Joe Ching (郑佐)
   李佳敏  (Jamie Li)
        August 2018
A great goal will always have a great 
obstacle. The obstacle is how to chase 
Asia's biggest enemy, America, out of 
Asia. In the next two years, if we want 
to achieve this, we must turn the 
current pile of loose sand into an iron 
fist that can strike at any moment. And 
it would be coincidently on the same 
day of the National Day and the 
Mid-Autumn Festival, respectively 
representing national pride and family 
unity.  Let's make it October 1st, 2020, 
as the Day of Reckoning for America to 
leave Asia while it still can. 
It's all explained in the books.


        ASIA PEACE       6

APPENDIX 1. UNBUNDLE          14
APPENDIX 2. Cal WONT!           24
           OR GIVE ME DEATH!
APPENDIX 5. JEWS                47
APPENDIX 8. THE FIFTH            77
Peace is the least valuable thing in 
monetary terms. So it becomes public 
enemy number one for those people 
who have insatiable greed for money. 
The most shameless people even use it 
as a propaganda tool to destroy it, so 
they could make more money. The 
Christian Peaceful Heavenly Kingdom in 
China and the super-peaceful opium 
den that the Jews gifted to China were 
good examples. 
China, relying on the help from Japan, 
took a hundred years to help Asia win 
back peace, and now it has been again 
disrupted by America. In fact, the 
purpose of the very founding of 
America was to make sure the world 
will never have peace, so that America 
could make a lot windfall profits from 
wars, while naturally doing some 
genocides along the way for God. The 
manufacture and sale of weapons has 
become the most active pass time for 
mankind. The world peace has become 
but a dream, while the end of the world 
is appearing unstoppably closer every 
The previous book "ASIA'S OWN 
HISTORY" has made us get back a little 
of Asia's own history. Now this book 
"Give Us Back Our Peace" will try to 
come up with a way to recover peace 
and tranquility. But this time, it's not 
only for Asia, but also for the world.
Here are the topics we want to address:  
3. Cal WONT!

We should at least have time until the 
Tokyo Olympics in 2020 to stop America 
from taking us all with it on its road to 
Why 2020? Because after 2020, using 
space nuclear laser weapons, the world 
would no longer be doing 
straightforward arms race, but to see 
who can destroy the world faster. This 
trend is hard to resist because everyone 
is habitually using this as an excuse for 
maintaining world peace. This madness 
has actually diluted the humans' desire 
for perpetual existence, and soon 
humans will feel that it may be a good 
thing to relieve our self-created hell if 
it's done in a blink of an eye. And it is 
also God's design for all the lost-soul 
warmongers among us - so, everything 
might already be a foregone conclusion!
Since 2008, China's rise has been 
accomplished with its world's fastest 
supercomputer, and the development 
of weapons has begun to accelerate on 
an unpredictable level in the eyes of the 
West. At least to the extent that the 
West is not tempted to do anything 
rash, Asia has thus attained peace. But 
this peace is maintained by the threat 
of war. That is not what we have been 
longing for. Asia has the responsibility 
is to secure permanent peace in the 
world. If we unite, we would have the 
strength to do that. But we only have 
two years to achieve this goal.


The busiest industry in the world is 
preparing for war. But those who yearn 
for peace spend little time preparing for 
peace. We are getting closer and closer 
to war, because we are too lazy in our 
work for peace.
China has never participated in the First 
and Second World Wars at all. At the 
time of the First World War, China was 
an anarchy regime where warlords split 
the country. During the Second World 
War, China was sold out to our enemies, 
the colonial and barbaric West, by 
Chiang Kai-shek. As a result, China lost 
many territories and have to endure 
numerous unequal treaties.
Fortunately, Japan sacrificed culture in 
order to resist Western aggression and 
use barbarism of militarism and 
industrialization to rescue Asia from 
Western colonization. But Japan could 
only make a good-effort start and 
suffered a tragic end, because it ignored 
culture and had not been able to unite 
all of Asian to fight the West to 
accomplish this mission. In China, Japan 
was even smeared by America and its 
puppet, Chiang Kai-shek, to become a 
deadly enemy of China.
In the end, Japan could only give a push 
to Mao Zedong, who used the Chinese 
tradition of peasant liberation to fight 
the Western colonial forces, to bring 
peace to China, North Korea and 
Vietnam. However, Mao was not able 
to drive the America out of Asia, letting 
it occupy Japan, South Korea and use 
Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore as 
remote military posts to continue 
disturbing the peace in Asia.
The first thing China has to do is to 
understand that the Cultural Revolution 
has not yet been completed. Had not 
for the Cultural Revolution to remove 
most of the pro-West followers of Sun 
Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, the 
Communist Party would not have been 
able so easily to make China rise today. 
Remember the 1989 Tiananmen 
Democracy riots launched by Hong 
Kong and aided by the United States 
and Britain?  This anti-Cultural 
Revolution riot showed us that it's a 
thin line between China's Rise and the 
Soviet Union's fall and dissolution two 
years later.
Now, within Hong Kong and Taiwan, we 
still have a lot of pro-American 
dissidents, inheriting Chiang Kai-shek's 
traitorous tactics to continue to 
discredit China and divide Asia. All 
Chinese must support the central 
Communist leadership to be more 
active in suppressing the traitors.
After that, Asia should unite to jointly 
break up the US-Japan-South Korea 
alliance. North Korea and South Korea 
have already taken a marvelous first 
step. China must capitalize on the event 
as a sequel to the Korean War, and this 
time it is a winnable situation. Even if 
we have to disrupt the peace talk 
between the DPRK and the United 
States, we must absolutely seize this 
opportunity of alienating Asia from 
As for Japan, we have to remove the 
distortions of history by the West and 
Chiang Kai-shek in World War II. This 
time China and Japan should face 
history together. And they should 
observe the guidance of Mao Zedong 
and the Japanese martyrs to unite 
China, Japan and Korea, as well as use 
the actual savage and bullying 
behaviors of America as a proof of the 
need to establish a culturally 
compatible "East Asian Community" 
that would chase Western barbarism 
out of Asia.
China's "ping-pong diplomacy", which 
has been used to get America off 
China's back, now has a chance to be 
tried again. This is related to the recent 
fierce competition in ping pong 
between Chinese and Japanese players. 
If it can be transformed instead into the 
"friendship first, competition second" 
of the Pingpong Diplomacy era, this will 
not only unite the two countries out of 
mutual admiration, but also become a 
good tale to tell the future generations.
Just a while ago, Japan 
unprecedentedly beat China in ping 
pong. This has changed China's image of 
Japan - from the "looking Japan down" 
to "paying high respect". Since ping 
pong is China's national sport, this is 
quite a national event.
But we reciprocally still have another 
problem to solve. That is, Japan is "look 
down" on China's technology capability. 
It so happened that just recently in 
Yanji, China, someone invented a new 
style of ping pong called "Pongfu", or 
ping-pong kungfu. The design concept 
of this style of play is in line with the 
simplicity and systematicness of a 
mechanical robot.
Coincidentally, the inventor also 
invented the equivalent "software 
robot" to a hardware robot in his 
"robotic abacus", ROBACUS, a software 
automation operating system. If these 
two inventions are applied to China's 
rapidly advancing hardware robot 
technology, China can create a robot 
that can defeat Japanese players. This 
time Japan will truly look up to China in 
ping pong, technology and innovation.
Japan's return to Asia can tie up the 
two hands of the American military in 
Asia Pacific. But a large US Navy and Air 
Force are still roaming threateningly in 
Asia. In addition, there are enough 
proxy fighters in Asia ready to die for 
America, such as, those in Taiwan, 
Australia, Singapore, and even Hong 
Kong, who pray every day for their 
savior America to return them to be 
masters of Asia. 
So we also need a way to tie up the two 
legs of America.  That would require 
the internal division of America, much 
like what happened during the Vietnam 
War and Cultural Revolution when the 
students and adults in America almost 
started a generation war. The current 
opportunity is the fierce confrontation 
between the pro- and con-groups 
toward Trump, and it has already 
caused three states to petition to 
secede from the union.
But it would be a very dangerous thing 
to really cause America to split. It could 
cause even more turbulence than the 
loss of peace that we fear to happen in 
Asia, as history has recorded that the 
American Civil War was the most 
bloody battle America fought.
But if the world collaborates to 
convince American leaders that their 
country would split as soon as they 
start a war, that can tie up America's 

