If a country is not led by someone who knows how to lead, instead depend on artificial means, such as self-serving voters in democratic balloting and faith in God, he's useless as a leader and should be replaced.  And the country's very leader selection process must be revised.

Professional qualification should be the number one requirement for a leader.  His track record is the second critierium.  Genetic make up could also be a assurance of continuity of the good job done by previous leaders.  And finally, the opinions of the best sound minds of the country should at least serve as recommendations and final approval.

Logically, the opinions of other countries and those of the uninformed common people of the country are both equally counter to selecting a good leader.

Donald Trump relied on populism in his leadership.  But populism is mob-rule.  And mob-rule is fast being exposed as what democracy is really all about.  No wonder, democractic countries are invariably powerful war machines, jeopardizing the very existence of our glob.