The US election has always been a mega-billion-dollar 
propaganda campaign. This is its most handy and 
monopolistic time for America to pave the way for a 
treacherous assault on some foreign rival nations for 
the next four years.

These rivals can only watch from the side and pray that 
the American people will rationally choose a president 
who would be good for all parties concerned. But in the 
last election, most people were greatly disappointed. It 
is only now that everyone is starting to figure out that 
America has fallen into an abyss of hostility, blaming all 
its own faults on other nations. Voters have become 
mobs. They wanted to choose a president that the rest 
of the world least wanted them to elect.

History has shown that the first term America chose 
such a president was to pave the way for something 
ominous. But if he is chosen again, it would either be a 
war, or some nations are going to be harassed bad.

What can we do?

It's high time that we must defend righteousness by 
raising the banner of peace and globalize America's 
presidential election in 2020.

We must put a bigger bet on peace than America on the 
election campaign gearing on hostilities and wars. It is 
also necessary to have the potential to make peace a 
chance that America can't stop.  It's a do-or-die time. Of 
course, there should also be something unexpected like 
in the Chinese historical episode, Goujian's Revenge.

Does mobism, hiding behind a mask of democracy, have 
not deceived us long enough? We must let this lynching 
mob see what true democracy is. It's all the people of 
the world coming together to vote!

Would that nullify the election?

Well, that might just be the result we most want, as 
that would put America in a situation that it would least 
able to make wars.