Western barbaric mouths have been blown off 
propaganda for centuries, deceiving the world to silly. 
Last time on the battlefield in Asia, it was won by 
propaganda, lying how a little Japan wanted to invade 
the whole world. 
When a group of Chinese who were sucking opium into 
their lungs and filling their brains with lies by China's 
domestic puppets of the West believed it, they helped 
the American warmongers drag Japan down and allowed 
America to finish off Japan.  But now we found out that 
we swallowed a big American lie. 
Japan's sacrifice for the liberation of Asia has also been 
performed in vain, when the American warmongers, or 
warmongers, or simply monkeys, locked the lie with two 
atomic bombs and then followed with killing sprees in 
North Korea and Vietnam. China's scums of the opium 
addiction's negative impact and running dogs of America 
still bite on Japan's fabricated crimes and are 
unwillingness to let go, making Asia still unable to lift its 
head today. .
Recently, Asian people have also learned to do 
propaganda. People and monkeys should have a 
propaganda contest. The most suitable venue is the 2020 
American presidential election. Usually it is a exclusive 
time for the monkeys to blow off lies to smudge the 
humans who do not like to argue back, to pave the way 
for the next military aggression that might be needed 
after the election. 
This time we humans must take revenge. We must make 
the monkeys eat all their lies of the past, present and in 
the future. They must pay back for the hegemonic 
aggression wrongly justified by their lies. Humans must 
go back to the way of speaking responsibly.  
If the monkeys lie again, their tails should be cut off.  
And If they do evil again, they will be sent back to the 
wildness jungle where they belong, so that people who 
don't like lying can get a little peace and quiet.
I hope my own blowing off some steam here will get 
something going.