The fatal mistake of Marxism is: "Labor is painful, so it 
must have proper retribution." But under the feudal 
system of Asia, pain is a good thing, because it can build 
a person's endurance and character. 
In today's computer age, the most important labor in 
the world is writing computer programs to create the 
kind of future we really wanted. And once someone 
learns how to write software programs, he will typically 
feel that it is a fun and fulfilling, not painful.
My good friend, Richard Stallman, the founder of the 
Free Software Foundation, once confessed to me that 
his main motivation for creating the Foundation is that 
he and his fellow geeks are absolutely intolerant of the 
monopoly of Windows and Apple to write programs for 
us all. He and his comrades would rather write software 
for the world without any charge.
Soon I will soon use a software automation package, 
dubbed "ROBACUS", to publicize this kind of free 
software to the world, to start the era of global   
automation. This will make today's trade war a joke, 
because our free automation will turn money into shit.
So, to all the leaders in the world, you must listen to my 
following suggestions:
Since the rise of Asia, especially since 2008, China has 
built the world's fastest computer.  As computers 
represent a country's speed of progress, China has 
become so rich it's almost hard to find places to spend 
the extra money.  Super-weapons have been built to 
surpass America.  And China also has, for the last 30 
years, used trade to subsidize America in order to 
control its inflation, or simply stated "the outright 
feeding of Americans", which is now being interrupted 
by a trade war initiated by America.
At the same time, because America wants to militarily 
control Asia, it borrows money from Asia at great risk of 
its own economic collapse. Today, the collapse has 
become a great threat to America, and the only solution 
for America is to launch WWIII.
And China is also in an awkward situation where it's 
getting harder to find places to spend its money. So, 
let's just have a war!
Therefore, we must stop the trade war immediately and 
start a "trade peace". This peace trade is a money for 
weapons trade. That is, to use the American debts owed 
to other countries in exchange for American weapons. 
This is a logical move, since those national debts of 
America were mostly used by America to make and use 
those weapons.
We need to ask America to withdraw their military 
bases out of other countries, but leave the weapons 
there for destruction by the United Nations. Moreover, 
all US military garrisons and other military expenses can 
also be added to the weapons, until all the national 
debts are paid off.
One side is stupid enough, risking bankrupting the country, to borrow 
money to build weapons. The other side is dumb enough to voluntarily lend 
money to the enemy to build weapons to kill the lenders. It's really a 
laughable loss-loss arrangement.

And if a war should erupt, does the first side know that its money source 
for fighting wars is cut off, and the second side can kiss all the money 
they have loan out goodbye?More likely than the war, if the second party don't do it quickly, they might wind up trading a useless dollar printing press.

Just assume humanity has had a nightmare!


马克思主义最致命的错误就是: "劳力是痛苦的,所以
要有适当的报应"。 但在亚洲的封建制度下,痛苦是
好事, 因为它可建立一个人的耐力和修养。 而在今
我的好友,Richard Stallman, 无费软件基金会(Free 
Software Foundation)的创始人,对我告白过,他的
Windows 和Apple 独家占有所有的快乐和精彩在垄断
电脑程式的 制作。  他们宁愿不收费用去帮全世界写
我本人很快就要, 用一个软件自动化的"电算盘"把这
种软件公布于世, 来起步全球化的全面自动化时代。 
国, 和一向用贸易来补助美国避免它的通货膨胀的步
的态度向亚洲借钱。 现在崩溃之日已经来临了,美国
苦之事。 不如好好打一战吧!
美国国债去换取美国的武器。  这是说的过来的,因
事费用也可加入武器经费, 一直算到国债还清为止。


如果一旦战争爆发,第一方是否知道它的战争资金来源被切断了,第二方可以亲吻他们借出的所有资金再见,搞不好很快就只能换到一架美钞印刷机? 比战争更可能的事事第二方搞不好很快就只能换到一架美钞印刷机。