it sure brings back a lot of memories in my high school history classes, like how america genocided 
the indians with virus ridden clothes, the atomic weapons used on japan, the chemical weapons in 
north korea, the biological weapons in vietnam. why, even the malaysia plane's disappearance, 
along with a bunch of huawei engineers, had australia announcing it discovered some debries for 
the purpose of leading china on a wild goose chase. this time australia also told the world it is 
leading on the conoravirus. 
However much the west can make traction out of the pandemic breakout, the one important 
consequence is that japan finally sees the time has come for the resumption of wwii.
anyway, this is what i would like to see what should happen to the world:
The exploding cononavirus epidemic is setting up the 
stage for a definitive contest of the East and West 
systems to see which one is more suitable for us.
If the epidemic blows up to a pandemic proportion, it 
will surpass all other past disasters confronted man.  
Notably in history, the East has survived most of its 
share of disasters, including the ones created by the 
West.  However, the West has but exacerbated its, 
nevertheless cleverly turned things upside down, so 
that crimes become glories, thus escorted it's 
exploitative system with superior firing power to 
become the norm for the rest of the world.
Pandemics foretells the possible end of the world, being 
the results of other minor disasters as wars and climate 
devastation.  It past tells us anything that will be: The 
West has no solution to it.  Now the big question 
facing the world is: whether the East can solve the 
system, in the backdrop of saboteur and discrediting 
the very system that East applied.
The unique opportunity that presents itself this time it 
the first time the West is not able to ignore, as it 
traditionally to all its victims.  So, while the whole 
world is watching, let's judge by the method that East 
used to decide which is the better system for humanity.

The information below highlight what happened in 
history in the matter of pandemics.