China and Asia must move in the direction of most meritorious way. The feudal system sits at the top, and the kungfu masters guard from below. Though the people are ignorant, the emperor serves as a good role model. In the land of the rivers and lakes, righteousness is king.

China must lead the human race to believe in themselves, not in fictitious things like gods, devils and ghosts. Just look how beneficial it is to be self-independent:

We can choose our own way. We can assert men and women are different. Men need sex, women want love. The interaction between men and women must be cautious, cautious, and more cautious.

Men struggle for a career, women desires children, and any messing up might just lead to extinction.

The greatest mission of mankind is to improve the human lot and pass on from generations to generations. Good men want to be polygamous, especially the emperor must. Good women are most fulfilling in taking good care of children, especially the queen also must. The family must not ever be divided.

So, in Asia:

! Can't have a divorce!
! Can't have an abortion!
! Can't be gays!
! But one good men can take care of many women!

Men, who learned the Western way of exploiting others, love to play the field of easy women and don't want to be responsible. They dream of how good it would be if the women also love to play and are willing to share half, or even, the whole responsibility. 

So these men are the first to come out to support women's rights. As women gain rights, they become as aggressive as a man and lose their attraction to men. So, this type of men and women is also the first to come out supporting homosexuality. The human race therefore happily embarked on the dao to doomsday.

             CHINESE SOCIETY

Asia wants to rewrite the Asian history that the West has used deception and weapons to force us to accept. Even the language China uses to write history is the simplified Han characters, which is the trashed version of the full-body Chinese characters, all due to the West's influence. If the infection of West's barbarism is not removed, there is no dao leading to Asia revival.

If you want get on the dao to Asia revival, the first thing is to analyze Karl Marx closely and how he tried to destroy the Asian civilization. China needs to abandon Marxism, like the Soviet Union did, because Marxism is just the oligarchy of the poor. 

China adopted it, so now corruption is running rampart. The only way is to return to our own feudal system, in which the Emperor should be the lone oligarch -- one oligarch more is too many!

But the Jews are ever so treacherous. Marx and his cousins ​​Sassoons and Rothchilds hired the British navy and forced China to smoke a century of opium. Then they encouraged the Christian Taiping Heaven Kingdom to destroy China, which had been smouldered by opium.

When Marx later discovered that the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was too savage a bunch(typical of Christians), Marx began to preach that the Qing Dynasty was a foreign occupation. How dare he never mentioned that the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was Christian, a product of the Jews, specializing in genocides of non-Christians. This was the same case as no one mentioned that World War II in the Pacific was a battle of life and death between the Buddhists and Christians, whose root can be found as early as the mid seventeenth century.

Later, China's own despicable Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek also used Christianity as a leverage on America's military might, and overthrew the Qing Dynasty in the name of reinstalling the majority Han ethnics.

At last, it was the time-tested Chinese peasant liberation army and Mao Zedong's beggars guild that drove all the beasts in Western-styled fancy clothes and their running dogs out of mainland China. But Japan was knocked out by the number two Jew, Einstein's, atomic bombs, and can't get back up til now.

Therefore, China must abolish Marxism and the implementation of communistic (a better term is "public and meritorious")feudal system that has served China well for 5000 thousand years.

Also don't criticize Japan's fascist (family)ism which Japan practiced during the most desperate time of its existence. Instead, toward setting an example of cooperation for the world, China, Japan, South and North Koreas should united as a single family, which also is the only way to chase America out of Asia. 

In order to promote racial harmony, this new Asia family should let the smallest North Korea be the new spiritual leader, which is also what Japan owed to North and South Koreas. As long as China serves as the custodian of the military, everything will settle into their proper place.

We must also abandon the feeling of inferiority bestowed upon us by the West, and  return to the old traditional Chinese characters. We need to accept the fact that the traditional Chinese characters came out of the hands of our wiser and more capable ancestors. 

Externally, the world’s most outstanding new-comer Asian family must implement diplomacy based on righteousness. Internally, we must regard crime as the responsibility of the whole society, not that of any individual. And we must not use laws, but morality and education, to resolve the roots of the problem.

In order to promote the minimal equity between the rich and the poor, we must invite back the beggars guild, and we must pay proper respects to beggars, as well as teach children to be proud of being poor.

