Details can be seen at http://www.asiawithout.us. 
Some are supplemented according to [#] below:
* Rescue Taiwan's industry by breaking US scientific and technological sanctions [1].
In the era of Chiang Ching-kuo and Li Guoding, I saved Taiwan’s science and technology, brought nuclear power technology from the United States and bought a Japan’s better computer than the United States, and got the US intelligence officers to start an investigation. It turned out that we had done a good thing.
* Help Shanghai Telecom introduce the following 
futuristic concepts on science and technology to the five major industries, nuclear industry, space, petroleum, textile, and aviation.
1. The importance of the computer:
      a. The potential of software automation
      b. The necessity of hardware [2]
2. Actual demos of electronic communications in 1989
      a. From home to Jiaotong University network 
      b. Data transmission from the United States to China
      c. Distribute mobile phones to key industries [3]
      d. Sprint pulls the Internet from Hong Kong to 
3. Funding the supercomputer team to the United 
      a. stop them copy the US micro-super computer 
again [4]
      b. sending the father of open software, Richard 
Stallman, to China [5]
      c. acquiring free-of-charge micro-supercomputer 
schematics from Silicon Graphics
      d. showing China how to do Beowulf cluster super 
computer (leading to the construction of Tianhe)
4. Re-introduction of the correct thinking of Mao 
Zedong and Japan's Second World War Martyrs
      a. Promoting the unification of China, Japan and 
      b. Strive for peace in North Korea [6]
      c. Promoting Sino-Japanese friendship [7]
      d. Write a collection of Chinese and English books 
designed to kick the United States out of Asia
5. Advocating the future of scholar and kungfu Chinese
      a. Pongfu replacing of martial arts
      b. ROBACUS to upgrade asian culture to confront the challenges of modern time

6.The Greatest contribution might just be the discovery that Asians who are branded as "hanjian", "commie bandits" and "little japanese devils" are really the good guys.  And those who smear them as such are really help our Western enemies to divide and conquer Asia. If they persist on this betray of Asia, after the truth history has been presented, they should be considered as traitors to asia, or "yajians".

 [1] Around 1980, Chiang Ching-kuo made self-
improvement, and the United States secretly imposed 
scientific and technological sanctions. I taught Taiwan's 
nuclear power large-scale computing. They used up a 
CDC6600 computer and needed to buy an IBM3033. As 
a result, the US embargo. I helped Taiwan buy a Fujitsu 
M2000 from Japan, thus breaking the US sanctions and 
letting Taiwan rise. The United States took the 
opportunity to escape the transcendence of Japan and 
use Taiwan and South Korea (the same Asians who are 
stronger than the United States) to overwhelm Japan. 
But I was very disappointed with Taiwan's subsequent 
acts of Asian traitors (selling Asia), and they should not 
save them.
[2] My brother sent me a plane ticket from California to 
Shanghai. When the Asian traitor created the 
Tiananmen incident in 1989, the intention was to let the 
American CIA to create a color revolution like the Soviet 
Union two years later to split China. I went to the 
airport but didn't catch the plane because I forgot to 
change the time difference. American Airlines took me 
to Tokyo with another empty 747 and caught up with 
my plane flying to Shanghai. Probably God wants me to 
go to see my country China.
I should help the nuclear power industry, but Shanghai 
Telecom is holding me, they are the boss of the industry 
in the industry. Therefore, my final impact is the only 
remaining supercomputer team in Changsha in China, 
trying to get the telecommunications bureau to fund 
them to go to the United States to surpass the United 
States (my software is more than a decade ahead of the 
United States, and it is developed in cooperation with 
As a result, the telecommunications bureau is stingy 
and does not pay (so I have always been optimistic 
about "reform and opening up"). Therefore, I had to 
sacrifice my nuclear power companions and spend all 
my money in China. For the sake of technology and 
weapons, I need a super computer team to let them go 
to the United States, so that I can wash their brains well. 
Beyond! .
[3] At that time, it took half an hour to make a call, and 
the copper of the new cable of the telecommunications 
bureau was stolen to the people. We are helping the 
top ten key industries, and their biggest obstacle is not 
enough phone calls and nowhere.
Just France and Germany are flattering and send a few 
wireless mobile phones. The Telecommunications 
Bureau believes that those industries do not need such 
advanced mobile phones, but my team sent them out 
on the grounds of electronic communication. Shanghai 
almost surpassed Shenzhen.
I also left the two concepts of the telecommunications 
bureau: the customer is the emperor. Don't believe in 
the shit's democracy.
[4] The Chinese supercomputer team went abroad to 
buy intel I680 chips from China. I got them out of the 
country and stopped re-cloning American computers 
and chips. The result was the first, but there was no 
second point.
But think about how we broke. The Chinese intelligence 
personnel did not allow me to enter the National 
Defense University of Science and Technology and the 
United States in sanctions against China. We have done 
[5] Richard Stallman is the founder of the Free Software 
Foundation. He looks like a beggar. After he left China, 
the Chinese computer industry woke up and his 
importance to China. But it is already late, and for my 
software automation computer, I went to Changsha in 
2008 and they said that it would be acceptable for China 
[6] I started to engage in peace in North Korea from 
2008. In 2015, I bought a building and moved to Yanji. I 
lived in China and opened a US branch for the Korean 
Luoxian International Travel Service. 
RASONTOURS.COM. Because all the peace-loving 
comrades worked hard together, President Trump saw 
that Kim Jong-un could not It's so bad for their rumors.
[7] I also went to Japan many times, and bought the 
books written by their rightists as much as possible. 
Then I wrote my neutral opinion, and then sent the 
book to the famous right-wing unit, Tokyo Atami, 
Yasukuni Shrine, and APA hotels. After three months, 
Abe's visit to China made me feel that I was not doing it.  


