ROBACUS is designed destined to be a Universal 
Centralized Processor, or UCP.  It would universally 
process all the critical items that make our world run, as 
it would be the collective intelligence of us all.
Before coming up with a list of such items, let's first get 
a whiff of the processor's make up.  It would be based 
on computer intelligence, not artificial intelligence.  
Put in a less technical term, it would be constructed on 
the collective intelligence accumulated in a computer, 
rather than any individual artificial intelligence of the 
egoistic human mind.

UCP will be centrally located and universally accessible 
to all.  Its computer will interface the humans in their 
native languages.  And it has the ability to absorb 
intelligences from its human users.  The goal is to 
make it more intelligent than humans that it could lead 
either uninitiated, or experienced, users alike, in their 
analyses, predictions and fulfillments of many of the 
complex problems that could be well beyond the 
capacity of our brains. 
The ultimate goal of UCP is to head off all private 
automation and innovation efforts.  Such efforts and 
their fruits must be put in the hands of the public.  For 
one thing, this will prevent automation from displacing 
humans, and robots from replacing humans.  
To achieve this goal, we need the best minds in the 
world to volunteer their talents to make UCP accessible 
to and usable by all the people of the world, and 
eventually become the world's most knowledgeable 
and powerful brain that possesses the capabilities of 
self-healing and self-expanding.
ROBACUS was initially developed by the University of 
California, Berkeley at the Boeing Computer Services, 
Seattle, as the driver for such a centralized processor.  
This is a software automation package that writes, 
trouble-shoots, maintains and executes software.  
Also it records all the interactions between human and 
computer in playable formats, such that the recordings 
can act as software robots, which eventually will man 
almost all the tasks performed on the computer. The 
collection of software robots will eventually compose a 
reservoir of documents describing how all the tasks in 
the world can be performed.
It's important to reemphasize that these documents 
differ from other documents in that they have the 
ability to perform tasks described in the document, in 
simple human language, that's why we call them 
software robots.  And we claim UPC is out to automate 
the world. 
UCP should be used to solve all the scourges caused by 
abuse of money in the world.  To do this, first of all it 
must be an independent institution, not controlled by 
the government of any country. But the most important 
thing is that it must not only be independent, but 
belong to all mankind. Now we can finally have a 
printer and distributor of universal currency.

It is important to know here that ROBACUS will 
eventually become the center of human productivity, so 
it inherits gold and crude oil and will become the basis 
for the next currency to be issued. Over time, the 
amount of currency in each country will be based on 
how many ROBACUS technicians the country trained 
and their contributions to ROBACUS' productivity.
Since ROBACUS, the engine of UCP, is also destined to 
be the center of production and distribution of basic 
human necessities around the world.  When everyone 
in the world is adequately fed, clothed and sheltered, 
who needs money?
As the most intelligent entity on the globe, UCP can be 
made to best solve all the problems caused by the 
hostile nature of money today, and address the 
economic health of the world based on humanitarian 
reasons.  In short UCP shall take over most of the tasks 
of banks and move toward a moneyless society.  It 
would be the place where money exchange will initially 
be performed and then credits and debts be managed 
once it becomes fully operational.
The next item we had better address fast, before there 
won't be anybody for UCP to take care of.  Naturally, 
this item is war.  So, UCP needs to eventually buy back 
all the weapons for their destruction and pay off all the 
dismantling of all military establishments of the world.  
Humanity will finally get peace with a money printing 
machine, unlike the one that's being causing wars.
Then we need to move from man-made to natural 
disasters.  UCP should become the center for disaster 
relief.  Its computer intelligence should constantly try 
to monitor and head off any brewing disasters, natural 
or man-made.
Being the most knowledgeable and productive 
processor in the world, UCP has the right to trade its 
free-use-by-all offerings to the public with the patents 
and intellectual properties that are still in private hands.  
It should pay off all existing patents, and invest in 
future potential patents, for universal consumption.  
ROBACUS' ability to farm all the knowledges and 
experiences of its users is what promise UCP to become 
the know-it-all and do-it-all library of the world.
And finally, on some loose items like international trade,  
UCP should equalize and subsidize all destructive trade 
practices and imbalance, and also, based on 
humanitarian reasons, find long term solutions to 
mitigate hardships on particular sectors of world 
As a true bonus toward a happy and healthy world, UCP 
should replace most medical care with fitness programs.  
Starting with schools, UCP should promote and monitor 
fitness programs for every kid from a young age, 
instilling in him that happiness is the reward for proper 
exercise and, inversely, ill health is a deserved 
punishment of not taking care of one's own body.  A 
person who doesn't care about his fitness should be 
deemed as someone who desires a short life span, not 
medical care.  Sorry, all you bleeding-heart liberals.  
Please go find some other poor suckers to do your own 
self ego boosting.  But check your own fitness, first.
And as to how the UCP project could be initiated, one 
worthwhile project would be for China, Japan and 
Korea to fund UCP's initial project of buying America 
military bases out of Asia.  This could be done by 
exchanging the surplus dollar reserves in the three 
countries with the first batch of the universal money 
printed by UCP.
If UCP could pull this one stunt off, it should be able to 
do anything.