Joe Ching (郑佐)
    李佳敏  (Jamie Li)

       OCTOBER 2018






ROBACUS - Robotic Abacus(song lyric)


Culture is conscience. When people 
use their brains to circumvent their 
conscience, barbarism supersedes 
culture, might overwhelms morality, 
and society loses its humanity.
Let us take a look at what is going 
on within the brain itself? It is 
basically the root of all evils in 
today's world, from the loss of 
human decency to the arms race 
toward the doomsday.
The brain's own problem is that it 
will always make errors, mainly 
because it has no ability to forget. 
The accumulated memories and 
knowledges, no matter how perfect 
they are, are still somehow polluted 
because the brain does not have 
the ability to self-filter itself.
Regardless of the accumulation of 
thousands of years of experiences, 
being an isolated and independent 
entity, the brain's faculty will 
always be limited. That was the 
time when mankind was still 
pursuing the advancement of 
culture. Now with barbarism's 
forceful entry in to our lives, 
everyone has fallen prey to an 
environment of constant mental 
sparring, often to the point of even 
believing the lies concocted by our 
own brains. 
Although people of conscience are 
still protected by their guardian 
angels residing in their hearts, 
those who overwrite their hearts 
with their brains can benefit from it 
greatly but with even greater 
miseries awaiting them afterwards.

Today's computers are not that 
better. But one day, the computer 
is destined to be made infinitely 
perfect. That's because it will 
possess the cumulated, collective 
wisdom of the masses. In order to 
survive the demand of consistency 
and logic, they are always 
automatically self-filtering, and 
they also self-cleanse by forgetting 
faster than remembering.
"ROBACUS" is created in 
accordance with this concept in 
mind. All the power of the 
computer is thoroughly used to 
challenge the most ultimate 
innovations in pursuit of final 
perfection. As always Mother 
Nature has blessed humanity with 
the fundamental rule in science: 
"difficult" is "wrong", and "easy" is 
"right". Once this guideline was 
observed, ROBACUS' development 
has been a smooth sailing.
We have described above: the 
cultural difficulties, the barbarism 
spoiler and the mediation by 
ROBACUS. ROBACUS would guide 
our brains to not go astray in 
counterproductive directions, thus, 
stopping barbarism's trampling of 
culture. This should begin with 
education. The culture's lack must 
be supplemented by ROBACUS in 
the forms of curriculum in schools, 
directed especially to counter the 
prevailing infiltration of barbarism 
in the real world.
But we cannot be too hasty. That's 
because the realistic goal of the 
ROBACUS is automation. That is the 
death blow to the vast low-level 
workers of the world. We must 
arrange their settlement before we 
start work to implement ROBACUS 
in automating industries. 
That's the topic of my next book, on 
how to solve this problem. Basically, 
human beings must find other 
pastimes that have the potentials 
to make them just as much 
addicted to them as this current 
thing called "jobs", which has been 
brainwashed into them with 
"monthly incomes" as bait.
Here we are going to describe some 
of the impact of barbarism on 
culture, and the synergy between 
culture and ROBACUS.
Cultural and barbarism's clashes are 
in the struggle between feudalistic 
traditions and man-made laws. The 
old-fashion of feudalism's and the 
loneliness of emperor's mandates, 
in the face of the treacherously 
alluring barbarism, are the Achilles 
heels of culture. The erroneous 
nature of artificial intelligence and 
the power of lawful exploitation 
have made today's cultural revival 
The no-God Asians also need to 
wake up to the fact that the 
Western man-made law is actually 
a replica of their Christian Bible. 
Compliance with the law is a 
custom that Westerners adhere to 
with dear lives. If Asians do not also 
comply, we would be risking our 
lives, too. What is unfortunate is 
that the West's phenomenon of 
"ruling by laws' turning people into 
animals" is fast spreading to Asia.
ROBACUS is the pinnacle of 
technology. The contribution of 
ROBACUS to human society is logic 
and consistency, while eliminating 
superstition and brainwashing. Its 
emerging on the scene could 
reverse barbarism's suppression of 
culture. Take the two leaders of 
China and America as an example. 
Xi Jinping's scientific and 
technological training is a blessing 
of the people China,while the 
horse-trading style and religious 
superstitions of Trump is flooding 
the world with chaos.
Moreover, with the heart's emotion 
and ROBACUS' logic, the ideal of 
righteousness can be maintained by 
ROBACUS. On the websites and in 
the publication world, Westerners 
have used the complexity of English 
grammar to stigmatize Asians to 
diminish their rights to express 
their views. And for Westerners 
themselves, it also hinders their 
speed of writing and the 
convenience of expression, though 
they justify that's required for 
precision and logic of expression. So 
we should use ROBACUS, the very 
epitome of precision and logic, to 
simply and optimize English, 
mirroring the convenience of the 
Chinese language while adding little 
poetic rhythm to it.
I want to officially suggest here that 
we Asians should not follow the 
English grammar - no capitalization, 
no restrictions on punctuation 
marks, disregarding the mistakes of 
spelling and making up new words 
and merging old ones whenever it 
helps. In fact, that exactly ROBACUS 
is spearhead in the realm of the 
future universal language, and has 
definitely demonstrated the 
benefits and necessity of these 
violation of grammar in its own 
internal computer-to-human 
languages. And the future of English 
must follow suit!
And now you see, from the 
unprecedented productivity of 
ROBACUS, when compared to the 
countless fancy slogans of empty 
meaning, ROBACUS here has shown 
its potential to someday eradicate a 
very bad habit in the world, that is, 
Westerners' use of linguistic 
eloquence to lie.


