All negotiations between Asia and the West should be held off after both sides first settle their 
respective historical perspectives and cultural differences. The best way for China is to talk to the 
United States after forming a united front with Japan, South Korea and North Korea.

In terms of history, Asia must insist that the Second World War was triggered by the continued 
Western colonial policy in Asia. It was an anti-colonial struggle headed by Japan, and it's a religious 
war between Christianity and Buddhism that  eventually settled into a clash of civilizations as we 
have it today.
Today, because of the opening up of mass media worldwide, the world has gradually seen and 
recognized that although the military force in the West is stronger than in Asia, the civilization of Asia 
is more advanced than the West, opposite to history is telling us, and the Asian culture even 
overcome West superior military, as well as is surpassing what the West is most proud of -- its 
technology and economy. The most commendable feature of the Asian culture is that it would be 
able to eliminate the superstitious and barbaric self-destructive tendencies of the West and turn the 
world from rushing to wars and bring it back to peaceful coexistence.

Ok, now we can start the talks.

But in the worse come to worse, Ching could increase the price by 30%, so that America will tarrif another 25%.  At the end, China is not affected, and the American people are going to have to swallow the big surcharge due to the trade war.


在历史方面,亚洲一定要坚持二次世界大战在亚洲是继续西方的殖民政策而引发的。 它是一个殖民和
反殖民,与基督教和佛教的战争, 终究变成了一个文明的冲突。
今天, 因为信息的公开化,世界也渐渐看到和公认,虽然西方的武力比亚洲强,亚洲的文明是比西方