Pyongyang Protocol for Global Nuclear Demilitarization

Kim Jong Un has finally took the world to its first 
denuclearization. We should seize this opportunity to go all 
the way to global nuclear weapon rollback, or simply "nuke 
rollback".  In so doing, the following considerations can serve 
as a logical basis for a viable program of nuke rollback: 
1. Humanity has proven its own savagery by dropping nuke 
bombs on live humans.  The world simply cannot afford to live 
with this hazard.
2. It's only a matter of time that all the countries in the world 
will have nuke weapons for basically they all have the ability 
to have them.
3. But for a long time to come we still need to observe the 
concept of balance of horror.
4. So nuke rollback must proceed according to a first-come-
last-go schedule to give due credits and time needed to the 
pioneers of nuke weapons for them to be mentally prepared 
to give up their "deserved" advantages.
The recent North Korea's change in attitude toward nuclear 
weapon program is an opportunity for the world to roll back 
the nuclear arms race.  Since North Korea is now in a tactically 
desirable position to phase out its nuclear weapon's program, 
this could serve as the start of the rollback.  Also, as the one 
country that could influence North Korea to do this is America.  
President Trump should visit North Korea and jointly declare 
with Kim Jong Un a Pyongyang Protocol for Global Nuclear 
Just as North Korea could roll back its nuclear bomb program 
in 10 years, back to its zero level in 2008 when it first obtained 
its first bomb, America might also find it comfortable and 
welcoming to do the equivalent rollback in 73 years and by 
2081 to the zero level as in 1945.   This same formula should 
be applied to all the nuclear powers in the world.