ROBACUS used to be my student 
and now my teacher.
I taught kids at the University of 
California, Berkeley on how to 
"think", because for me, only 
qualified thinking is the type that 
can pass the test on the computer. 
In other words, a person's thoughts 
must first be able to be written into 
a computer program, that is, what 
everyone calls software, then be 
put through the test by computer 
before it is considered qualified.
At that time, I was in my early 
thirties. I was the first to rely on 
practical skills, not my past track 
records, to get the job, especially in 
a university where they had not 
hired a new professor for 25 years 
and generally won't hire Asians. 
Therefore, the kids are not too 
serious about me.
I once over slept through half the 
class, but I didn't act like I did after I 
got to the classroom, so the 
students started to have real 
doubts about me after that. Though, 
one or two talented students did 
come to my office to say: "Wow! 
Never had I taken a course like 
Basically, I also felt that fate had 
brought me to the wrong place, 
working with the wrong things. I 
always felt that my true fate is just 
more than turning one or two 
talented students into geniuses. My 
fate is to directly make the 
computer solve the world.
Five years later, I left the school and 
joined the parade of artificial 
intelligence in the 1980s to teach 
computers how to "think." But like 
everyone else, I found that people 
are too smart, computers are too 
dumb, and impossible to learn.
But in 1984 I did not also announce 
it like them: "Artificial intelligence 
is dead!". In my special field, in 
software automation, I still believe 
that computers can do better than 
human brains.
But every time when I taught the 
computer once, my brain hurt once. 
Until one day, during the 
inspiration hours in a shower, I 
recall that whenever I was teaching 
the computer, I felt more and more 
that it wanted to talk to me. The 
voice was getting louder and louder. 
It was saying, "I have my own way!"
From this time onward, computer 
became my teacher, to teach me 
how to turn it into a ROBACUS.
In this way, just like how the 
computer was invented, or why 
such a good thing was not invented 
earlier? This is because humans 
have ten fingers, so they count to 
ten in one breath. The invention of 
the computer is by only counting 
from zero to one. Since then it 
counts fastest in the world.
ROBACUS will also become the best 
thinker in the world.
In strength, humans have lost to 
the machine. Now, in terms of 
thinking, they have also lost to the 
computer. What is going on? Is 
Mother Nature trying to ruin us 
NO! It's again we are doing it to 
ourselves. In fact, Nature just wants 
to alleviate us from harsh labor, 
and strenuous thinking, especially 
to think about how to out-think 
others. Nature being the Mother of 
all humans, the most important 
thing must be to wish us to be good 
The so-called good human is 
someone who has a good 
conscience. Physical strength and 
brain intelligence can be a curse.
ROBACUS is here to help us take a 
big step in thinking. But the lesson 
he will give us is: a big step must 
also come out from many small 
steps, and the smaller the step, the 
faster the speed and the higher the 
accuracy. The computer is like this, 
so same goes for ROBACUS. We 
have to learn this lesson well.
The above story tells us that, the 
engine inside running ROBACUS, is 
not artificial intelligence, but 
computer intelligence. Unlike 
humans, who take prides in 
intuition, short cuts, and 
inspirational creativity, the 
computer is: systematic, consistent, 
small step and simple minded. 
Humans compete to see who's 
more complex and deeper, but 
computer needs everything to be 
simple. "If it is not simple, it is 
Therefore, ROBACUS is unlike what 
is being taught in today's schools, 
where everything relies on strict 
memorization and educated 
guessing, and when solving a 
problem, it starts with collecting 
information, then formulating and 
solving the problem, and lastly 
comes to the answer.
ROBACUS goes in the opposite 
direction, starting with the 
description of the problem, or 
simply the variable name of the 
answer, asking his users to 
continuously to describe the 
problem, and finding and inputting 
into ROBACUS the information and 
theory needed by ROBACUS, 
proceeding without any guesswork, 
answering all straight forward 
questions and let the computer 
handle the "thinking" part along 
the way until ROBACUS thinks it 
had enough data to solve the 
problem, and then process the data 
to give the actual answer.
ROBACUS is to dissect the problem, 
not to chase after the answer. 
ROBACUS goes from the highest 
point, that is, the expression of the 
answer, going downward and 
expanding until it thinks that the 
user has answered enough 
questions. At that time, it uses 
computer intelligence to reverse 
the whole process, translate it into 
a computer language, and then 
compile and execute the program, 
so that the user can get the actual 
Here we can see the difference 
between computer intelligence and 
artificial intelligence. From artificial 
intelligence's perspective, people 
who think ahead twice the number 
of steps as the average guy are 
experts, and three times the steps 
make you an Einstein. But 
computer intelligence does not 
work that way. As explained above, 
anyone could take any number of 
steps with the help of ROBACUS.
Yes, in actuality, things are by no 
means that simple. A common 
problem, say one that takes one 
minute to solve, can take ten to one 
hundred times with a computer 
without computer intelligence. If 
you want to create computer 
intelligence in the computer first 
before solving the problem, then 
you may need thousand times more 
or up to something endless.
The current ROBACUS has reduced 
"thousand times" to one minute, 
and "infinity" to: train a gifted child 
to create a working version in one 
year, but then to maintain and 
perfect it in a lifetime.
ROBACUS also has the ability to 
record and store the conversation 
between the user and the computer, 
and to have the stored recording of 
the conversation automatically 
re-played in the computer, exactly 
as a real person is doing it inside 
the computer, kind like a robot.  
So we called this recording a 
"software robot."
Such a software robot allows the 
user never have to repeat anything 
that has been done before. It can 
also let other user use it to initiate 
a similar task, or to modify it at any 
step in recording of the 
man-machine interaction. In the 
early days of ROBACUS 
implementation, software robots 
will be the most useful tour guides, 
and even the most reliable 
In addition to computer intelligence 
and software robots, ROBACUS is 
actually a comprehensive software 
automation platform. It has the 
following four capabilities:
1. The user interface 
2. Robotic editor
 3. Diagnoser and debugger 
4. Natural language programming 
These features are detailed in the 
Speaking of natural language, 
ROBACUS is naturally presented all 
in human language. What users see 
on the screen is all human language. 
But somehow, the biggest obstacle 
so far is that many new users are 
intimated by something about 
ROBACUS that they have found 
many mysterious ways not to get 
on it physically. Well, when we get 
back to the human side of the 
problem, the degree of randomness 
is infinite.
Here we may have a problem of 
faith. But this is not caused by 
ROBACUS, but it is most likely to be 
left from the pre-computer era, and 
less likely from the fact that for the 
past 30 years, the computer is no 
longer used to compute, but rather 
they become grown men's toys, or 
even fashionable jewelries.
Pencils and papers are problems 
left from the pre-computer era and, 
additionally, school teaches illogic, 
not the way in which nature intends 
to be one step at a time with the 
computer having been already 
destined to solve the problems, 
These coupled with numerous 
self-claimed smart alecks, in trying 
to show off their superior 
intelligences, that they have 
created a lot of theories and 
algorithms that are incompatible 
with the computer applications, but 
still considered as a masterpiece 
when it's expressed on a small 
sheet of paper.  In the academic 
circle, solving by hand seems to be 
some honor in itself.
So thinking becomes a game of 
memory and guessing. Anyone who 
has ever taken an exam should 
know what I am talking about.
Finally, there is one most difficult 
problem to overcome。 That is, the 
biggest weakness of the human 
brain, compared to the computer, is 
that it has no ability to forget what 
was previously remembered. So 
those, who can't get on ROBACUS, 
will be stuck in their brain things 
that might very well block 
ROBACUS out forever.
For us in the East, things are 
probably really not looking good. 
Not only that most knowledge were 
invented by Westerners, and now 
each of our Asian heads are hung by 
a string that is controlled by their 
hands, all leading to their computer 
operating systems. Should they one 
day cut off the line, our entire 
society will be thrown into to 
Naturally that would be the time 
they declare war on us. Their move 
is to ensure that we will be one 
step slower in thinking and 
communicating. So we have lost 
Thus, we must take this line and the 
computer operating system back 
and hang it on something we can 
control. This something is 

