Do you know what makes a pingpong champion?  In the 
professional level, every player to an amateur 
spectators looks like a superman.  And at the end of 
tournament, the few survivors are in the realm of skills 
that are beyond description.  That's because all the 
skills they possess are out of the window.  It takes 
something deep inside of them to triumph over the rest 
of the unbeatables.  That something is character.
Well, pongfu is both pingpong and kungfu.  So, what's it 
like in kungfu?  Here you need a strong character just to 
take up kungfu.  In the olden days when kungfu were 
still kungfu, it's a sport of life and death.  So, obviously 
the trivial matter of character must be over-killed.  The 
truly serious kungfu masters all have to endure pains 
that are worse than death itself.
Lastly, we need to do a broad survey to see how sport 
coaches pick their proteges.  Well, now we have a 
problem of the characters of the coaches.  But one thing 
is independent of character, that's when any coach 
gives up on a student.  On the surface, it's skill level, but 
invariably the one true cause is character.
So, like ROBACUS, we need to start pongfu in schools.  
In fact, pongfu is fully design to be become a gradable 
curriculum in schools.  The students are not trained 
with another person, but with a self-training setup.  
And the playing manuals, or textbooks, are thoroughly 
field tested.  So everyone has nobody to blame for if he 
fouls up.  If a student wants to improve on his scores, 
train harder. But that takes character!
Here, we are really talking about the future.  So let's 
first describe the future, which, incidentally, will be 
created by futuristic tools like our pongfu and ROBACUS. 
It will be a future of automation.  Supposedly, it is a 
world of post-scarcity.  Credits will surely replace 
money.  Production of material necessities will be 
centralized.  Even social policies will be analyzed, 
predicted and executed by the ROBACUS type of brainy 
This brings us to the question of distribution of credits, 
kind of like today's salaries.   And today's jobs will be 
taken over by a person's own character training.
People of high character have the job of being role 
models to others.  And giving greater amount of credits 
to persons of high character will assure everyone gets, 
beside credits, but also fitness.
If anyone should cry injustice, we should also not cry for 
those who don't want exercise, fitness and credits.  Yes, 
not everyone wants the same thing.  Some may not 
want to live and all things life could bring.  So, all the 
bleeding heart moralists out there should think twice 
before the next time you cry for those who don't want 
to live.  
The unbelievable ways some people or nations are 
behaving so self-destructively and wish the same for 
others, require us to do something to solve the problem.  
If the above pongfu method can't still cut it, then there 
is also the equivalent of today's escape-happy handsets 
and computer games.  It is a dream machine by 
ROBACUS, a kind of "bodyset".  Simply lying in it, it 
would solve a person's life of misery with a full happy 
live of one hundred years within a minute.