North Korea Ping Pong Diplomacy
I came to Yanji, China, ten years ago, in order to 
mitigate the tension between North Korea and the 
United States,with the hope that U.S. sanctions on 
North Korea can be eventually lifted.
Recently an opportunity will emerge in the 2020 Tokyo 
Olympics. I have proposed a re-enactment of a Ping 
Pong Diplomacy with North Korea to the American 
table tennis association.  The head of the association, 
Virginia Sung, has expressed interest, as "Ping Pong 
Diplomacy" would sure to help raise American public's 
interest in table tennis.
However, when I mentioned this proposal to my North 
Korean friends, their response was a bit like what China 
thought back then about America -- the United States is 
the enemy, and any kind of friendly interaction with the 
United States was treason.
North Korea's situation is very similar to that of China in 
1970.  At that time, the United States announced that 
it would withdraw from Vietnam and expressed interest 
to be friends with China.  But there was no viable 
entry point.  What made it more strikingly similar was 
that, at that time, China, like North Korea today, was 
using the Cultural Revolution to express unwavering 
hatred for the United States. And the sentiment of the 
people throughout the country, up to the top diplomat, 
Zhou En-lai, was extremely anti-American - that was, 
except for the table tennis champion Zhuang Zedong, 
who, against all odds, initiated the Ping Pong 
Check out what transpired in this historical junction, in 
the following clip to hear straight from 
the horse's mouth:
And here is China's official account:

Later, China's change of mind were due to Mao 
Zedong's decree. Mao believed that interaction was 
better than hostility. That allowed the Ping Pong 
Diplomacy to proceed smoothly, and eventually made 
China and the United States friends. 
If the current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could 
also take advantage of the opportunity of of our 
proposed Ping Pong Diplomacy, then the people of 
America might just also become friends with people of 
North Korea.  And friends do not sanction each other.
Therefore, we should first tell this story to our own 
North Korean friends. It is hoped that they could pass it 
on to the relevant parties, so the North Korea's table 
tennis team at the Olympics and the America table 
tennis team could work together toward peace in the