The United States of America has 
bundled Christianity and technology 
together to produce the Doomsday 
Machine for world domination.  It is a 
crevice in the path of humanity's 
journey on Earth that might entrap and 
pre-abort the human species.
To step across over this crevice, 
humanity must stop America's Christian 
crusading war machine.  Japan and 
Germany have made suicidal attempts 
to stop this American Doomsday 
Machine.  But only to find out it was 
truly suicidal.  
Now China and Russia is preparing to 
repeat the feat.  This time, it's going to 
be a mutual suicide that would lead to 
doomsday.  The only viable option to 
stop the machine is to do it from within 
Americans need to divide up the United 
States by voting with bullets rather 
than ballots in the 2020 election.  
Instead of the recent murmurs of 
individual states petitioning themselves 
to secede from the union, we can make 
it a cover-all yet and uneventful affair 
by unbundling the blue and red states 
into two naturally distinct camps, which 
to a large extend are also 
representative of the blue advanced 
technology and red backward 
Christianity states, respectively.
Without the support of the technology 
states, the Christianity states would not 
be able to launch any more crusades 
around the world with advanced 
weaponry and would soon fade away 
into 3rd world status as most other 
religion-based countries did.  
The technology states, on the other 
hand, now freed of burdens of wars and 
hostilities from America's victim 
nations, would flourish into the beacon 
of hope in innovation and automation 
that the rest of the old world has been 
wished for as the promise of the 
new-found land called America.
The hard choice facing humanity is 
between faith and principle.  The faith 
in Christian God has served as a license 
to launch genocidal wars against infidel 
nations.  But the principle of peace 
tells us to stop using this license as a 
justification for mass killings.  In a 
nutshell we must decouple God and 
Iris Chang of "Rape of Nanking" book 
fame bought a gun 2 days after finding 
out Bush got re-elected for a 2nd term.  
Her anger at Bush's religious wars 
prompted her to buy the gun.  Then 
she used the gun on herself.  She could 
decouple God and guns by using it on 
Bush instead.  We must not make the 
same mistake.
So, before the 2020 election, all the 
anti-gun voters should also get 
themselves guns.  Once the election is 
over, those in the blue states should 
use the guns to reinforce their intention 
to divorce the red states as expressed in 
the ballots.  
In the last Civil War, bloody as it might 
be, the red states were not allowed to 
secede from the union.  But this time 
they can just go without having to ask.  
So, the huge mistake of the Civil War is 
finally corrected!

Having stopped America does not mean 
we have stopped all wars.  The 
number one task for the new world 
being freed of wars is to work out a 
scheme of winning a war.
In today's instant-annihilation war, how 
can we win a war?  The only way is to 
not fight it.  Then how do we not fight 
it?  We need to first analyze the 
reasons why some leaders of 
warmongering countries start wars. 
The main reason is that their names 
appear on the list of potential 
casualties.  So we must reverse this 
But under no circumstances, we should 
allow a war to erupt in the first place.  
So, all future conflicts should be 
restricted to the hunting down of only 
the warmongering leaders. 
This would extinguish any breakout 
quickly, as well as making it no fun for 
the war-game players at the top to start 
anything.  Really, that's the most 
democracy the people need!
During the Korean War and the 
Vietnam War, the United States often 
deceived the American people in that 
the captured POWs were only one-third 
of the true figures. The main reason 
was that if there were too many 
prisoners of war, then voters would not 
let America continue the war, and to 
make windfall profits from it. This was 
because, in addition to the demands of 
the families of POWs, each captured 
prison, even after the war ceased, 
would need more than one million 
dollars to redeem. In the Vietnam War, 
America owed Vietnam four billion 
dallars which it promised in order to 
redeem only little more than 1,000 
prisoners of war, but to date still 
refuses to pay.
And those were just ordinary soldiers, 
but when the generals or famous 
people had a bad incident, the price 
that America had paid could be so big 
that history itself might have to dodge 
the truth.  General MacArthur and 
General Walker's disagreement could 
have brought the Korean truce, and 
John McCain's capture by North 
Vietnam could cost America losing the 
Actually this was what happened in the 
Korean War, when the American army 
brasses were dragging their feet on 
negotiation at the peace table.  But 
when new casualty counts included 
many of the top brasses in the military, 
truce followed.
And in the subsequent Vietnam War, 
the capture by the North Vietnamese of 
the crown prince of the America naval 
force, John McCain, had an even more 
dramatic effect.  America wound up, 
not only put off nuke attack on China, 
but actually retreated from Vietnam, 
and then came to China, begging Mao 
Zedong for peace.
Well some people might criticize me for 
stretching a small figure like McCain too 
far. Then how about General Douglas 
MacArthur?  When President Truman 
removed him from his command, we 
have one nuclear war stopped from 
happening! We should appropriately 
call our peace scheme, "De-MacArthur 
However, our future target would be 
more the like of Truman, not 
MacArthur, to stop the dropping of the 
two abombs in Japan.  As both 
MacArthur and Truman have performed 
great stunts of comebacks in their 
careers, ours will be humanity's stunt to 
make a comeback on peace. 
Since we are mainly concerned about 
Asia, we should also look at China itself. 
A thousand years ago, the Mongols 
kept on capturing the Song Dynasty 
Emperors.  Moreover, in the recent 
Qing Dynasty, the Manchus sent the 
most qualified people to replace the 
Ming emperors to rule China, and 
finally abandoned China because they 
could not provide a competent 
Ok, that's the old-fashioned empires.  
The modern democracies all have their 
war-ready democratic war machines. 
Therefore, the way to deal with this 
thorny problem is to get voters to make 
perfectly clear to their president-elect 
that the one thing the voters most 
wanted is for a leader to be willing to 
offer himself as the first casualty of 
wars in order to "shield" the people 
from the horror of wars. 

