Dialogue between reformist Rui Yang and kungfu-
spirited historians:  
The troubles in Hong Kong are cultural clashes. The 
Christian America has yet to change China to be as 
superstitious and aggressive as it has been.

The show host, Rui Yang, is a typical supporter of Chiang 
Kai-shek,who had been the spokesman for the West.
There is a segment of conversation I neglected to 
comment on that could show clearly the intend of 
America's purpose in Asia Pacific's WWII.  This was the 
time "General MacArthur asked for 5 to 6 nuke bombs, 
so he could roll over china and go directly to take 
Moscow(and japan was not that much in the cards... 
poor japan, liberated bunch of ungrateful bastards.)
In fact, Chiang Kai-shek is like Hong Kong, wanting to 
turn China into a Christian small America.

In order to avenge the Xi'an mutiny, Chiang Kai-shek 
also let him know the private Japanese troops he made 
friends back in Japan's military academy and regiments 
(and also engage in opium with them while in China, 
with the Shanghai mobster, Du yuesheng)
In the "Nanking Massacre", Chiang and his Japanese 
soldier buddies secretly killed all the captured Chinese 
soldiers in the torpedo battalion in Nanjing. Then in the 
spring of the next year, Chiang killed at the Yellow River,
from 1938 to 1942, 30 million people lived downstream 
of the Yellow River dykes that Chiang broke.
Rui Yang's "burning, robbing and killing" is actually 
done by Chiang Kai-shek and his private Japanese 
Japan came to China to liberate China, first to drive 
Russia out of Northeast Asia, and then to help 
Manchuria, who's the only legitimate Chinese 
government of Qing Dynasty at the time, to unify Asia 
and to fight against Western colonists.
Western scholars say the same today, but Rui Yang has 
always said that he is the world's recognized betrayal of 

Chiang Kai-shek and Rui Yang are on the sides of Taiwan, Hong 
Kong and the United States. Yang is a dangerous spokesman for the English version of Chinese media!

The "burn all, plunder all and kill all" mentioned by Rui 
Yang was really the actual deeds of the Chiang Kai-
shek's soldier, aided by his old renegade military 
buddies from Japan.  The top Japanese leaders testified 
on oaths and fine-combing search in Japan's war time 
records did not show Japan had that policy.  Also the 
20-million Chinese casualties that Yang kept on 
mentioning was 10 million short of how many Chiang 
Kai-shek killed with the greatest man-made tsunami at 
the Yellow River in 1938 to 1942, devastated three 
provinces down stream.
How history should be rewritten must include the 
episodes mentioned here:
The Pacific arena of WWII was the Buddhist Japan's 
liberation of Asia against the American Christians 
colonization of Asia.  The massacre at Nanking was 
really a blatant lie that borrowed the routine raping and 
plumdering practices of the Christian Taiping Heavenly 
rebels, the predecessor of Chiang Kai-shek and Sun Yat-
sen, in the few days after every city they conquered.  
And the world must note that Iris Chang of the Rape of 
Nanking fame bought a gun for the Christian Bush, Jr. 
but was not savage and shameless as the Christians 
enough, that she finally used on herself, not being able 
to live with the distorted history that she helped to 
With the death knot of the fabricated Nanking Massacre 
untied, the last time I discussed Asian unification with 
the Japanese rightwing, they kept on talking bad about 
the Chinese communists.  Somehow, I got the feeling 
that they didn't finish their sentences.  Why, it's the 
communists that they helped to win the critical battles 
near Harbin, China, that finally enabled Mao Zedong to 
liberate China and Asia.
But when recent events on China-America trade war 
unfold, it finally dawn to me why the Japanese were so 
apprehensive toward the Chinese communists.  This is 
when the Japanese started to befriend China, after all 
the Chinese News reels become extreme combative 
toward all things America.  When China replace it's face 
of catering and friendship toward America with one of 
defiance toward America's bullying, it seems to bring 
back a lot of faith in Japan about China.
Why is that?  It's because true Asia history points to and 
Japan deep down feels that America to be the greatest 
enemy of Japan. 
How the proud race of Germany were humiliated 
beyond the dignity of a human.
When Macolm X called reformist Martin Ruther King a 
"porch nigger".
How Barack Obama's mentor Reverent Jeromy Wright 
warn America the 911 call that Bin Laden made, and 
how savagely Obama buried the whole matter by killing 
Bin Laden like a blue-blood American.
How whom reformists called the No. 1 traitor of China, 
Lee Hong Zhang   , threatened the invading Germans, 
who had machine-gun-made mountains of corpse of 
Chinese kungfu masters, known as the Boxers, but were 
inconceivably defeated finally at the "Gal's Gate", that 
if the West coalition force tries to cut up China, Lee 
himself will also become a Boxer.
Lee had just warn the barbarians in China and around 
the world that they were only doing the ravaging and 
plundering at the watch and mercy of the Kungfu Jungle.
So, don't forget the lesson of the holocaust that the 
spirit of Kungfu Jungle has inflicted on the Jews.
Lee Hong Zhang also, in effect, foretold today's 
achievements of China and explained the power of the 
Kungfu Jungle. 

