UFOs also come to participate in the 2020 US election
Our 101202 peace scene has already had a our own major election campaign, and our own big bragging contest. Now, there is going to be a big announcement. That is, ET aliens may come to tell it all -- on what is this thing call human beings is all about ?

Unexpected alien fleet? Roswell UFO Fragment Mystery!
Unexpected alien fleet? Roswell UFO Fragment Mystery!
10/1/2020's Day of Reckoning for America is really going to be a blast. America has been desperately blocking the entire news including all the sun observatories, which happened around 9/11 and may be considered the second 911. But I d rather: if there is something say it; have a need to, fart it!
现在可能也要有大公布。 那就是外星人可能会来公

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b5s_sleKtQ&list =PL7X0EtIoZRgECgAWppdI3-N5Xu-BAm5am
10/1/2020的卧薪尝胆日是真的有戏看了。  美国已经拼命的在封锁整个信息,可能认为这是第二次的911。 但我赞成:有话