      Cal WONT!
California did not participate in the 
America's founding, not to mention the 
drafting of the Constitution, particularly 
the part about one-man-one-gun for 
creating a military camp of a nation. 
And even during the Civil War, a half of 
Californians wanted to secede from the 
Union, but nobody cared to make a war 
out of it in the State.
But in 2018, California knows that it 
does not like guns and wars.  Some 
even don't like the Constitution and like 
to exit the Union, especially when the 
head of the Union is an asshole.
So, if we have to choose again, 
regardless of how the voting turns out 
in both the 2018 mid-election or the 
2020 Presidential election, we would 
want to undo the Civil War by letting 
the Republican Presidential candidate, 
win or lose, take all his Red States and 
secede from the Union, nonviolently 
this time.  California will either let the 
Democratic candidate or our own 
Governor to become the head of the 
And as to guns and wars, Californians 
want to stake a claim to our lives that 
we won't allow ownership of guns and 
we won't go to any war, either military 
or on trade.  
These Cal WONTS -- WONT GUN and 
WONT WAR -- are really also what 
America wants, but the 1% oligarchy 
won't let us have it.   Other 
Americans might not be able to 
overcome the wish of the oligarchy, but 
not California, because California gave 
births to majority of these oligarchies, 
who, in turn, surely don't want their 
own state to turn into a barbaric jungle. 
In the WONT GUN demand, California 
can pass legislations to put a State tax 
on weapons to discourage gun 
ownership and manufacture, as well as 
the presence of weapons, in California.
In the WONT WAR demand, we will just 
make all our State's cities weapon-free 
and free-trade zones.  Then the State 
laws and federal laws can do battle, 
while the city laws get a free pass.
Recently, the American leader we don't 
like is starting a trade war we don't like.  
The one trade war against China, to 
whom we are deeply in debt, will be a 
financial suicide.  California should get 
on the side of China on this trade war, 
perhaps even getting some debt favor 
while at it.
In fact California should be the first 
independent state to ride the China 
dragon's rising up to the sky by virtue of 
California's technological excellence.  
California should collaborate with China 
to extend the One Belt One Road from 
Shanghai through Alaska to California 
and then the rest of the Blue States in 
America.  This will be a win-win 
bargain between Californian technology 
and Chinese market.
So, again, whoever in America likes 
guns and wars can just follow their 
leader to secede from the Union, this 
time voluntarily.  But as an extra 
insurance, Californians must use 
state-wide referendums to make new 
laws to defend our own prosperity.  
And as the leading State of the Union, 
we will become the role model for all 
the Blue States.
So, it's not "America First", but 
"California First", while "America needs 
to hold on to California so that it does 
not drop to the last too fast".
Finally, as a consolation prize for 
America, we would also support a 
referendum by the people in Taiwan.  
They could choose either to return to 
China, or they could trade with America 
on behalf of China to exchange 
California for Taiwan.
California must help Americans to 
capture world's largest market place - 
China.  As an independent state, 
California will represent America to join 
the One Belt One Road initiative, and 
collaborate with China to build an 
express railway linking America and 
And on the topic of why America is 
pushing for WWIII, the main reason is 
that America is collapsing, mainly due 
to the exodus of elite immigrants and 
the laziness of the native residents. 
So, American leaders have to make a 
last desperate effort by lying to the 
warmongering Americans with the 
slogan: "America First".  Furthermore, 
the warmongers feel confident and can 
turn mad when they have all Americans 
tied up to America's democratic war 
In short, a United States means war.  
But a Divided States means peace.  So, 
we can try a Cal WONT, or WONT GUNS 
and WONT WARS, initiative to tie up 
America's legs from going to war. 
Since in a war 96% of casualties are 
civilians, the actual war that any leader 
declared is against the people. 
So, as a further insurance against wars, 
California should also form a citizen 
against war special force, whose job is 
to take out any leader who declares any 
Finally, we should also notice that trade 
wars often lead to weapon wars. 
California should simply declare itself a 
globally economic free zone. 

Calfee: FROM FED TO 
China is coming out of its dark ages.  
A century of opium holocaust, 
followed by 70 years of American 
sanctions and military threats, as 
well as the unending internal 
disruptions by Christian and 
barbarism converts has hardened 
the Sickman of East Asia into 
tireless workers.  Western 
exploitation forced Chinese to 
transform themselves from a race 
of beaten-up slaves to a labor force 
of unrivalled productivity.  
China now feeds the world.
America has been leading the 
Western world, from feasting on 
the world's once most prosperous 
land called China,to now basking in 
a feeding frenzy on Chinese imports, 
via a simple pressing of thr button 
on the dollar printing machine.  
America's unending showoff of its 
military might and rolling out 
bullying trade policy made the 
country now the lushest feeding 
ground for its herd of lynching-mob 
voters, all delivered and paid for by 
California has once been the 
world's number one feeder.  Now, 
if nothing is being done quickly, 
California will become a "feder", 
dwindling into a life of voting and 
printing like the rest of its fellow 
All Californians must stand up and 
say "No Way!"
California must get out the herd.  
It must join China and get on the 
side of the feeders.  With the best 
infrastructure in innovation and 
automation, California could even 
become the leader among the 
If California could unload the 
baggage that is the down-sliding 
"America Number One", it would 
be able to attract the best and 
brightest from around the world.  
Maybe, California could eventually 
help solve America's trade balance 
problem by letting America feed 
itself - from California.

Democracy has empowered the people; 
people, in turn, empowered their 
nations, by empowering them with 
So, it all comes down to who have the 
better weapons.  On the battle fields, 
the new heroes are now 
weapons.  Humans have largely 
reduced to numbers on the casualty 
list.  Even the spectators are all rooting 
for the weapons, since their sizes 
determine the accepted numbers of 
allowable kills. 
In fact, automation in weaponry would 
soon eliminate humans from the battle 
fields altogether, except as prized 
targets.  One day, the weapons would 
do all the killings, while humans, the 
Have weapons inherited the Earth?
Well, they have since 300 years 
ago.  Do you know the submarine was 
used as early as the America 
Revolution?  Except for a few small 
setbacks by Mao's guerrilla techniques 
and terrorists' improper use of box 
cutters on some jetliners, from machine 
guns to atomic bombs, weapons have 
essentially charted the course of 
contemporary human history. 
But due to the lack of communication 
owing to media monopoly by countries 
with biggest weapons, we only found 
out about their routine massacres of 
humans long after the glories of their 
victories were formally notched in our 
history books.  If there are massacres 
to be immortalized, they are mostly 
fabrications, like the Nanking Massacre, 
which was smeared to such despicable 
state that it was used to overshadow all 
other real massacres. 
But now, with live TV and the Internet, 
we see everything as they happen, and 
can access anything from the past.  It's 
no surprise we should suddenly find 
ourselves deeply at the mercy and 
whims of our weapons. 
As custodians of Earth, humans are 
playing the supporting role to weapons. 
All our lives are strongly dominated by 
how powerful the weapons our 
countries possess or in our hands at the 
Is there a way to stop weapons' 
domination over us?
No and yes.  No, every country has 
basically gone weapon 
crazy.  International policies are 
governed by weapon differentiations 
among nations.  We all talk peace but 
prepare for war.
But, by courtesies of the Islamic martyrs, 
double-duty as terrorists, most of the 
available weapons are now being used 
in the War on Terror. It may take a 
while before they can freed themselves 
for other killing chores -- someone 
needs to accomplish his Godly missions 
of religious cleansing and oil looting in 
the Mideast. 
So, yes, there is a window of 
opportunity opening up for some of us, 
namely the Asians. After centuries of 
domination by the Western weapon 
people, the Asians can finally say "NO" 
to the Westerners' policy of 
These are what the Asians need to do 
to turn the world around:
1.	Unite the people under the spirit 
of righteousness and brotherhood 
of man based on the traditional 
Asian cultural values of harmony, 
benevolence and peace.
2.	Put aside all national, racial, 
religious and political differences, 
as well as military and economic 
3.	Make Asia a weapon free zone by 
relying future defense on the 
time-tested, pro-human and 
anti-weapon strategies of 
zero-tolerance war prevention 
described in this book earlier.
Let's cap off this anti-weapon 
discussion with the introduction of 
Pyongyang Protocol for Global Nuclear 

