Revolutions and liberations represent the modern history of 
China. Karl Marx, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Sun Yat-sen 
and Chiang Kai-shek practiced revolutions. Empress Dowager 
Cixi, Mao Zedong and Japan practiced liberation. Liberation is 
an Asian tradition. Everyone understands it without 
explanation. But the West's notion of revolution, especially 
when it was invented by a Jew who did not consider himself 
as a Jew, was something we could not let it go so lightly.
To this day, the reason why the Jewish-led West can make 
irresponsible remarks about China and Asia is that the 
revolution is actually a century-old scam of global proportion. 
Beyond the incredible distortion of history, what China and 
the whole of Asia should find to be absolutely unacceptable is 
that the poison from the scam of revolution is holding us back 
from our effort to revive our past splendor.
Just look at the how the minds of Chinese scholars and 
ordinary people are poisoned by the scam of revolution. Many 
pro-West Chinese think that they can just borrow some 
superficial Western barbarism and leverage on the American 
military power, like that two clowns, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang 
Kai-shek, to continue harassing China and Asia.  After 
smearing China, it ruined Japan, and now suppressing North 
Korea for 70 years still would not let go. Now it is back to 
Japan. When are they going to stop? Asia must not forgive 
But he most unforgivable is the Mr. Revolutionary, Karl Marx, 
The fact that Marx did not think that he was a Jew was the 
most treacherous trick of this most Jewish among the Jews. It 
is like how Marx did not even consider Christianity when 
describing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolution. Also the 
way he compared the China's salvation campaign of Mao 
Zedong's peasant liberation as a Marxist revolution, similar to 
the devastating Taiping rebellion was something only capable 
of by such a low-life Jew.
Then afterward, how did he describe the Taipin Rebellion? 
He wrote: "Compared with the old (Qing Dynasty) rulers, they 
are an even greater scourge to the population. It seems that 
their vocation is nothing else than to set against the 
conservative disintegration of China, its destruction, in 
grotesque horrifying form, without any seeds for a 
renaissance. "
 "Their horror to the people is even worse than the horror of 
the old rulers. Their entire mission seems to be merely to use 
the ugly destruction go against the stagnating and rot, and 
this destruction has no sign of constructive work." 
A British diplomat based in Ningbo, Xia Fuli, described it like 
this: "It has been three months since Ningbo fell into the 
hands of the revolutionary Taiping Army. Here, like any place 
where these robbers rule, destruction is the only result. In 
addition, they have no other purpose. In their view, the power 
to make themselves infinitely mischievous is as important as 
killing. This view of the Taiping Army is inconsistent with the 
illusion that the legendary Taiping army will "liberate China", 
"rejuvenate China", "save the people",and "promote 
Christianity". In the past 10 years, their momentary and 
meaningless activities have destroyed everything and nothing 
has been built. "
Mr. Xia Fuli met a well-dressed Taiping soldier and asked him 
if he liked his profession. The soldier replied: "Why don't you 
like it? What do I like, what do I take, whoever resists, 
then..."cutza"" - he made a gesture of what he said was 
beheading. This is really not empty talk. In the Taiping Army's 
view, a person's head is no more valuable than a head of 
This is really like the Yellow River region that Chiang Kai-shek 
ruled that an American reporter described. It turns out that 
Chiang Kai-shek's "kill all, loot all, burn all" routines that he 
blamed on the Japanese were also learned from here. In fact, 
the 38-year living hell created by Sun Yat-sen and Chiang 
Kai-shek was like this, as both of them did claim that they 
were successors to the Taipins.
But before Marx mentioned the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, 
he described China as such, to inspire his Western compatriots 
(like a shepherd (Jesus?) to his flock (Christians?)):
 "English cannons smashed the appearance of invincible 
power and authority of the Imperial Chinese state and 
imposed humiliating conditions on the Chinese nation. Before 
the British arms the authority of the Manchu dynasty fell to 
 "Before the tables began to dance, China--this living 
fossil--started revolutionizing. By itself there was nothing 
extraordinary in this phenomenon, since the Oriental empires 
always show an unchanging social infra-structure coupled 
with unceasing change in the persons and tribes who manage 
to ascribe to themselves the political super-structure."
"China is ruled by a foreign dynasty. Since it has been three 
hundred years, why not come to a movement to overthrow 
this dynasty?" 
Here he offers a cause for the Taiping rebellion against the 
backdrop of Manchu colonialism: "Why should there not be 
initiated, after 300 years, a movement to overthrow it?" So 
the 1853 theory postulates the weakening of the Chinese 
social order as a chief cause, while the 1862 theory postulates 
a nationalistic motivation -- a desire of Han people to 
overthrow Manchu rule. 
The irony here is that the Taiping movement emerged with 
key support from Hakka people, a cultural minority within the 
Han population.  Furthermore, it was the majority Han 
ethnics who came to the rescue of the Qing Dynasty from the 
Taiping rebels.
Under the clever work of the Jewish brains, what they wanted 
the world to see is: "The opium does not play a hypnotic role, 
but it has awakened the sleeping Chinese people. Opium is 
actually good for China!"
Wow! Only Jews have such ability to twist things! . . . And 
Hitler also has his unique approach to deal with that.
Mr.Xia Fuli continued to describe: " In each region, all mantles 
and rogues and hooligans are voluntarily attached to the 
Taiping Army, and the military discipline only requires obeying 
orders when performing tasks. The Taiping army prohibits 
marriage and opium, and the offender is sentenced to 
death. Only when "the world is "taiping",or peaceful " can 
they marry. As compensation, in the first three days Taiping 
Army took city, and if the residents there were too late to 
escape, they could get the carte blanche (freedom of 
movement) of any woman whom they rape. Three days later, 
all women were forced to leave the city."
This time around, isn't here again a close similarity to the 
"Nanking Massacre" Chiang Kai-shek and the West fabricated?
Marx finally gave his concluding observations, "Obviously, the 
Taiping Army is the one depicted by the Chinese fantasy -- the 
devil's in persona (avatar). However, only in China can there 
be such a devil. This type of devil is the product of a stagnant 
social life."  
Thus, today's China, in the eyes of Westerners, is the home of 
the devil, which Chinese call them Hell. Therefore, Chinese 
Christian converts naturally identify the Japanese as those 
"little ghosts" that typically exist in the after-life Hell.
At the time, Nankin was the capital of the Taiping Heavenly 
Kingdom. If the Japanese army knew it, they would never 
listen to Chiang Kai-shek's persuasion to assault Nankin. As a 
big Christian cross is now stabbed in the center of Nankin City, 
the tragedy in China is not over yet.