The eventful Jews are certainly inseparable from a discussion 
of wars. Their role playing, as the merchants of death to the 
angels of war, is to be kept watched over carefully.
There seems to be something in a Jew's upbringing that 
encourages him to go for the contradictory extremes in an 
effort to win trust in his lies. 
The Christianity story is an example.  A hateful bastard son 
became the loving Lord Jesus.  Her rebellious slut of a 
teenage mom became the Holy Virgin Mary, and, what an 
imaginative mind-- the deadbeat dad turned out to be the 
Almighty God.
Maybe this does serve as an escape for the weak-minded lost 
souls of the world, resulting in the Jews ending up with a 
following of world's largest group of genocidal killers at their 
disposal.  No wonder Christian Crusades around the world 
have continually broken records as wars of bloodiest 
This patented skill of the Jews does not stop at their thirst for 
blood, but also greed for money.  This brings us to the opium 
holocaust in China.
Karl Marx first established himself as the champion of the 
oppressed poor of the world.  Then he used his new-gained 
credibility to do the extreme opposite, lying to the world that 
the most advanced and prosperous country, China, was the 
most backward and corrupt, and that the people of the 
country loved to smoke opium.
This made his opium cousins, Sassoons and Rothchilds, the 
richest men in the world.
Then there was this self-proclaimed genius, Albert Einstein, 
who stole the Maxwell's Expression relating mass to energy to 
win a Nobel Prize, even though he never got the simple idea 
that the reason the speed of light is constant is because its 
source, the charged particle, travel perpendicular to the 
direction of the light.  Thus, a moving light source of 
accelerating particles would only disperse, not speed up, the 
photons of light.

But this is not our story.  What really amazing about 
Einstein's life was that he out did Marx in destroying what 
remain of the Asia's only viably self-preserving civilization 
during WWII -- Japan.
He first called Japan a nation with "a longer history than all 
other countries and the world's oldest, most precious 
pedigree."  Then he added, "World culture began in Asia and 
will return to Asia.  Japan must be the peak of Asia.  We are 
thankful to God for creating the country of Japan for the 
human race."
He then did the contradictory extreme in persuading America 
to make two atomic bombs to be dropped in Japan.
It was a good thing that Mao Zedong didn't give a damn about 
the Jews' tricks, including the Marx's extreme caring for the 
oppressed poor.  Mao simply use the age-old, time-tested, 
tradition of peasant liberation, to pulled China out of the 
Jewish opium den and made China strong enough to help save 
Japan from being stuck under America's nuke ass.
Maybe the next country we need to save from the Jews is 
America?  And the next to America, Jews?
Henry Kissinger, arguably, the fourth most influential Jew, 
after Jesus, Marx and Einstein, may meet the other 3 in the 
afterlife and bragged about his own gig:
 "I helped Asia get peace, now they unified under minority 
rule, so soon Israel will rule the world. "
Finally, let's touch on two other fixations that the Jews have.  
Those are oligarchy and holocaust.  They invented two kinds 
of oligarchies, one for the rich and another for the poor.  For 
the rich, it's called capitalism, in which the minority rich and 
powerful elites, saturation brainwash the voting mob in a 
And for the poor, it's called Marxism, in which the majority 
poor are incited to violently keep everybody equal and 
equally poor, except, of course, for the authoritative oligarchy 
As holocausts go, the Jews tried to do it to others, like the 
China's opium holocaust, but, what goes around comes 
around, oftentimes it backfired to themselves, like what Hitler 
did to the Jews in WWII Germany.
Jews are so inundated with matters of intelligence that they 
find using brains to exploit others to be only natural.  As 
human emotion and righteousness are, respectively, 
controlled by their hearts and brains. So, somewhere along in 
their upbringings, the Jews must have found a way to severe 
their hearts from their brains to prevent the hearts from 
guarding the brain away from mischiefs.  Perhaps it also 
helps to let some superstitious God to guide their hearts, 
rather than their natural good conscience.
Ultimately, Jews main missions in life are to unleash 
themselves to exploit the world, and then whitewash 
themselves with lies afterward.  This sometimes requires 
them first to deny they are Jews, and even not religious and 
no-god, but this is only after they have learned all the tricks 
and skills for how to circumvent the restrictions from books 
that taught them how to become a good person.
  Sadly what they are really doing is giving other righteous 
people no choice but resorting to holocausts.
Why being so intelligent that they can never learn that having 
the gift of intelligence is not a license to use it to exploit the 
less intelligent, like the Americans?  
And the danger for the Jews is that they might also bump into 
the unsuspecting Asians and the fierce Germans and 
terroristic Muslims, who might be even more intelligent than 
the Jews. 
That's why the Jews seem to be continually hacking the 
password to their next holocaust.  Aren't they ever going to 
learn that the potential for evil in humans is not great, but 

Jews, the clown princes and guiding spirit of the white race, 
do not deserve to waste their remaining existence on Earth 
griping about the Holocaust.  And it might be of fatal 
consequence for humanity if they ever try to do anything 
about it.  
So, historically someone needs to analyze the holocaust and 
lighten the blame on Germany for masterminding it,not just 
rely on someone to kneel at the grave.
Well, Germany was in a total war, which to some extend was 
schemed up by the Jews.  Citizens of the country have a 
choice of either risking their lives on battle fields, or sitting it 
out safely in concentration camps. 
As history had it, the former choice was a bad bet.  None 
expected that the Americans would fight with genocidal 
The whole German population was being slaughtered, except 
the smart-choice Jews.  But when the food ran out, the best 
thing that the starving Germans outside the concentration 
camp could do was to deliver, not food, but poison gas, that 
would, at least, reduce the number of mouths to feed inside 
the camp.
Yes, we all saw a lot of dead bodies. But it should be the sight 
of the few surviving Jews that drew our attention.  This sight 
should remind us that the true evil was not inside the camp, 
but outside on the battlefields of war.
People called me two-faced. Actually, I'm three-faced.  
My left face is the treacherous, tail-striking scorpion of 
a Jew.  My right face is the upright stiff, noble koi of a 
Japanese.  And in the middle, I'm the magnanimous 
China dragon under the skin of a playful panda.
In our modern era, the world has completely mistaken 
the characteristics that the above three faces represent, 
courtesy of the terroristic, lying skills of the Jews. 
First, the Jews themselves have uplift themselves to a 
status holier than the bastard son Jesus, virgin slut mom 
Mary and almighty deadbeat dad God, thus becoming 
loathsome beyond description.
Second, the introvert Japanese, by holding back from 
not letting one extra word leaking out of their mouths, 
have invited the Jews, and its genocidal Christian flocks, 
to become their spokesman.  
This spokesman, in particular the shamelessly filthy 
Christians, didn't spare a single word in turning the koi 
into the lowly carp and blood thirst and raping happy 
shark, resulting in mobilizing the weak minds of the 
world, competing to cuss out the Japanese with lewd 
words and phrases for the most unimaginable lascivious 
behaviors that only such sickest minds could concoct. 
And, it definitely could not be a coincident that all the 
demonic descriptions about Japanese turn back to fit 
the Jews themselves to a T.  The anti-Asia Asian 
Christian-converts especially have all their brains turned 
into cesspool, with the mouths acting as machinegun 
firing anuses.
Thus, the whole globe has turned into a loose-cannon 
ball, senselessly without ends, flying from one killing 
quagmire to another, frantically searching for its last 
resting place, which is the doomsday hell.
So, third and finally, it's high time for the three faces of 
mine to roll all into one - judge, jury and cop.  The 
dragon must dance the ball to sanity by getting the koi 
to utter just four words: "WE ARE NOT JEWS!"