Kim Jong Un has finally took the world 
to its first denuclearization. We should 
seize this opportunity to go all the way 
to global nuclear weapon rollback, or 
simply "nuke rollback".  In so doing, 
the following considerations can serve 
as a logical basis for a viable program of 
nuke rollback: 
1. Humanity has proven its own 
savagery by dropping nuke bombs on 
live humans.  The world simply cannot 
afford to live with this hazard.
2. It's only a matter of time that all the 
countries in the world will have nuke 
weapons for basically they all have the 
ability to have them.
3. But for a long time to come we still 
need to observe the concept of balance 
of horror.
4. So nuke rollback must proceed 
according to a first-come-last-go 
schedule to give due credits and time 
needed to the pioneers of nuke 
weapons for them to be mentally 
prepared to give up their "deserved" 
The recent North Korea's change in 
attitude toward nuclear weapon 
program is an opportunity for the world 
to roll back the nuclear arms race.  
Since North Korea is now in a tactically 
desirable position to phase out its 
nuclear weapon's program, this could 
serve as the start of the rollback.  Also, 
as the one country that could influence 
North Korea to do this is America.  
President Trump should visit North 
Korea and jointly declare with Kim Jong 
Un a Pyongyang Protocol for Global 
Nuclear Demilitarization.  
Just as North Korea could roll back its 
nuclear bomb program in 10 years, back 
to its zero level in 2008 when it first 
obtained its first bomb, America might 
also find it comfortable and welcoming 
to do the equivalent rollback in 73 years 
and by 2081 to the zero level as in 1945.   
This same formula should be applied to 
all the nuclear powers in the world.

We have written an Asia History from 
the Asia's perspective.  How should 
we write our Future History from the 
Future people's perspective?
Above everything, the future should 
have peace, or else there will be no 
future.  So, we need to write a Future 
from the perspective of peace.
The Cal WONT initiative points to a 
future where the peace-loving people 
of the world have finally decided to 
seize the center of world stage.
Just like the warmongers are really 
dealing with eternal border dispute 
issues, the peace-loving people would 
naturally want to erase their borders 
and unify as one. 
As a united front for peace, we will 
have a voice large enough to make 
some universal policies that would 
eventually usher in a peaceful world.
The most urgent policy is nuke rollback.  
This will lead to rollback of all weapons.  
How can we accomplish this?
First we need to setup a special task 
force, whose sole mission is to track all 
potential creators of wars in the 
warmongering countries.  This task 
force will be fully prepared, technically, 
as well as verbally, to diffuse the war 
before any serious killing starts. 
So, the job of this task force is to talk 
the war creators to stand down, and if 
he would not listen, then he would 
soon be standing dead.
However, this is not to say that we also 
need another army.  But we do need 
the world's ultimate weapon to end all 
weapons.  What we need is a group of 
ultra-high-tech professionals. 
They will build the "Terminal War 
Machine".  All the design of such a 
machine is already there and the key 
elements have been automated on the 
computer, just waiting for some 
warmongering leader to tempt its 
We must let the voting mobs of 
democratic countries understand that 
when they cast a ballot for war, they 
are only endangering the life of their 
mob boss, the democratically elected 
The world probably would have wished 
we had some peace-keeping task force 
like this all along.  And every country 
today probably already has one, so they 
thought.  But the problem is that the 
very creator of the war would most 
likely use it on his own victim nations to 
set the stage for his war.
So, to make this approach feasible, the 
prerequisite is the establishment of a 
land of peaceful Future, which the Cal 
WONT project is doing.
Once we have this plan of final resort 
for ultimate peace-keeping set up, we 
need to start calling for tax levy on all 
weapons of war, starting with nuclear 
weapons and eventually covering all 
weapons of war.  
Logically, we should also develop the 
technology for converting the weapons 
to peaceful uses.  This ideal of beating 
swords into plowshares can be the 
beacon of hope that bind the 
peace-loving people together and a 
wakeup call to the good consciences of 
all the warmongering people.
The recent event on North Korea's 
denuclearization should be made as a 
starting point for the nuke rollback 
program.  To make things palatable 
for all nuke power countries, we should 
use the last-come-first-go method to 
eventually get rid of all nuke weapons.
The weapon tax and peace-keeping 
ideas should also put pressure on 
reluctant countries.  Additionally, the 
business of turning swords to 
plowshares might turn out to be quite 
an industry on its own, just think how 
much the dumb-head warmongers have 
spent on building the monster 
In a way, the whole concept is based on 
an honor system.  The honor comes 
from humanity's desire to survive.  
Otherwise, we should just take the exit 
and let the next species to take over.

The eventful Jews are certainly 
inseparable from a discussion of wars. 
Their role playing, as the merchants of 
death to the angels of war, is to be kept 
watched over carefully.
There seems to be something in a Jew's 
upbringing that encourages him to go 
for the contradictory extremes in an 
effort to win trust in his lies. 
The Christianity story is an example.  A 
hateful bastard son became the loving 
Lord Jesus.  Her rebellious slut of a 
teenage mom became the Holy Virgin 
Mary, and, what an imaginative mind-- 
the deadbeat dad turned out to be the 
Almighty God.
Maybe this does serve as an escape for 
the weak-minded lost souls of the 
world, resulting in the Jews ending up 
with a following of world's largest 
group of genocidal killers at their 
disposal.  No wonder Christian 
Crusades around the world have 
continually broken records as wars of 
bloodiest slaughter.
This patented skill of the Jews does not 
stop at their thirst for blood, but also 
greed for money.  This brings us to the 
opium holocaust in China.
Karl Marx first established himself as 
the champion of the oppressed poor of 
the world.  Then he used his 
new-gained credibility to do the 
extreme opposite, lying to the world 
that the most advanced and prosperous 
country, China, was the most backward 
and corrupt, and that the people of the 
country loved to smoke opium.
This made his opium cousins, Sassoons 
and Rothchilds, the richest men in the 
Then there was this self-proclaimed 
genius, Albert Einstein, who stole the 
Maxwell's Expression relating mass to 
energy to win a Nobel Prize, even 
though he never got the simple idea 
that the reason the speed of light is 
constant is because its source, the 
charged particle, travel perpendicular 
to the direction of the light.  Thus, a 
moving light source of accelerating 
particles would only disperse, not 
speed up, the photons of light.

