But this road, it is paved with step stones of 
Resilience to disappointments is the measure of a man. 
But seldom any man would like to be measured.  And in 
the name of happiness, most have formed a cult of 
imperfection.  Thus, the pursue of imperfection has been 
the most popular pastime of modern time. 
In my own pursue of a perfect way to play ping pong, I 
have plunged myself into an infinite pool of 
disappointments, humiliations and a life of worth.
After 20 years of struggle, in order to rid of the 
imperfections in my game, I had to make numerous 
changes in my game.  The changes constitute trashing 
the old and replacing with something new.  This is a 
impossibly difficult task for any seasoned player.
The most memorable example of such an effort I have 
seen is the case of Pete Sampras, while as a top tennis 
protégé, switching from a two-handed back hand to a 
one-handed. Others might think the switching is what 
made him the best tennis player in history.  But my 
frequent trips to hell and back from switching tell me it's 
the unbearable humiliation from coming back from the 
humiliatingly low ranking, that has developed his mental 
stamina that made him the Champ.
And I should mention in passing, the kind of all one-
handed tennis of the likes of Pete Sampras, Roger 
Federer and Ivan Lendl, is the perfect men's tennis style; 
but it's the all two-handed tennis of Monica Seles, which 
took a German's knife into the back to stop her, yet still 
having been perfected by my daughter, Dixie, with a two-
handed serve, certified by a Wimbledon double tennis 
champion, is the perfect tennis style for women.
My daughter's tennis career was basically a smooth ride 
straight to the top, until the born-in-USA scum culture 
set in(only immigrants and first-generation made to the 
top, while Dixie is one and a half generation).  That mis-
led me to think that I could also develop a perfect ping 
pong style for me and become an instant champion, like 
Seles, as I am immune to the scum culture my daughter 
 Well, I was so wrong!  It led me to the worse self-
inflicted torture imaginable.  Still I must admit it's been 
fun while I am still alive.  

                                               PONGFU STATUS
Pongfu is perfection.  So, it would always be imperfect.  
Let me explain why?
The development of pongfu is like stock trading.  You buy 
low and sell high.   Here we suffer when low and change 
when high.  We suffer the disappointments, humiliation 
and drop-dead drills, when pongfu is played out badly.  
This would improve pongfu to the point when new 
imperfections are exposed.  Then we change the 
imperfect way of playing to make it play bad again.  
In past 20 years, I have gone through about 1000 peaks 
and valleys.  Just the paddle design has gone through 100 
major upgrades.  In a ping pong game of 11 points, the 
minor changes could drop me by about 3 points, and the 
major changes could drop me by 10 points.  
Now, looking back, I must be the fastest improving player 
in history, for I had improved 10 x 100 + 3 x 900 = 4700 
points!  That calculated to be 4700/(20 x 365) = 0.65 
point/day, or my speed of improvement is 11/0.65  =16.9, 
or one whole game in little more than 2 weeks.
But today, 99% of ping pong players never improve.  Why, 
the other fast improver, Freddie Gabriel, that I helped 
once, improved 1 point per month, until he had it and 
stopped after 3 mouths, going back to honing on his 
existing imperfect style the rest of his life.
So, the motto is: Don't ever try to change ping pong!