ROBACUS is a mirror of our minds.  It is especially keen 
in exposing the flaws in our thoughts when we do 
computing on it.  In this way, ROBACUS is also a teacher 
for beginner users, who typically possesses many 
defects in logics and just bad habits from past 
brainwashing that would stay with them for life for 
nobody could effectively help them, except ROBACUS.
So, ROBACUS measures our minds.  This is definitely a 
hard concept for most people to swallow.  We need it 
to be more palatable.  We need to start from the very 
young.  It should become as normal as a test in schools.  
And being in school, we need to offer a chance for 
improvement on the measured levels.  Thus, ROBACUS, 
must be taught in school starting as early as pre-
How much can ROBACUS improve the level of our 
minds? Before answering this question, it should be 
pointed out that human beings are really not designed 
to think.  As the world will soon realize computer is the 
real thinker.  Also the very importance of thinking by 
human is greatly over-estimated.  
So, it's really not that important to improve the mind in 
the first place.  We just need to get people to be 
sensible.  Well, by the time any mind learned to be 
compatible with the computer intelligence that drives 
ROBACUS, that's enough.
As mind is not the main stay of human quality, his 
character is.  That's the job for pongfu.  And together 
with ROBACUS, we will achieve a society consisted of 
members with sensible minds and integrity of 
The best minds could continue to improve ROBACUS.  
And the best characters could guide our society out of 
the dismal states we are in today.