But this is not our story.  What really 
amazing about Einstein's life was that 
he out did Marx in destroying what 
remain of the Asia's only viably 
self-preserving civilization during WWII 
-- Japan.
He first called Japan a nation with "a 
longer history than all other countries 
and the world's oldest, most precious 
pedigree."  Then he added, "World 
culture began in Asia and will return to 
Asia.  Japan must be the peak of Asia.  
We are thankful to God for creating the 
country of Japan for the human race."
He then did the contradictory extreme 
in persuading America to make two 
atomic bombs to be dropped in Japan.
It was a good thing that Mao Zedong 
didn't give a damn about the Jews' 
tricks, including the Marx's extreme 
caring for the oppressed poor.  Mao 
simply use the age-old, time-tested, 
tradition of peasant liberation, to 
pulled China out of the Jewish opium 
den and made China strong enough to 
help save Japan from being stuck under 
America's nuke ass.
Maybe the next country we need to 
save from the Jews is America?  And 
the next to America, Jews?
Henry Kissinger, arguably, the fourth 
most influential Jew, after Jesus, Marx 
and Einstein, may meet the other 3 in 
the afterlife and bragged about his own 
 "I helped Asia get peace, now they 
unified under minority rule, so soon 
Israel will rule the world. "
Finally, let's touch on two other 
fixations that the Jews have.  Those 
are oligarchy and holocaust.  They 
invented two kinds of oligarchies, one 
for the rich and another for the poor.  
For the rich, it's called capitalism, in 
which the minority rich and powerful 
elites, saturation brainwash the voting 
mob in a democracy.  
And for the poor, it's called Marxism, in 
which the majority poor are incited to 
violently keep everybody equal and 
equally poor, except, of course, for the 
authoritative oligarchy leadership.
As holocausts go, the Jews tried to do it 
to others, like the China's opium 
holocaust, but, what goes around 
comes around, oftentimes it backfired 
to themselves, like what Hitler did to 
the Jews in WWII Germany.
Jews are so inundated with matters of 
intelligence that they find using brains 
to exploit others to be only natural.  
As human emotion and righteousness 
are, respectively, controlled by their 
hearts and brains. So, somewhere along 
in their upbringings, the Jews must 
have found a way to severe their hearts 
from their brains to prevent the hearts 
from guarding the brain away from 
mischiefs.  Perhaps it also helps to let 
some superstitious God to guide their 
hearts, rather than their natural good 
Ultimately, Jews main missions in life 
are to unleash themselves to exploit 
the world, and then whitewash 
themselves with lies afterward.  This 
sometimes requires them first to deny 
they are Jews, and even not religious 
and no-god, but this is only after they 
have learned all the tricks and skills for 
how to circumvent the restrictions from 
books that taught them how to become 
a good person.
  Sadly what they are really doing is 
giving other righteous people no choice 
but resorting to holocausts.
Why being so intelligent that they can 
never learn that having the gift of 
intelligence is not a license to use it to 
exploit the less intelligent, like the 
And the danger for the Jews is that they 
might also bump into the unsuspecting 
Asians and the fierce Germans and 
terroristic Muslims, who might be even 
more intelligent than the Jews. 
That's why the Jews seem to be 
continually hacking the password to 
their next holocaust.  Aren't they ever 
going to learn that the potential for evil 
in humans is not great, but infinite!


Jews, the clown princes and guiding 
spirit of the white race, do not deserve 
to waste their remaining existence on 
Earth griping about the Holocaust.  
And it might be of fatal consequence 
for humanity if they ever try to do 
anything about it.  
So, historically someone needs to 
analyze the holocaust and lighten the 
blame on Germany for masterminding 
it,not just rely on someone to kneel at 
the grave.
Well, Germany was in a total war, 
which to some extend was schemed up 
by the Jews.  Citizens of the country 
have a choice of either risking their lives 
on battle fields, or sitting it out safely in 
concentration camps. 
As history had it, the former choice was 
a bad bet.  None expected that the 
Americans would fight with genocidal 
The whole German population was 
being slaughtered, except the 
smart-choice Jews.  But when the food 
ran out, the best thing that the starving 
Germans outside the concentration 
camp could do was to deliver, not food, 
but poison gas, that would, at least, 
reduce the number of mouths to feed 
inside the camp.
Yes, we all saw a lot of dead bodies. But 
it should be the sight of the few 
surviving Jews that drew our attention.  
This sight should remind us that the 
true evil was not inside the camp, but 
outside on the battlefields of war.

People called me two-faced. 
Actually, I'm three-faced.  My left 
face is the treacherous, tail-striking 
scorpion of a Jew.  My right face is 
the upright stiff, noble koi of a 
Japanese.  And in the middle, I'm 
the magnanimous China dragon 
under the skin of a playful panda.
In our modern era, the world has 
completely mistaken the 
characteristics that the above three 
faces represent, courtesy of the 
terroristic, lying skills of the Jews. 
First, the Jews themselves have 
uplift themselves to a status holier 
than the bastard son Jesus, virgin 
slut mom Mary and almighty 
deadbeat dad God, thus becoming 
loathsome beyond description.
Second, the introvert Japanese, by 
holding back from not letting one 
extra word leaking out of their 
mouths, have invited the Jews, and 
its genocidal Christian flocks, to 
become their spokesman.  
This spokesman, in particular the 
shamelessly filthy Christians, didn't 
spare a single word in turning the 
koi into the lowly carp and blood 
thirst and raping happy shark, 
resulting in mobilizing the weak 
minds of the world, competing to 
cuss out the Japanese with lewd 
words and phrases for the most 
unimaginable lascivious behaviors 
that only such sickest minds could 
And, it definitely could not be a 
coincident that all the demonic 
descriptions about Japanese turn 
back to fit the Jews themselves to a 
T.  The anti-Asia Asian 
Christian-converts especially have 
all their brains turned into cesspool, 
with the mouths acting as 
machinegun firing anuses.
Thus, the whole globe has turned 
into a loose-cannon ball, 
senselessly without ends, flying 
from one killing quagmire to 
another, frantically searching for its 
last resting place, which is the 
doomsday hell.
So, third and finally, it's high time 
for the three faces of mine to roll all 
into one - judge, jury and cop.  
The dragon must dance the ball to 
sanity by getting the koi to utter 
just four words: "WE ARE NOT 