ROBACUS is an abacus managed by 
software robots all inside of a 
computer. ROBACUS, therefore, is 
as simple as it is powerful.
ROBACUS makes computers easy to 
use, because the computer leads 
the user in ROBACUS.
The purpose of ROBACUS is to 
create an automated engineering 
analysis environment. Users can 
customize their own environment.
ROBACUS consists of three 
components. The first part 
performs diagnostics and editing. 
The second part performs the 
analysis. The third part is a 
simplified Unix environment. 
ROBACUS users share use of all the 
information it receives from each 
user. At the same time, whenever a 
ROBACUS user performs a task, 
ROBACUS gains knowledge and 
The main cornerstones of ROBACUS 
are: natural language programming, 
software robotics and OUTERNET. 
They are described below.
Natural language programming is 
the best way for users to write 
computer programs. Most difficult 
tasks are moved to the computer. 
Computer leads the conversation in 
natural language, or English, 
starting by asking "what the user 
wants to do?" 
Natural language programming 
program can become as powerful as 
computers in the future
The software robot records the 
tasks performed by the user. These 
recordings allow the computer to 
perform tasks on its own. The 
software robots will finally have full 
control of the computer. This will 
automate all computing.
OUTERNET is the network of all 
ROBACUS nodes. Each node 
supports the new World Wide Web 
of software robots.

