FEUDALISM VS. OPIUM                 

The ups and downs of China in the past two hundred 
years are all due to the devastating works of the Jewish 
opium. Overnight, the feudal system's prevalence of the 
past was smeared and corrupted by the Jewish top dog, 
Karl Marx and his cousins' opium. The great Empress 
Dowager Cixi's reputation was reduced to a corrupt 
leader, because, when she tried and almost succeeded 
in removing the opium from China, two traitors, both of 
whom got their starts to fame and power from opium 
trafficking, Sun Yat-sen(indirectly) and Chiang Kai-shek.  
In the end, Mao Zedong's team of peasants, who were 
too poor to be involved with opium, drove out all the 
opium traffickers and rebuilt China. Then Mao 
completely cut off the China's opium addiction and 
allowed China to rise.  But, to date, it has not been able 
to reach the splendor of the previous feudal era.

There is now a new opium in the world. The most 
typifying is the barbarism of the West. In its place of 
origin, the West, barbarism has substituted hard drugs 
and opioids, guns and excessive consumption.   In China, 
because of the lack of feudal restrictions, cigarettes and 
alcohol and other bad habits, including vainglorious 
material pursuits, have become the main pastime.  The 
Chinese are working hard to outdo the Westerners in 
their worshipping of barbarism. This is because the 
West has managed to demonize feudalism into a 
foregone conclusion.   We can only look forward to the 
"Dialogue of Asian Civilizations" that Xi Jinping has 
recently advocated to give the feudal system a chance 
to make a comeback.

石,给打断。 而最后还是靠毛泽东的,买不起鸦片的

主义。  在它的出原地,西方已以毒品,枪阶和消费