Revolutions and liberations represent 
the modern history of China. Karl Marx, 
the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Sun 
Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek practiced 
revolutions. Empress Dowager Cixi, 
Mao Zedong and Japan practiced 
liberation. Liberation is an Asian 
tradition. Everyone understands it 
without explanation. But the West's 
notion of revolution, especially when it 
was invented by a Jew who did not 
consider himself as a Jew, was 
something we could not let it go so 
To this day, the reason why the 
Jewish-led West can make irresponsible 
remarks about China and Asia is that 
the revolution is actually a century-old 
scam of global proportion. Beyond the 
incredible distortion of history, what 
China and the whole of Asia should find 
to be absolutely unacceptable is that 
the poison from the scam of revolution 
is holding us back from our effort to 
revive our past splendor.
Just look at the how the minds of 
Chinese scholars and ordinary people 
are poisoned by the scam of revolution. 
Many pro-West Chinese think that they 
can just borrow some superficial 
Western barbarism and leverage on the 
American military power, like that two 
clowns, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang 
Kai-shek, to continue harassing China 
and Asia.  After smearing China, it 
ruined Japan, and now suppressing 
North Korea for 70 years still would not 
let go. Now it is back to Japan. When 
are they going to stop? Asia must not 
forgive them!
But he most unforgivable is the Mr. 
Revolutionary, Karl Marx, himself.
The fact that Marx did not think that he 
was a Jew was the most treacherous 
trick of this most Jewish among the 
Jews. It is like how Marx did not even 
consider Christianity when describing 
the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 
Revolution. Also the way he compared 
the China's salvation campaign of Mao 
Zedong's peasant liberation as a 
Marxist revolution, similar to the 
devastating Taiping rebellion was 
something only capable of by such a 
low-life Jew.
Then afterward, how did he describe 
the Taiping Rebellion? 
He wrote: "Compared with the old 
(Qing Dynasty) rulers, they are an even 
greater scourge to the population. It 
seems that their vocation is nothing 
else than to set against the 
conservative disintegration of China, its 
destruction, in grotesque horrifying 
form, without any seeds for a 
renaissance. "
 "Their horror to the people is even 
worse than the horror of the old 
rulers. Their entire mission seems to be 
merely to use the ugly destruction go 
against the stagnating and rot, and this 
destruction has no sign of constructive 
A British diplomat based in Ningbo, Xia 
Fuli, described it like this: "It has been 
three months since Ningbo fell into the 
hands of the revolutionary Taiping 
Army. Here, like any place where these 
robbers rule, destruction is the only 
result. In addition, they have no other 
purpose. In their view, the power to 
make themselves infinitely mischievous 
is as important as killing. This view of 
the Taiping Army is inconsistent with 
the illusion that the legendary Taiping 
army will "liberate China", "rejuvenate 
China", "save the people",and 
"promote Christianity". In the past 10 
years, their momentary and 
meaningless activities have destroyed 
everything and nothing has been 
built. "
Mr. Xia Fuli met a well-dressed Taiping 
soldier and asked him if he liked his 
profession. The soldier replied: "Why 
don't you like it? What do I like, what 
do I take, whoever resists, 
then..."cutza"" - he made a gesture of 
what he said was beheading. This is 
really not empty talk. In the Taiping 
Army's view, a person's head is no more 
valuable than a head of cabbage. 
This is really like the Yellow River region 
that Chiang Kai-shek ruled that an 
American reporter described. It turns 
out that Chiang Kai-shek's "kill all, loot 
all, burn all" routines that he blamed on 
the Japanese were also learned from 
here. In fact, the 38-year living hell 
created by Sun Yat-sen and Chiang 
Kai-shek was like this, as both of them 
did claim that they were successors to 
the Taipings.
But before Marx mentioned the Taiping 
Heavenly Kingdom, he described China 
as such, to inspire his Western 
compatriots (like a shepherd (Jesus?) to 
his flock (Christians?)):
 "English cannons smashed the 
appearance of invincible power and 
authority of the Imperial Chinese state 
and imposed humiliating conditions on 
the Chinese nation. Before the British 
arms the authority of the Manchu 
dynasty fell to pieces."
 "Before the tables began to dance, 
China--this living fossil--started 
revolutionizing. By itself there was 
nothing extraordinary in this 
phenomenon, since the Oriental 
empires always show an unchanging 
social infra-structure coupled with 
unceasing change in the persons and 
tribes who manage to ascribe to 
themselves the political 
"China is ruled by a foreign dynasty. 
Since it has been three hundred years, 
why not come to a movement to 
overthrow this dynasty?" 
Here he offers a cause for the Taiping 
rebellion against the backdrop of 
Manchu colonialism: "Why should there 
not be initiated, after 300 years, a 
movement to overthrow it?" So the 
1853 theory postulates the weakening 
of the Chinese social order as a chief 
cause, while the 1862 theory postulates 
a nationalistic motivation -- a desire of 
Han people to overthrow Manchu rule. 
The irony here is that the Taiping 
movement emerged with key support 
from Hakka people, a cultural minority 
within the Han population. 
Furthermore, it was the majority Han 
ethnics who came to the rescue of the 
Qing Dynasty from the Taiping rebels.

Under the clever work of the Jewish 
brains, what they wanted the world to 
see is: "The opium does not play a 
hypnotic role, but it has awakened the 
sleeping Chinese people. Opium is 
actually good for China!"
Wow! Only Jews have such ability to 
twist things! . . . And Hitler also has his 
unique approach to deal with that.
Mr.Xia Fuli continued to describe: " In 
each region, all mantles and rogues and 
hooligans are voluntarily attached to 
the Taiping Army, and the military 
discipline only requires obeying orders 
when performing tasks. The Taiping 
army prohibits marriage and opium, 
and the offender is sentenced to 
death. Only when "the world is 
"taiping",or peaceful " can they 
marry. As compensation, in the first 
three days Taiping Army took city, and 
if the residents there were too late to 
escape, they could get the carte 
blanche (freedom of movement) of any 
woman whom they rape. Three days 
later, all women were forced to leave 
the city."
This time around, isn't here again a 
close similarity to the "Nanking 
Massacre" Chiang Kai-shek and the 
West fabricated?
Marx finally gave his 
concluding observations, "Obviously, 
the Taiping Army is the one depicted by 
the Chinese fantasy -- the devil's in 
persona (avatar). However, only in 
China can there be such a devil. This 
type of devil is the product of a 
stagnant social life."  
Thus, today's China, in the eyes of 
Westerners, is the home of the devil, 
which Chinese call them Hell. Therefore, 
Chinese Christian converts naturally 
identify the Japanese as those "little 
ghosts" that typically exist in the 
after-life Hell.
At the time, Nankin was the capital of 
the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. If the 
Japanese army knew it, they would 
never listen to Chiang Kai-shek's 
persuasion to assault Nankin. As a big 
Christian cross is now stabbed in the 
center of Nankin City, the tragedy in 
China is not over yet.

The world is going to Hell with the final 
great struggle between one united 
country and all the others that it has 
divided.  Couldn't we switch to 
something that's not so straight-jacket 
and less violent.  Can we just do 
something interesting and fun like 
letting countries exchange and separate 
their territories on their own free wills?
This United States of America has 
divided China, Korea, and the Soviet 
Union.  Today, for the divided states 
of China, Korea and the Soviet Union, 
any attempt to reunify is amount to 
tempting WWIII.
But, on the other hand, America itself is 
now also splitting from within.  Three 
states in the United States have 
petitioned for secession.  If the 
unrelenting violence in the previous 
secession effort by some states in 
America is any indication, this new 
attempt might end up being a mess 
more ugly than WWIII.
So, how about it? Let's just do some 
"exchange and separate" this time?  
Starting with China, let's see if China is 
willing to exchange Taiwan for 
California with America, as both the 
Taiwan Province and California State 
has shown signs of wanting to leave 
China and America, respectively.  In 
view of the coming disastrous trade war, 
maybe we could mitigate its negative 
impact with some productive trading of 
real estates. 

Everyone has his own aspirations. 
Taiwan does not want China, and 
California does not want America. We 
would all be better off, if China and 
America do a fair exchange -- Taiwan 
for California.
In recent years, situations in both 
Taiwan and California have 
deteriorated. Economics and politics 
are walking on thin ice. Economically, 
Taiwan has self-invited suppression 
from the Mainland, and California has 
been dragged down by America's 
isolation policy. Politically, things are 
much worse -- pending dangers 
extending from local arms conflicts to 
the whole world war.
Taiwan's refusal to admit the "92 
Consensus" and the America's inviting 
trade wars all can be resolved with this 
exchange. Plus, Taiwan does not need 
to buy weapons to protect itself any 
more, and California can join up with 
China's rise.
Taiwan is willing to join the United 
States. It is a sure thing. But are 
Californians willing to join China?  
Today 70% of Californians loathes 
Trump. And California is the first choice 
of residence for Chinese in the America 
- Chinese have already occupied the 
best residential areas in California. If 
China is willing to lift some of 
California's US debts to China, it will be 
attractive to both California and 
America.  And California's innovation 
is number one in the world, so a policy 
of "one country, three system" will 
naturally be the next innovation.
But the most important thing is still 
people's feelings. Taiwan loves America, 
and California hates America. This 
exchange could be a great diplomatic 
breakthrough. Both China and America 
would have pulled out a thorn from 
their buttocks, and the politicians on 
both sides will no longer have room to 
play the people around. Nobody could 
even start a fight anymore. Why, this 
could lead to peace and harmony in the 
entire Pacific Ocean!
It's no joke! As long as China, Japan, 
Korea and America proceed to 
cooperate and build a super high-speed 
railway, connecting Asia and America 
continents through Alaska, it could lead 
to the merger of two continents!
China's One-Belt-One-Road Initiative is 
already connecting the three continents 
of Asia, Europe and Africa. Now with 
the inclusion of America, the whole 
wide world can all have their own 
choices of happy gatherings and hated 
separations, without any interference 
by the politicians with hidden agenda. 
Human beings may finally discover that 
they are really not as bad as they have 
thought of each other, as well as poorly 
of themselves!

