What America did to Japan to provoke WWII, was much 
more ruthless than what America is now doing to Iran 
and North Korea.
It is very likely that the next step is China. So we in Asia 
must face history again. That is, we need to decide 
whether to believe Mao Zedong or Chiang Kai-shek?
Mao actually didn't care much about whether we 
believe him or curse him. But Chiang would rather kill 
thousands to not let one slip through in order to shovel 
all his lies and fabrications down our throat. Of course, 
the reason he finally succeeded because his master, 
America regarded China and Asia as its colonies. It is 
important to note that the native residents of America's 
previous colony were wiped out by Americans.
Today our history is left to us by Chiang Kai-shek and 
America. If we still believe in these liars and murderers, 
it's equivalent to retaining the status quo, which is the 
oppression and division of Asia by America.
On the other hand, Mao Zedong was too busy to save 
China and Asia to worry about history, and even put the 
culture on hold, plus never mind what other people 
think. But that doesn't mean we don't have to think out 
hard what he really thought.
In fact, his thinking is very simple and typical of a real 
Asian. That is, we must get rid of the history that 
America and Chiang Kai-shek have forged, and instead 
use him and Japan as role model for their sacrifices for 
Asia to unite Asia in dealing with America. We must 
therefore set out to start anew for Asia's renaissance by 
recovering our time-tested feudal system.