“Friendship first, competition second” is not for 
pingpong, but a must for pongfu.  That’s the only way 
pongfu will become the most popular universal sport.

Players will be graded in schools and clubs, instead of 
ranked based on competitions in tournaments.  Being 
the most theoretical-oriented sport, naturally the 
grading system would be closely benchmarked against 
the ranking system based on competition.

So, pongfu is straightly played for fun and fitness.  It 
would be drilled like Kungfu, but played like dancing.  
That’s why before a player actually gets on a table and 
play with a ball, he needs to be able to dance pongfu 
with music.

A pongfu game, therefore, should be played like a 
dancing session.  The concentration inevitably should be 
to keep the paddle in step with the ball.  Winning is just 
having less missteps than the other guy.  If lost, just drill 
on to be more in-step.  The idea is to always come back 
for more.  That’s is pongfu’s goal.


“友谊第一,竞争第二”不是乒乓,而是乒夫。 这是乓

的结果进行排名。 作为最理论化的运动,那评分级系

因此,乓夫是为了娱乐和健身而玩的。 它会像功夫一
样练习,但像跳舞一样玩。 这就是为什么在一名球员

因此,乒夫比赛应该像跳舞一样进行。 乓夫选手不可
避免地应该是保持他的拍子与球的同步。 胜利只是比
对方少不同步。 如果输了,只需下次多同步一点。 
我们想要做到的是永远还有不停的下次。 这就是乓夫