The "De-MacArthur Directive" is a cure, 
but not a prevention of wars.  
Although it does go a long way in 
damping the excitement of top leaders 
toward their war games, it does not 
work on the causes of war.
The cause is propaganda.  It's the left 
leg that warmongering countries walk 
on to go to wars, besides the right leg of 
a bulging war machine.  For example 
in America, it's the whole Democratic 
Party.  Their seamless propaganda 
machine was the brain behind 
America's wars. Conversely, negative 
propaganda from exposing true war 
crime atrocities by America military 
during their wars has been linked to the 
shutdowns on couple of wars.
But in our inscrutable Asia, there is 
something much more sinister and 
devious than any enemy's propaganda 
machine.  It's the indigenous anti-Asia 
tsunami.  Today, we are up to the 
"Fifth Dividing-Asia Tsunami".
The first was the Christian-crusading, 
Taiping Heavenly Rebellion.  The 
second was the Sun-Chiang Christian 
and Han ethnic revolution.  The third 
was the Tiananmen Democratic Riot 
instigated by Hong Kong and backed by 
Western powers.  And the fourth was 
the Falun Gong cult.
These self-demolition tsunamis in Asia 
are caused by a combination of the 
scheming characteristics of the Jews to 
protect their "God-chosen" status, the 
culture of Asia for self-criticism, the 
alluring windfall attraction of Western 
barbarism and the fulfilling threats of 
Western military superiority.  All these 
elements once culminating in the weak 
minds of those Asians, who are 
seriously deficient in their cultivation of 
Asian morality, are perfect ingredients 
for a spontaneous storm of a 
devastatingly self-inflicting tsunami in 
It's a syndrome of: "No foreign powers 
could destroy the longest civilization on 
Earth, Asia, except itself."
The best example was the second 
tsunami of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang 
Kai-shek.  After repeated failed 
attempts at cutting up China by the 
West, it was these dynamic dual, 
inheriting the first tsunami of the 
Taiping Rebellion, not only terminated 
Chinese civilization in Asia mainland for 
38 years after the civilization's 
continuous 5000-year run, but also 
created a hellish existence for the 
people both in China and Japan.  
The Sun-Chiang tsunami, besides of 
initiating the current division of China 
and Japan, both in minds and bodies, 
but also sprout the 3rd and 4th potent, 
though, controllable tsunamis, and now 
it again puts Asia in its harshest trial in 
the current Fifth Dividing-Asia Tsunami, 
which if not mitigated and extinguished 
in time will lead to WWIII.
These tsunamis are not made of water 
or weapons, but words.  Their powers 
lie in the stealth nature in generating 
divisive chaos in unsuspecting countries.  
The dissolution of the Soviet Union and 
many regime-changing color 
revolutions in the Mideast and Africa 
were all such tsunamis originated by 
America.  And many of the countries 
in the Eastern-Europe block, up to this 
day, still do not know what hit them. 
As China rises, the military gap with 
America is closing.  And now the most 
potent weapon for America's 
imperialistic ambition in Asia is this 
Fifth Asia-Dividing Tsunami.  
This time around, the tsunamists, or the 
tsunami's contributing members, are 
going undercover and trying to be 
unidentifiable.  On the Internet, they 
cover the two extremes of the low-life 
end and moral high ground end. The 
low end consists of hoodlums spewing 
shamelessly filth on forums, to the 
point of acting like weight-throwing 
bullies and being received as the most 
loathsome of vermin.  
And the high end is represented by 
visibly patriotic critics of governments, 
but often based rumor mills.  They 
also regularly resort to self-righteously 
lewd languages.  Both ends however 
invariably converge on the goal of 
dividing Asia for their covert Western 
One phenomenon at both ends is that 
they are all infected with the same 
network disease due to the Internet's 
self-centered-ego ethos. That is, using a 
fake name to make themselves lose 
selves first, and while hiding behind the 
screen, it's free to say any irresponsible 
thing they want, not knowing by using 
dirty words, they have already lost the 
argument. After a long time, the head 
became a cesspit, and the mouth 
became an anus. But when it comes to 
betray their own country, everyone 
wants to be the first.
The smell of Christianity is also a sure 
sign of their presence, as both China 
and Japan have found out the hard way 
during the Taiping Rebellion period and 
prior and during WWII the genocidal 
hostile nature of Christianity toward 
Asian culture and traditions.
Their tactic is definitely fully focused on 
being evasive by being diversified, so 
much so that next big hit will come 
without warning and like the tsunami 
caused by a 9+ earthquake that can do 
damage far beyond most victims 
A simple and powerful technique they 
use is to "piss off people", most times 
mindlessly, just whatever it takes to 
drive the other guy up the wall as long 
as it achieves the purpose of getting 
more Asians to hate Asians.  This tactic 
has been applied with relentless 
ferocity on the Japanese Asians and 
their sympathizers.  And their second 
biggest targets are Asian leaders, past 
and present, who were champions at 
defending Asia,kind like how Chiang 
Kai-shek during end of WWII personally 
requested the hanging of several of the 
Japanese top generals because of their 
extraordinary contribution to the Asia 
liberation effort.
In targeting the average Asians, what 
we loath most is exactly what they 
would dump on us.  Without 
exception, their favorite topic is sexual 
obscenity of biblical proportion focused 
on unrelentingly demeaning of female 
members in the family and hoping to 
include the whole Asian female 
population.  They are typically based 
on all the unimaginable lewd and 
violent acts that, ironically, could only 
be credibly traced to historical crimes 
committed by Westerners.
In many occasions, TV hosts actually 
themselves become very embarrassed 
by the sickening pornography and have 
to restrain these anti-Asian pundits 
from doing an act bordering on racist 
trashing of all Asians.
They are succeeding in forcing many 
Asians to run and hide, leaving them a 
wide and open field to spewing any 
nonsensical rumor about the Asian 
governments and leaders.
The greatest danger facing Asia today is 
that many well-intentioned Asians, who 
occasionally voice some dissenting 
comments about Asia would 
conveniently find some comfort and 
warmth by huddling among these 
profession tsunamists and end up giving 
them legitimacy and expanding the 
group to damaging sizes.
Much like the previous tsunami of Falun 
Gong cult, this current one is also fast 
become the most effective source of 
smearing Asia by turning around and 
brainwashing the ignorant and gullible, 
but warmongering, Westerners, just 
like how North Korea was seamlessly 
demonized before we finally found out 
it's really a little innocent country after 
all.  The whole thing definitely has 
become, dollar for dollar, the best 
anti-China lobbying bodies America can 
The misinforming and rumoring effort 
can get so out of hand that China today 
can only resort to prohibiting free 
speech and blocking google from 
entering the country.  And in Japan, 
Korea and Taiwan where the America 
has forced freedom of speech on them, 
the people can hardly decide what to 
In the tradition of America's excellence 
in propaganda, the fabrication of 
"Nanking Massacre" and the singling 
out of Japanese "comfort women" 
abuses have become the guiding lights 
for continuing the poisoning of bloods 
among Koreans, Japanese and Chinese, 
hoping to make us fight among 
ourselves again, as in WWII.  The 
current proxy wars America are fighting 
in the Mideast inherited many of the 
experiences from WWII in Asia, where 
China softened Japan for America's kill.
An illustrative and ironical event 
happened in America's Bay Area amidst 
the latest fad of excitement of exposing 
comfort women in the West.  The 
mayor of San Francisco, an American of 
Chinese decent, excitedly erected a 
monument of comfort woman in San 
Francisco's Chinatown, but a few days 
later, all the big excitement killed him 
with a sudden heart attack.  Well, the 
first part about the comfort woman 
stature was big news, but the tragedy 
was ignored, much like the Iris Chang's 
of "Rape of Nanking" and the "Heroine 
of Nanking" Minnie Vautrin's suicides.
Thus, let this be a warning to all the 
over-eager tsunamists - be careful not 
to turn your venture of harassing others 
into a self-crucifying nightmare of your 
own.  Repentance will only come too 
late and too little when you realize your 
truths are based on forgeries and 
fabrications concocted by the most 
barbaric and massacre-happy 
Americans. Your ego trip to amass the 
next tsunami would only lead you to a 
self-castrating orgy among other 
heinous fiends like yourself.
You could also find yourselves in the 
good companies of the tragic martyrs of 
misguided campaign of lies and smears 
that have only led to a quagmire of 
bottomless vulgarities in which you 
would grow to prefer the tranquility of 
death over the cesspool of living filths 
and lies, much like our heroines of 
Nanking Massacre.
The simple truth has to be that the 
world is actually a wonderful place for 
the majority of us out here, not the 
small area that you have boxed yourself 
in by the lies of some of the world's 
most murderous criminals for the sake 
of covering their own bloody tracks.
What more powerful than America was 
the one and only Karl Marx. He 
capitalized on the momentary decline 
of the Qing Dynasty to smear the entire 
Chinese population into a race of 
backward, corrupt and poor scums of 
the earth. The infamy of "Opium 
Addicts" and "Sick Man of East Asia" 
finally convinced us that the yellow 
men were inferior to the whites. 