Good character should be of the highest priority for any individual, more so than talent. We thus should experiment using pongfu to measure a person's character. At schools, the pongfu skills should be more emphasized than academics.

The computer is the mother of future science and technology. Schools should use computers to teach mathematics so that children can see the practicality of software technology.

But more important than this, it is to change the way computers are used. It should not be used as an opioid, such as the cell phone, or as a tool for making money, such as stock trading. 

We should avoid wasting a lot of time learning computer software's rapid upgrades and replacements. The most effective way is to concentrate on directly improving the computer intelligence in the natural language programming program of the software automation package “ROBACUS”, and, in so doing, we should publicize all intellectual properties for all the people of the world.

中国和亚洲要从好的方向迈进。 封建上座, 武林下护。 百姓无知, 皇帝榜样。  江湖大地,道义为王。


我们可以选择自己的道。男女有别。  男人需性,女人要情。 男女关系必定要谨慎,谨慎,再谨慎。


人类最大使命是改良品种,和传宗接代。 好男人要多妻, 尤其是皇上。 好女人照顾好小孩, 尤其是皇后。 家庭绝不能分离。

所以, 在亚洲:


学会西方,会剥削他人,的男人,他们爱玩和不想负责任。 他们梦想着如果女人也一样爱玩和愿意负一半的责任,那可有多好。 因此他们是第一个出来拥护女权。 而女人一得权,变得跟男人一样强势,失去了对男性的吸引力,导至这类的男女也是第一出来拥护同性恋。 人类因此光荣地走上末日之道。


亚洲要重新反写西方用欺骗和武力逼我们接受的历史。 甚至连用来写历史的文字都是在他们影响下简化了后才用的。 如西方的野蛮感染不被除掉, 亚洲的复兴连门都没有。

如要正确走回复兴的道路上, 第一要彻底去重新看清卡尔马克思,用来灭掉亚洲文明的策略。 最先要像苏联一样抛弃马克思主义,因为它只是穷人的多寡头主义。中国采用了它,所以现在才有打不完的老虎和苍蝇。 唯一的办法是回到我们自己古老的单寡头主义 -- 皇帝制,那就是:一个寡头都不能多。

但他们犹太人是已经狡猾成性。马克思加上他的表兄弟 Sassoons 和 Rothchilds 是靠买下了英国海军,逼中国吃了一世纪的鸦片, 然后它鼓励了基督教的太平天国去毁掉已被鸦片熏倒的中国。 当他发觉太平天国太残暴了,他就开始鼓吹清朝是外族。  好一个从不题太平天国是,由犹太人发明的,专搞种族灭绝的基督教,就像后来日美的二战,也不题那是佛教和基督教,从1650年就开始的,生死之战。


最后还是考了中国古老的农民解放军和毛泽东丐帮的江湖道义,把所有的西方衣冠禽兽和他们的走狗赶出了中国大陆。 而日本是吃了,第二吧椅的犹太人,爱因斯坦,的原子弹,到现在还爬不起来。


也不要批评当时日本的法西斯(家庭)主义。  而, 为世界做个榜样,和日本,韩国跟朝鲜结为一家人,去赶美国出亚洲。  为促进种族和谐, 就让最小的朝鲜来当领导, 那也是日本欠朝鲜和韩国的。 只要中国抓住军权,一切都会到位的。

我们还要抛弃自卑感,要中日韩三国一起, 请回繁体汉字。 我们不得不承认,繁体字是比我们更高一等的古人所规划出来的产品。

对外,这个世界最出色的新亚洲大家庭要实行武侠外交。 对内,我们要把犯罪当作全社会的责任,不能用法律, 而是要靠道德和教育,来解决。


在做人方面,品格是最优先, 然后才是才能。 我们应试用乓夫来衡量一个人的品格。 所以在学校里, 乓夫运动将被比学业更被注重。

电脑将是未来的科技之母。 学校要以用电脑来教数学,以便孩子们可看到软件技术的实用性。

但比这更重要是要改变电脑的用途。 不能再让它为阿片类物质(opioid), 如手机,或用作赚钱的工具,如股票买卖。 我们也应该避免浪费大把时间在学习电脑软件加快速的改变。  最有效的做法就是,大家集中力量去直接改进在“电算盘”内的电脑智慧, 而此,公有化所有知识产权。