On the myth of america's declaration of independence:
1.	why arrival of westerners to the continent of America called a "discovery" while it's fully 
inhabited and have a civilization that should be considered more advanced than the plaque-
ridden barbarism of the Europeans?
2.	Why the bunch of slave-owning and indian-genociding assholes are called founding fathers and 
worshipped as heroes, and they biggest piece of con propaganda obeyed as the constitution?
3.	How come the revolutionary war consisted of 6000 blacks joining up with 4000 british soldiers 
fighting the military camp of militia of white settlers, and why it's carried out when it's not really 
At the time of the celebration of the 80th 
anniversary of the Second World War, the 
historians' single voice said: "The history of 
World War II must be rewritten!" But 
before we have figured out what China is 
all about, no one can rewrite it.
Why has not China fallen apart? And the 
rebound came so high and fast? No one 
can explain.
How powerful is China is!  And how come?
Most Chinese people themselves think that 
it is because of reform and opening up. But 
what mission impossible that brought 
China out of opium? What cleansed out 
the overwhelmingly more powerful 
Western-backed Christians, such as the 
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Sun Yat-sen, 
and Chiang Kai-shek? Then incredibly kept 
America at bay to this day?
If this is truly because of "reform and 
opening up", then China must be afraid of 
not being able to stop the constant 
intimidation by America, so that China 
accepted the distorted history America 
wrote that claimed China is "corrupt", 
"outdated" and "poverty" therefore 
should be regime changed. 
Why!  That means the "Reform and 
opening up" policy has admitted that 
"China is never powerful!"
However, today China's achievements 
should be entirely credited to the 
Communist Party, or the Peasant 
Liberation Army.  Who are they? We, 
therefore, must analyze this thoroughly.
But being an independent outside 
foreigner, with a unique expertise in 
analysis that came from a lifelong 
experience of racing against a super 
computer, I see it's the head of the beggars' 
guild, Mao Zedong, leading his beggars of 
peasants origin, who were "willing to 
starve to death, rather than be humiliated 
again".  They are immune to the Jews' 
opium, the Christians lures of heavenly 
rewards, and the America's nuke weapons 
and  brainwashing.
In fact, it is the Kungfu Jungle, within 
which the beggars' guild is the largest 
group, that truly made China invincible in 
the world's   history.
From China's domestic implementation of 
the feudal and Kungfu Jungle to deal with 
their own people, and the outward-looking 
perfunctory Western barbaric arrogance 
that has allowed America to unleash Hong 
Kong and Taiwan, the current practice by 
China seems that the Chinese are basically 
confused about the true nature of America 
and its running dogs, such as Hong Kong 
and Taiwan.
I have saved Taiwan's life from America's 
oppression and learn the hard way how 
they were one more despicable than the 
other.  I also helped China and broke the 
Tiananmen democratic riot's sanctions 
America place on China.   As a result, China 
with help from me created the best 
computer in the world, Sky River.  Because 
I know that computers represent the speed 
of a country, today China's surpassing 
America is anything but a inevitability.
The struggle between China and America is 
not trade or military, but culture. From the 
point of view of America, America basically 
could not accept the fact that China is not 
American enough.  So the joke is on China, 
now China is taking this brat's whim 
seriously and is considering changing itself 
to accommodate America, such as support 
the sanctions against North Korea and 
participation in the oppression of Muslims 
in America, such as the "War on Terror". 
This is because China also believes in Marx, 
Sun Yat-sen, and Chiang Kai-shek's lies that 
proclaimed China to be "backward" and 
"corrupt", and that Japan is the aggressor 
of Asia, and America is the savior of Asia.
From my close contact with Americans and 
Japanese for many years, I found this to be 
an insane distortion of historical truths. 
We Asians have lost our ways because of 
these lies.
However, if we look at the perspective of 
ancient cultural traditions, especially based 
on the spirit of the Kungfu Jungle, it should 
be clear that America is the evil force that 
has finally sprout a perverted madman 
who is worse than most savage beasts. In 
the land of the Kungfu Jungle, Trump 
would be instantly dismissed as the tiny 
insects that consider cesspools as home, 
and end up as fertilizer the next break of 
China should not pay too much attention 
to Trump, but should spend China's energy 
in useful projects. Although China has said 
that it will not spread Chinese culture to 
other countries, this does not necessarily 
cover the Kungfu Jungle.
China do not need reform and open up. 
But the rest of the world really needs the 
Kungfu Jungle.
Ok, admitted, I don't expect any 
Westerners to understand what the fark I 
am talking about.  Especially, what in hell 
is Kungfu Jungle?
Well, it all depends whether you are a 
friend or foe?  For a friend, Kungfu Jungle 
is the benevolent spirit of China.  For a foe, 
it's his nightmare of the ghost of 
righteousness, which would foreve haunt 
him directly or indirectly by the Chinese 
America's first and unexplained defeats in 
history, at Korea and Vietnam was the 
direct intervening of the genuine Chinese 
Kungfu Jungle.  
And Hitler's holocaust for the Jews was an 
manifestation of such a punishment as a 
payback for the century-long opium 
holocaust that the Jews brought on China.
In short, Kungfu Jungle is the cardinal 
aspirations of man as Mother Nature 
intended.  This the opposite of the artifacts 
of pre-humans still dwelling on the primal 
instincts of fear, superstition and the 
barbarism of militarism, liberalism, politics 
and technology.
When all is hopeless, the wind of Kungfu 
Jungle has always blow to right the wrongs.

