I wrote these books in English because I can't write 
Chinese. But I wrote them for the Chinese, so I had to 
learn Chinese and then translate. But when I wrote the 
third book, "Return Our Culture," I found out that all 
that came out of my head were in Chinese. It was just 
then that my computer had taught me how to write 
directly in Chinese.
Ha, I waited for sixty years, only talking and not writing 
Chinese, and I waited until the computer came to fill the 
most difficult gaps for me to be able to rewrite in 
Chinese. That is, I just have to guess how to pinyin, or 
use computer translation to help me with locating 
certain words or phrases.  Now I really think that I have 
exceeded my elementary- school Chinese level of 60 
years ago, and my Chinese progress is faster than my 
Up to now, I am convinced that I am a "Chinese and 
English duality" person.  And I also see that the world 
will soon become "scholarship and kungfu duality".
The Chinese and English duality ability has turned me 
into a "full brain person" from a half-brainer, because 
the picture-type Chinese language uses the left brain, 
while the alphabetic pinyin-type English uses the right 
brain. My brain now really feels more comfortable than 
before, of being full, and my friends say that my 
writings also improved since I started 3 months ago. 
In the past, I could actually write computer programs 
faster than I wrote English, so the computer is my best 
friend. Now I can see that human beings can also be 
friends. Of course, that rules out the bastards I want to 
expose in my book.
In this way, I also found that my two life's inventions, 
ROBACUS and pongfu, just happened to be the 
extensions of our Asian scholarship and kungfu, 
respectively, and they can be used to fill the deficiencies 
in the olden day scholarship and kungfu. Plus, they are 
destined to solve many of the problems we have today.
The pursuit of progress in recent centuries and the 
coming era of automation have always been considered 
beneficial to humanity. But now it has become a 
threatening enemy.  Not only would humans be 
replaced by robots, but the earth might be blown up 
not too long from now.
Scholarship and kungfu duality here is not yet another 
progress. It is a transformation of history.
Asia has fared well under its previous feudal system, 
and there is absolutely no problem for extending the 
good life for another five thousand years. But the West 
has forced us to "progress" our way to the present.  And 
now we suddenly discover that progress is a bottomless 
pit, and power is a road of no return.
Therefore, we are not able to return to our cherished 
ancient feudalism any more, but we can transform our 
history and bring us to an altered future. It may be a bit 
of a hard living, but we don't have to live in fear of 
being marginalized or destroyed.