This "Four Defeats, Five Exercises" is a 
new version of the Chinses "Four Books 
and Five Classics". It is written with 
"computer intelligence".  Computer 
intelligence is invented for people to 
talk directly with computers by using 
human natural language.

On a computer, a computer program 
written in natural human language can 
analyze, predict, and execute the tasks 
it describes. These tasks range from the 
analysis of ping-pong matches to the 
design of space nuclear reactor for Star 

The "Four Defeats, Five Exercises" 
analyzes the history of Asia, especially 
the four major recent devastating 
defeats. Then it proceeds to predict the 
road to Asia's recovery. In the end, it 
explicitly specifies the steps to avoid 
the threat of humanity's 
self-destruction, and how to deal with 
it, as well as how human beings should 
face the impending impact of high 
technology and automation, to avoid 
the tragic transformation from being 
slaves to money to just accessories to 

The "Five Exercises" is to thoroughly 
exercise the brain and body to confront 
and enjoy the coming automation era. 
This implementation relies on 
"ROBACUS" and "pongfu".

"ROBACUS" is a computer operating 
system that uses computer intelligence 
as its intelligence engine to automate 
the computer. It is to inherit the Asia's 
tradition of "scholarship". The purpose 
is to make everyone capable of coping 
with the modern society with the 
ability for analysis, prediction and 
execution in order to make up for the 
deficiencies of the Four Books and Five 

The main use of ROBACUS lies in Asia's 
upper echelon of the feudalistic 
scholars for ruling the land by culture, 
toward reaching the peace and 
prosperity of Asia that it once enjoyed 
for thousands of years.

"Ponfu" is ping-pong kungfu. It will be 
used to, not only exercise the body, but 
more importantly to cultivate character. 
Just like the traditional kungfu in Asia, 
the concentration will be on reviving 
and maintaining the righteousness that 
once existed in the kungfu masters' 
land of "rivers and lakes" in the lower 
echelon of Asia society..

ROBACUS and pongfu will be 
integrated into the basic curricula of 
the schools, so that every "educated 
person" will possess both scholarship 
and kungfu abilities, thus be able to 
create an exciting future for himself.