My American home coming has confused the hell out of me.  Too funny!  If China has a new normal, America is in 
a new abnormal.  The small-brain, large-mouth president Trump doesn't understand the depth of the deep state of America.  So, he confessed, often by on-hand demos, of all America's dirty laundries.  He even unknowingly tried to infiltrate the top-secret clearance vault of America's 
voluminous dirty-trick secrets.  His personal lawyer even helped him confess that he's a "racist, con-man and 
cheat".  I'm proud to also confess that Trump is the best representative of all the Americans.

The two historical evil deeds, black slavery and Indian genocide, are also surfaced to the open from Trump's big, 
honest, mouth.  And the black congressman heading Trump's investigation is about ready to go down with Trump, either to hell, or jail.

As much as the democrats hate Trump to the bones, they and Trump make a perfect team in painting the patterns 
by which America implements its traditional toxic schemes on their poor victim nations.  Let's look at the current three major ones - North Korea, Saudi Arab and Russia.

Trump just fished out the deepest hatred of Americans for North Korea when he excused Kim Jong Un of the 
America golden boy, Otto Warmbier's, death, while the truth of the matter is that the kid died because he acted 
out the seamless brainwashing America put all its people through about the fabricated evils of their targeted 
victim countries.

Then Trump did the same on Saudi Arab and Russia.  All the new Saudi leader did was to eliminate some American pet Saudi journalist, who has been 
badmouthing Saudi, relating to the kind of conservative monarchy that America enforced Saudi into.

Lastly, Trump loved Putin of Russia for being a tough, no-nonsense, oligarchy buster, that Americans were 
supposed to be brainwashed to hate.
This is all too confusing for us square-head Asians.  In our "101202 project" to intervene in America's 2020 presidential election, we need to pussyfoot a balance act in picking and choosing between two evils.  The best 
compromise is: 

Getting Trump re-elected after helping the Democrats put him in jail.