America has been killing and preparing to do so since day one.  Granted, the four centuries of plague in their old European habitat have turned them into savages with a narrow aim to plunder the earth.  Although the new-found land of America has given them hope to rehabilitate, they only went halfway – learned to become the slickest forked-tongue that was necessary to pave the way for killing sprees and whitewash, or even glorify, the crimes afterward.

With the recent advances in weapons of mutual annihilation, any more killing will be one killing too many.  On the other hand, the Chinese initiative to link up the world with the Belt and Road offers a chance for world renew – toward cooperation.

So, would America continue their preparation to kill, or join China to start cooperating with the rest of the world?  

But on the practical side, it’s going to be nearly impossible for America to change.  The whole framework of lies and superstitions that the American leaders have created starting with its Constitution up to the two great successes of killing sprees in WWI AND WWII are not going away without a fight.  It might just be easier to blow it all away with WWIII, then negotiate some sense into the thoroughly indoctrinated American voting mob.

We cooperation minded people of the world, however, has no other options but make our pitch here for peace.  Let’s skip the part about the doomsday scenario and go right to the hard-to-swallow reality that America has to face, even if it decides not to change.

Thus far, America has had it easy and has been doing great by plundering on others.  While the word at home is about good deeds by the generous and peaceful, Godly Americans.  As a result, Americans have turned into a bunch of ignorant and good-for-nothing bullies that still believe: “America is No. 1”.

The huge national debt America has accumulated is evidence that Americans have been "fed" by rest of the world, especially the Asians, in particular China.  This debt is both a curse and a blessing.  

As a curse, it’s unrepayable by America, except with the good old WWIII. But, as a blessing, it gives a choice for the debtors, led by China, to forgive and, search into their self-sacrificing communist heart, to continue to feed.

I know this is also hard to swallow.  But this is doable!


从第一天开始,美国一直在杀戮并准备杀戮。当然,他们古老的欧洲栖息地的四个世纪的瘟疫已经把他们变成野蛮人,心存唯一的人生目标就是掠夺地球。虽然新发现的美国大地已经给了他们恢复成人类的希望,但他们只走了一半 - 学会了成为最狡猾的分叉口舌,这对杀戮做掩饰,甚至美化,是必要的。