ROBACUS wants to be the ultimate 
computing environment. Its guiding 
principles are to provide the easiest 
interactions possible between the 
users and the computer, and among 
the users themselves. The users 
interaction is based on 
natural-language programming and 
software robots, which are just 
digital emulations of user-computer 
interactions that can be invoked to 
do whatever tasks that have been 
The underlying technology of 
ROBACUS is an internal language by 
which all the computer internal 
software- and hardware- elements 
communicate with each other. This 
language is based on a six-lettered 
naming convention of files and 
variables. The user interface is, 
therefore, made file-nameless and 
variable-nameless so that it could 
be made to be all in plain English.
ROBACUS, thus, approaches 
computing from a users' view point. 
It insists that all computer-related 
obstacles and limitations to 
computing must be removed 
unconditionally. This means no 
learning curve and no unnecessary 
actions, such as pressing the 
Cntrl-key and double clicking the 
mouse.  In fact ROBACUS is 
constructed in such a way that any 
newly conceived good idea to make 
lives easier for the users is 
implemented instantly, often 
risking crashing the whole system 
momentarily, just so, in time, it will 
be the best operating system in the 
In the long run, this phenomenon 
implies a reversed approach to the 
traditional direction in the 
development of the computer 
industry. Now, we are going to let 
the users dictate the look and feel 
of their own computing 
environment, the motto being: 
"You can have anything you want, 
except what you are personally 
familiar with" -- so the dumb MS 
Windows habits have to go.
Once the interface is decided, then 
we need to reevaluate, even 
redevelop, the software, mostly 
programming languages, that are 
best suited to support such an 
interface. Instead of the present 
practice of software engineers 
acting on their own to develop their 
own pet software tools, now they 
should just make sure that the 
minimum sufficient capabilities are 
made available to support the user 
interface based on natural-language 
programming and software robots. 
This, for one thing, would help to 
avoid the development of another 
stagnating software industry that 
has been keeping people away from 
doing computing.
Just as user interface dictates 
programming languages, so should 
programming language dictates 
operating system. What follows is 
operating system's dictating the 
designs of chips and peripherals.
In fact it should be expected that 
ROBACUS would cause a 
redefinition of software and 
hardware. Software should be just 
human knowledge embodied in 
readable and task performing 
software robots. Hardware should 
be all the rest, including 
programming languages and 
operating systems, as well as the 
hard hardware. The 
natural-language programming 
program should be the borderline 
interfacing software and hardware.
This is really what everyone wants. 
All the computer related 
technology should be eventually 
hardwired into the chips and 
peripheral equipment. This would 
make it possible to free computer 
users to cultivate the vast human 
knowledge into functional tools 
toward automating the production 
and distribution of all humanity's 
basic needs.


