1upd, the multiple 
embedded branching of 
IF-THEN loops.  Once this 
feature is well programmed 
into the natural-language 
programming program, 
ROBACUS would potentially be 
smarter than any human being 
or whatever thinking devices 
they have out there.  It should 
be able to beat the computer 
that beat all humans in chess 
and GO.
2.In dieupd and useupd, possibly 
also edeupd and na1upd, the 
auto-debugging feature is 
important tool for automated 
universal user support.  Making 
this feature work will essentially 
put ROBACUS on the road to be a 
self-healing tool.  For an operating 
system that claims unlimited fields 
of application, this auto-debugging 
feature will make the claim stick.
One area that our current chaotic 
world can't wait and  ROBACUS 
needs to address is the Universal 
Centralized Processor's ability to 
become the all-people's money 
printer, or credit and debt manager.  
ROBACUS may not be successful, 
but it could only make things 


Natural language is the 
embodiment of computer thinking.  
The following demo illustrates how 
computer can help with a human's 
analysis, prediction and fulfillment 
A conversation in which ROBACUS 
led a human to a logical conclusion 
by asking all the things that it does 
not understand and then by digest 
them to finally come up with a 
solution that would enable the 
human to  make an sensible 
ROBACUS> What do you want to 
USER< I want peace.
ROBACUS> What is peace?
USER< not to fight war.
ROBACUS> What is war?
USER< fighting with weapons.
ROBACUS> What is fighting?
USER< soldiers ordered to fight 
each others.
ROBACUS> What is soldiers?
USER What is recruit?
USER What is government?
USER What is president?
USER What is job?
USER< war and peace.
ROBACUS> What is elected?
USER What is people?
USER What is decide?