细节可从 http://www.asiawithout.us 看到。有些根据【#】在以下补出:


1. 电脑的重要性:
      a. 软件自动化的潜力
      b. 硬件的必要性[2]
2. 电子通信的实际进入
      a. 从家庭到交通大学网路连接
      b. 从美国到中国资料电传
      c. 分发移动电话给重点工业【3】
      d. Sprint 拉Internet从香港到上海
3. 资助超级电脑团队到美国
      a. 不让他们再次仿造美国微超级电脑[4]
      b. 资助那位开放软件之父,Richard Stallman,去
      c. 免费从Silicon Graphics那里得到微超级电脑正中
      d. 引到中国去做Beowulf cluster  超级电脑(天河)
4. 重新介绍毛泽东和日本二战先烈的正确思想
      a. 促进中日韩统一
      b. 争取朝鲜和平【6】
      c. 推动中日友好【7】
      d. 写中英书集去设计把美国赶出亚洲
5. 提倡未来的文武双全的中国人
      a. 乓夫替代武功
      b. 电算盘弥补文化

6. 最后和最大的贡献可能就是发现那些被称为“汉奸”,“共匪” 和 “小日本鬼”的亚洲人其实是真的救星英雄。 反而那些涂抹它们的人是在帮助我们的西方敌人分裂和征服亚洲。 如果他们坚持对亚洲的这种背叛,在我提出真相历史之后,他们应该被视为亚洲的叛徒,或“亚奸”。  

 [1] 1980左右,蒋经国搞自强,美国暗地里科技制裁。
电脑,需要买一家IBM3033,结果美国禁运。 我就帮
台湾从日本买了一架Fujitsu M2000,因而破了美国制
后冲击是中国唯一剩下的长沙的超级电脑 团队,试图
intel I680 芯片。我把他们弄出国是停止再克隆美国电
[5]Richard Stallman 是 Free Software Foundation 的创
【6】我从2008 就开始搞朝鲜和平。2015年还买了楼
个美国分公司,RASONTOURS.COM.  因为所有爱好和
尽量的买回来看。 然后写的我的中立看法,之后 把
APA hotels.  凑巧三个月后,安倍访华,让我觉得没有