The computer revolution may have 
just self-aborted. Computing is still 
as unfriendly as ever with the 
learning curve getting ever longer. 
PC has become essentially a 
multi-medium typewriter, and the 
cell phone, a piece of functional 
jewelry. The Internet is turning into 
a centralized, monopolistic 
information and entertainment hub, 
if not an indoctrination propaganda 
Is it really so hard to get rid of the 
learning curve in computers? Why 
can't PC yet embark on the task of 
solving all the problems of the 
world, now it has the power of the 
supercomputers? Could we ever 
possibly get out under the 
syndicatorial way of the Internet 
and get every PC user to participate 
in the emerging global link? 
Well, let's go back to the 
granddaddy of computers, the 
abacus. But this time we are going 
to make the abacus robotic. That is, 
making it as powerful as it is simple 
to use. 
In a nutshell, ROBACUS represents 
how best humans and computers 
can interact. The approach is to let 
the computer lead the interaction 
after the human initiates it by 
defining his objective. This is much 
more easily achieved and more 
reliable in the long run than the 
conventional practice of having the 
human leads most of the time.
As the user interface of ROBACUS 
can be all put in plain English, this is 
as good a time to designate the 
eternally eluding "universal 
language". Based on the vocabulary 
used in the natural language 
programming and the graphic 
menus, a 1500-English-word set has 
been collected. It is expected this 
set to be expanded to around 3000 
words when most general 
computing needs are built into 
To facilitate all the non-English 
speaking users, this universal 
language has no grammar and 
requires no pronounciation ability 
of its users. In this way, the set is 
further simplified by truncating all 
the words to 6-alphabet-or-less 
long. The word count is reduced to 
a minimum, when all the synonyms 
of a representative set of words are 
avoided. All these is perfectly 
feasible for ROBACUS since, here, 
all the unambiquity is avoided by 
restricting all communications 
among users and computers to 
software robots. 
ROBACUS's goal is to build an 
automated engineering analysis 
environment supported by 
software generating tools and task 
performing robots. Once users 
customize this environment to 
satisfy all their needs, routine 
practices such as referencing a file 
name, using a command and 
editing a program or data will 
become bygone things of the past. 
ROBACUS consists of three 
functional loops. A small inner 
maintenance loop performs the 
diagnosis and editing of software. A 
large outer analysis loop performs 
the problem analyses, which 
include input preparation, program 
execution and output analysis. The 
third loop in the background is 
simply a streamlined and 
significantly abbreviated Unix 
environment. In a way, ROBACUS is 
working hard to make this loop 
In order to provide 
conversational-mode input 
preparation and output analysis, 
two additional capabilities have 
been developed in the analysis loop. 
They are for the generation of 
conversational-mode preprocessors 
and postprocessor using software 
automation techniques. 
A unique advantage of ROBACUS is 
its capability to store and share 
information which it receives from 
its users. Everytime a ROBACUS 
user execute a task, ROBACUS gains 
knowledge and experience from 
him and stores it for all future users 
who might also want to make use 
of the information.
The major cornerstones of 
ROBACUS are natural language 
programming, software robot and 
OUTERNET. They are described 


Natural language programming is 
the most logically natural way a 
user solves a problem by getting 
the computer to do the actual 
programming in the background.  
Of course this means shifting all the 
difficult tasks to the computer. 
Utmost in this is the logical flow of 
coding construction and 
bookkeeping of variables. The end 
result is letting the computer leads 
the conversation on what the user 
wants to create. 
The natural language programming 
program provides the human user 
the comparable computer 
capabilities of speed, memory, 
discipline and impartiality. 

