Culture is conscience. When people use their brains to 
circumvent their conscience, barbarism supersedes 
culture, might overwhelms morality, and society loses 
its humanity.

Let us take a look at what is going on within the brain 
itself? It is basically the root of all evils in today's world, 
from the loss of human decency to the arms race 
toward the doomsday.

The brain's own problem is that it will always make 
errors, mainly because it has no ability to forget. The 
accumulated memories and knowledges, no matter 
how perfect they are, are still somehow polluted 
because the brain does not have the ability to self-filter 

Regardless of the accumulation of thousands of years of 
experiences, being an isolated and independent entity, 
the brain's faculty will always be limited. That was the 
time when mankind was still pursuing the advancement 
of culture. Now with barbarism's forceful entry in to our 
lives, everyone has fallen prey to an environment of 
constant mental sparring, often to the point of even 
believing the lies concocted by our own brains. 

Although people of conscience are still protected by 
their guardian angels residing in their hearts, those who 
overwrite their hearts with their brains can benefit from 
it greatly but with even greater miseries awaiting them 

Today's computers are not that better. But one day, the 
computer is destined to be made infinitely perfect. 
That's because it will possess the cumulated, collective 
wisdom of the masses. In order to survive the demand 
of consistency and logic, they are always automatically 
self-filtering, and they also self-cleanse by forgetting 
faster than remembering.

"ROBACUS" is created in accordance with this concept 
in mind. All the power of the computer is thoroughly 
used to challenge the most ultimate innovations in 
pursuit of final perfection. As always Mother Nature has 
blessed humanity with the fundamental rule in science: 
"difficult" is "wrong", and "easy" is "right". Once this 
guideline was observed, ROBACUS' development has 
been a smooth sailing.

We have described above: the cultural difficulties, the 
barbarism spoiler and the mediation by ROBACUS. 
ROBACUS would guide our brains to not go astray in 
counterproductive directions, thus, stopping 
barbarism's trampling of culture. This should begin with 
education. The culture's lack must be supplemented by 
ROBACUS in the forms of curriculum in schools, directed 
especially to counter the prevailing infiltration of 
barbarism in the real world.

But we cannot be too hasty. That's because the realistic 
goal of the ROBACUS is automation. That is the death 
blow to the vast low-level workers of the world. We 
must arrange their settlement before we start work to 
implement ROBACUS in automating industries. 

That's the topic of my next book, on how to solve this 
problem. Basically, human beings must find other 
pastimes that have the potentials to make them just as 
much addicted to them as this current thing called 
"jobs", which has been brainwashed into them with 
"monthly incomes" as bait.

Here we are going to describe some of the impact of 
barbarism on culture, and the synergy between culture 

Cultural and barbarism's clashes are in the struggle 
between feudalistic traditions and man-made laws. The 
old-fashion of feudalism's and the loneliness of 
emperor's mandates, in the face of the treacherously 
alluring barbarism, are the Achilles heels of culture. The 
erroneous nature of artificial intelligence and the power 
of lawful exploitation have made today's cultural revival 

The no-God Asians also need to wake up to the fact that 
the Western man-made law is actually a replica of their 
Christian Bible. Compliance with the law is a custom 
that Westerners adhere to with dear lives. If Asians do 
not also comply, we would be risking our lives, too. 
What is unfortunate is that the West's phenomenon of 
"ruling by laws' turning people into animals" is fast 
spreading to Asia.

ROBACUS is the pinnacle of technology. The 
contribution of ROBACUS to human society is logic and 
consistency, while eliminating superstition and 
brainwashing. Its emerging on the scene could reverse 
barbarism's suppression of culture. Take the two 
leaders of China and America as an example. Xi Jinping's 
scientific and technological training is a blessing of the 
people China,while the horse-trading style and 
religious superstitions of Trump is flooding the world 
with chaos.

Moreover, with the heart's emotion and ROBACUS' 
logic, the ideal of righteousness can be maintained by 
ROBACUS. On the websites and in the publication world, 
Westerners have used the complexity of English 
grammar to stigmatize Asians to diminish their rights to 
express their views. And for Westerners themselves, it 
also hinders their speed of writing and the convenience 
of expression, though they justify that's required for 
precision and logic of expression. So we should use 
ROBACUS, the very epitome of precision and logic, to 
simply and optimize English, mirroring the convenience 
of the Chinese language while adding little poetic 
rhythm to it.

I want to officially suggest here that we Asians should 
not follow the English grammar - no capitalization, no 
restrictions on punctuation marks, disregarding the 
mistakes of spelling and making up new words and 
merging old ones whenever it helps. In fact, that exactly 
ROBACUS is spearhead in the realm of the future 
universal language, and has definitely demonstrated 
the benefits and necessity of these violation of 
grammar in its own internal computer-to-human 
languages. And the future of English must follow suit!
And now you see, from the unprecedented productivity 
of ROBACUS, when compared to the countless fancy 
slogans of empty meaning, ROBACUS here has shown 
its potential to someday eradicate a very bad habit in 
the world, that is, Westerners' use of linguistic 
eloquence to lie.