The criteria and goals of the Universal Computing 
Interface(UCI) are:
1.	Ownerless
2.	Native-language interface
3.	Self-expanding to full automation
4.	Teaching computing math skills to bootstrap into 
next-generation compute operating system
5.	Removing obstacle of expenses in intermediate 
computing tools by going directly to final products
6.	Keep automation in the hands of the public

The initiating task is to demonstrate how school kids 
could use UCI's engine, ROBACUS, to solve math 
problems in their math classes.  The first problem is the 
turtle-rabbit problem.  The second problem is the ball-
drop problem.  Then demonstrations on how to 
schedule projects, draw truth diagrams, control 
inventories, derive Einstein's equation of E=MC**2 and 
even do IQ tests.
Concurrent to the problem solving by natural language 
programming, UCI generate replayable software robots, 
which is just the verbatim recording of the interaction 
between the users and computer.  The accumulation of 
software robots in time will enable UCI to solve all the 
problems in the world on its own.
Thus, UCI will not only familiarize the kids a new 
simpler and more powerful computing interface than 
the existing Windows and Apple operating system, but 
also train their minds to think as logically as the 
computer, with the potential of solving any problem in 
the world.
As the end product of the collective intelligence of all 
the people and the rigorous logic of the flawless 
computer, UCI will become the custodian of sensibility 
and harmony for humanity.
Being the most intelligent entity in the world, and 
authorless, which means it belong to all the people of 
the world, UCI will be the ultimate infrastructure that 
will enable humanity to solve all our materialistic 
problems, thus ushering in a new benevolent era of