Software robots are simply 
recordings of interactions between 
user and computer.  But what 
makes these recordings special is 
their ability to be played back in a 
controlled manner. Playing back 
these recordings is equivalent to 
making the robots carrying out the 
tasks documented by the 
recordings. Once sufficient user 
knowledge and experience are 
gathered in the form of recordings, 
the computing environment 
provided by ROBACUS will appear 
to be fully manned by robots 
capable of executing any analysis 
that users request. 
In ROBACUS, the user is either 
engaged in the generation of a 
robot or using an existing robot to 
perform a prescribed task. The 
variety of tasks that the robots are 
capable of performing ranges from 
writing a program to preparing an 
input model or an output plot. As a 
handy helper, software robots even 
perform text editting for the user. 
Besides documenting what the task 
is, a software robot also performs 
the task itself in future times, 
exactly as documented in the 
document. Thusly, ROBACUS shifts 
the focus from "what has been 
done" to "how it is done".


OUTERNET is the NET for all home 
PCs connected to ROBACUS.  
Instead of being left OUT of the 
Internet as over-qualified website, 
now ROBACUS can turn all 
computers into productive 
members of OUTERNET. As only to 
be expected, OUTERNET supports a 
new World Wide Web of software 
robots, instead of the information 
glut that the Internet supports. 
ROBACUS connects to all home PCs 
via such virtual network computing 
software such as VNC or 
Teamviewer.  On the OUTERNET, 
the WWW of robots addresses the 
issue of how-to rather than what-is. 
The ROBACUS project could be built 
on a coming together of the 
generations -- the old, previous 
generation and the young, next 
generation. With letters enlarged 
even for televisions and computer 
skills simplified, many of the retired 
technical professionals can learn to 
help develope ROBACUS. Without 
the pressure of short-term returns, 
the focus can be shifted to the 
future. Once all the inner working 
of ROBACUS is made as reasonable 
as nature intends, the youngsters 
would be introduced by the elders 
to a virtual world of computing that 
is void of all the idiosyncracies that 
hallmark our irrational world of 


ROBACUS is designed destined to 
be a Universal Centralized 
Processor, or UCP.  It would 
universally process all the critical 
items that make our world run, as it 
would be the collective intelligence 
of us all.
Before coming up with a list of such 
items, let's first get a whiff of the 
processor's make up.  It would be 
based on computer intelligence, not 
artificial intelligence.  Put in a less 
technical term, it would be 
constructed on the collective 
intelligence accumulated in a 
computer, rather than any 
individual artificial intelligence of 
the egoistic human mind.

UCP will be centrally located and 
universally accessible to all.  Its 
computer will interface the humans 
in their native languages.  And it 
has the ability to absorb 
intelligences from its human users.  
The goal is to make it more 
intelligent than humans that it 
could lead either uninitiated, or 
experienced, users alike, in their 
analyses, predictions and 
fulfillments of many of the complex 
problems that could be well beyond 
the capacity of our brains. 
The ultimate goal of UCP is to head 
off all private automation and 
innovation efforts.  Such efforts 
and their fruits must be put in the 
hands of the public.  For one thing, 
this will prevent automation from 
displacing humans, and robots from 
replacing humans.  
To achieve this goal, we need the 
best minds in the world to 
volunteer their talents to make UCP 
accessible to and usable by all the 
people of the world, and eventually 
become the world's most 
knowledgeable and powerful brain 
that possesses the capabilities of 
self-healing and self-expanding.
ROBACUS was initially developed 
by the University of California, 
Berkeley at the Boeing Computer 
Services, Seattle, as the driver for 
such a centralized processor.  This 
is a software automation package 
that writes, trouble-shoots, 
maintains and executes software.  
Also it records all the interactions 
between human and computer in 
playable formats, such that the 
recordings can act as software 
robots, which eventually will man 
almost all the tasks performed on 
the computer. The collection of 
software robots will eventually 
compose a reservoir of documents 
describing how all the tasks in the 
world can be performed.
It's important to reemphasize that 
these documents differ from other 
documents in that they have the 
ability to perform tasks described in 
the document, in simple human 
language, that's why we call them 
software robots.  And we claim 
UPC is out to automate the world. 
UCP should be used to solve all the 
scourges caused by abuse of money 
in the world.  To do this, first of all 
it must be an independent 
institution, not controlled by the 
government of any country. But the 
most important thing is that it must 
not only be independent, but 
belong to all mankind. Now we can 
finally have a printer and 
distributor of universal currency.

