From new confession by a reputable scientist in position of highest authority, we now know that exterretial aliens do exist.  And from DNA comparison between humans and monkeys, the only significant difference involves one chromoson in monkeys, that were cut up into two in humans.  This sets the record straight that we are genetically engineered.

Why, that makes it the closest thing to finding God!

No way, Jose!

The aliens don't even want to have anything to do with us.

Why?  They are lost, too!

Best guess is that they are our predecessors.  And they must have made mess of themselves, too.  Just look at from the little we know of them.  They are more machines than sensual beings.  They are so over-technologied that they must have squeezed all the fun out of life.  To them, we might just be the greatest show on universe and their sole purpose of existence is watching us, like incapcitated greatgrandparents.

What do they expect from us?  You got it! Find the way for us both.

So, lets do it!  I'll just get it started here. Everybody needs to come and chip in.

For a Chinaman like myself, "the way" is just the indigenous culture of taoism, as "tao" means exactly "way".  

Well, don't celebrate too soon.  The Book of Tao by Lao Zi actually has already proclaimed that the world is more "mysterious than mysterious", and there is no way we could find our way around.  In fact the taoists believe in "wu"(无), or "nothing".

So, that settles it.  Lao Zi has spoken:"You should stay lost."

But we can't do that, since we are soon to commit suicide.  And even if we could dodge this coming apocalyptic fate, our lives' meaning are fast fading away, possibly in the same way as those aliens in their time.  This is because humanity has just been led by the worst of assholes among us in the latest big shookup, punctuated by the two world wars.

The complacent major stakeholder China was hit by a huge dose of opium for a whole century.  And the rest of the world has been put under the influence of opioid of consumption, weapons, God, money, power, fame etc.  Oops, I miss the cant-go-wrong technology.

Ok, I got to go drill on my pingpong kungfu now.  You guys can continue.








他们对我们有什么期望?你猜对了-- 找回我们共同的自己道路。