Many Chinese with weak minds and 
greedy hearts were admiring the 
superiority of Western whites so much 
so that they actually felt that it's okay 
for whites to treat the yellow race 
brutally with unrelenting cruelty. And 
they even became willing to help the 
West to oppress their own fellow 
Chinese and beat up on their cousin 
Japan. Today in Asia, we have forgotten 
to revenge the West for the blood of 
our forefathers and are refusing to face 
the America threat toward our pending 
Asia must crack down on the making of 
this tsunami. We must also organize a 
swat team to protect decent Asians 
from harassments by the tsunamists.  
All the devious intents of the 
tsunamists must be looked into and 
dealt with by this swat team of IT 
China might have to relax a little on 
censorship of information and 
constructive criticisms.  This should go 
hand in hand with proper training of 
pro-Asian anti-tsunamists, possibly in 
early schooling.  The best thing in the 
long run is to make everything open 
and known to as many people as 
possible. Constructive discussions 
between people from various Asian 
countries should be conducted regularly 
to address sticky issues.
The basic anti-tsunami strategy should 
be the renewing of the Asian kinship 
among Koreans, Japanese and Chinese.  
Then we must start crack down on 
major separatist elements in Asia.  
China must move to integrate Hong 
Kong into the large Chinese family.  
Then, the Taiwan situation should be 
just focused only on the top separatist 
We simply should ignore any America's 
meddling objection and send a loud and 
clear message to the separatists, from 
the whole Chinese populace, including 
those in Taiwan, that we are resolved 
to solve the Taiwan reunification 
problem by "apprehending the top 100 
separatists and bringing them in for 
re-education in Beijing".
The key issue here is whether China 
could master such one voice in unison.  
That could essentially put down the 
Fifth Asia-Diving Tsunami.  And the 
next thing America's interference in 
Asian affairs will be faced with is the 
wrath of the dragon.
And, as the best defense is offense, we 
need to support the recent effort by 
California for independence and other 
pro-peace effort that would alienate 
the states from the United States of 
Finally we should terminate the 
warmongering United Nations by not 
paying our dues and establish a One 
World Family organization to replace it, 
to be situated in North Korea, in 
coordination with the pending 
possibility of the formation of Asia 
Family among Korea, Japan and China. 
Now sitting on top of both the Asia 
Family and the World Family, the 
no-sense Kim Jong Un, as the spiritual 
header, should be a threatening symbol 
of deterrent on any future subversive 
However risky and elusive it may seem, 
still this war of words is the cheapest 
and easiest way to avert a war of 

Humanity is entering an era where it 
has to tread a narrow path between 
global coexistence and global 
domination.  Fairness in global 
coexistence requires small nations to 
unify with large nations, or else be 
marginalized.  Peace in global 
domination requires antitrust 
separation of warmongering nations.
Unification is only feasible among 
culturally compatible nations.  And in 
order to achieve ethnic harmony, the 
best way is to apply minority rule.
Minority rule also permits preservation 
and protection of the minority's ethnic 
purity and reclusive tranquility.  But 
most of all, minority rule will guarantee 
all minority ethnics accessing the 
majority ethnics' market place and 
military protection.
Antitrust separation, on the other hand, 
should be requested of nations who 
derive superior military power from 
being united and, coming with it, an 
insatiable appetite to wage wars of 
This request is further justified based 
on the fact that it has been always such 
war-mongering nations that manifest 
the strategy of divide-and-conquer on 
peace-loving nations that are working 
hard to continue to expand through 
cultural unification for the benefit of all 
Therefore, the United States of America, 
that is America, must be separated to 
give the world peace a chance.
So what's the final destiny of all these 
futuristic maneuvers?  Based on 
observation of the most lasting 
civilization on earth, China, the latest 
prophecy by the wisest historians is the 
cultivation of "heavenly human".
In China's 5000 years of civilized 
existence, selective breeding and social 
meritocracy have been the forces 
behind improving the genetic and moral 
makeup of the people.  Thus far, this 
has been practiced by all those "under 
However, around the Song Dynasty 
about seven centuries ago, there were 
humans who tried to leave all earthly 
desires and etiquettes behind in order 
to be one with heaven, or, for lack of 
better term, heavenly humans.  In 
Chinese, they are loosely called xian ren, 
or literally, angelical humans.  
Specifically, they are humans who 
aspired to live timelessly and 
spacelessly.  And for the Godly 
Westerners, they should just be 
considered as humans who have 
attained a God-like status, but rejected 
the honor to opt for a more relaxed and 
meaningful life.
Well, the first Christian ministers who 
arrived in China actually thought they 
found Heaven.  That's probably 
because they met some people from 
heaven, or these heavenly people. 
But when the "God-chosen" Jews came, 
they just couldn't have that.  So, they 
came up with the "opium scheme".  
And the rest is history.
Today, China's last certifiable historian, 
Qian Mu, yearned for being a heavenly 
human in his essay on "one with 
heaven".  And he was talking about 
humanity must stop moving forward, 
but, instead, start moving backward to 
the time, during the Song Dynasty, 
when we almost achieved "one with