It is important to know here that 
ROBACUS will eventually become 
the center of human productivity, 
so it inherits gold and crude oil and 
will become the basis for the next 
currency to be issued. Over time, 
the amount of currency in each 
country will be based on how many 
ROBACUS technicians the country 
trained and their contributions to 
ROBACUS' productivity.
Since ROBACUS, the engine of UCP, 
is also destined to be the center of 
production and distribution of basic 
human necessities around the 
world.  When everyone in the 
world is adequately fed, clothed 
and sheltered, who needs money?
As the most intelligent entity on the 
globe, UCP can be made to best 
solve all the problems caused by 
the hostile nature of money today, 
and address the economic health of 
the world based on humanitarian 
reasons.  In short UCP shall take 
over most of the tasks of banks and 
move toward a moneyless society.  
It would be the place where money 
exchange will initially be performed 
and then credits and debts be 
managed once it becomes fully 
The next item we had better 
address fast, before there won't be 
anybody for UCP to take care of.  
Naturally, this item is war.  So, 
UCP needs to eventually buy back 
all the weapons for their 
destruction and pay off all the 
dismantling of all military 
establishments of the world.  
Humanity will finally get peace with 
a money printing machine, unlike 
the one that's being causing wars.
Then we need to move from 
man-made to natural disasters.  
UCP should become the center for 
disaster relief.  Its computer 
intelligence should constantly try to 
monitor and head off any brewing 
disasters, natural or man-made.
Being the most knowledgeable and 
productive processor in the world, 
UCP has the right to trade its 
free-use-by-all offerings to the 
public with the patents and 
intellectual properties that are still 
in private hands.  It should pay off 
all existing patents, and invest in 
future potential patents, for 
universal consumption.  ROBACUS' 
ability to farm all the knowledges 
and experiences of its users is what 
promise UCP to become the 
know-it-all and do-it-all library of 
the world.
And finally, on some loose items 
like international trade, UCP should 
equalize and subsidize all 
destructive trade practices and 
imbalance, and also, based on 
humanitarian reasons, find long 
term solutions to mitigate 
hardships on particular sectors of 
world population.
As a true bonus toward a happy and 
healthy world, UCP should replace 
most medical care with fitness 
programs.  Starting with schools, 
UCP should promote and monitor 
fitness programs for every kid from 
a young age, instilling in him that 
happiness is the reward for proper 
exercise and, inversely, ill health is 
a deserved punishment of not 
taking care of one's own body.  A 
person who doesn't care about his 
fitness should be deemed as 
someone who desires a short life 
span, not medical care.  Sorry, all 
you bleeding-heart liberals.  
Please go find some other poor 
suckers to do your own self ego 
boosting.  But check your own 
fitness, first.
And as to how the UCP project 
could be initiated, one worthwhile 
project would be for China, Japan 
and Korea to fund UCP's initial 
project of buying America military 
bases out of Asia.  This could be 
done by exchanging the surplus 
dollar reserves in the three 
countries with the first batch of the 
universal money printed by UCP.
If UCP could pull this one stunt off, 
it should be able to do anything.

    ROBACUS - Robotic Abacus(song lyric)

'Tis waiting.
But we are standing still racing.
We are trampling over each other.
So we're stuck hither to continue to wither.
Knowledge is not a benefit, but a misfit.
Computer can make everything all fit.
We must all share in the profit,
'cos the whole world is linked under one same 

We must help each other
to work closely together.
Open Computing is the one place to gather.

Machines have become our brawns.
And computers, our brains.
If men join them, we will all pray our last 

Computer Intelligence is without match.
Fast and furious, no one can catch,
to which, we'd better hitch, rather than bitch.
Then here come
Software Robots,
performing tasks and
cumulating knowledge.
They are jacks of all trades.
It's the new labor force!
Software Robots 'n Computer Intelligence
Make the winning play.
Together they make science child play.

ROBACUS, heading the entourage,
speaks the Natural Language,
whose English opens up minds and market 

Software Robots hold the knowledge,
from which actions emerge.
Knowledge and reality now engage.
ROBACUS automates software.
Software then automates hardware.
Poverty, at last, bids farewell without fanfare 



ROBACUS -- RObotic aBACUS, in 

ROBACUS -- RObotic aBACUS, in 

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