            改革开放 对立 武林江湖
在庆祝80 周年第二次世界大战的时刻,历史学家普
香港的闹事是个文化的争议。 基督教的美国,至今还
要中国改到像他们一样野蛮和放肆 。
国在亚太地区的目的是什么。 这是General 
节目主持人,Rui Yang, 是个典型被西方洗过脑的蒋
介石的拥护者。 蒋介石其实就是,像香港一样,想把
中国改成一个基督教的小美国。 为了报复西安兵变,
一起搞鸦片) ,偷偷杀了所有在南京被俘虏在鱼雷营
的中国兵。 然后第二年春天又用黄河泛滥杀了, 从
1938到1942,三千万住在黄河下流的老百姓。 Rui 
Yang 所讲的"烧光,抢光和杀光",其实都是蒋介
石和他的私人日本部队干的。 日本到中国是来解 放
亚洲,来一起抵抗西方殖民者。 人家西方学者今天也
这么说,但Rui Yang 一直说他那个,全世界已公认
的出卖亚洲的 蒋介石。 Rui Yang 是在帮台湾,香港
和美国争。 他是中国新闻界的危险人物!
可能出卖中国是中国人的强项.  就希望他们不会做过
中国是怎么厉害! 但厉害点什么?
乎不可能地把中国从鸦片中拉了出来? 什么把西方列
清理掉了? 而后不可思议地又把美国挡住?
了中国 是"腐败","落伍"和"贫困",而 从西
哈!"改革开放"承认了 "中国不厉害!"
卑鄙无耻。 我也帮过中国,破了美国的天安门制裁,
现在中美的斗争不是贸易或军事,而是文化。  从美