Some people discovered that the earth was round.  
Later, some people said that it was flat. In truth, it was 
alive. Things alive can die.
The earth was destroyed once, that time it's the work of 
heaven, but next time it will be that of man.
The last time, the earth nurtured the magnificent 
dragons known as the dinosaurs.  All of them were 
wiped out by a meteor coming from the sky.
Although the dragons are dead, their souls remain.
This time, the earth is nurturing humans. One species of 
humans inherited the sacred souls of the dragons. 
Another species of human wanted to start afresh on 
their own.
The first species, who proclaimed itself to be "the 
descendants of the dragon", chose to let the sacred soul 
of the dragon guide them to coexist peacefully in the 
land of the East.
The other species, in the West, chose to make it on their 
own. In order to survive, everyone had to struggle or be 
eliminated.  In preempting their fellow humans, they 
have repeatedly tried to create a "God" figure that all 
things have to submit to.
They neglected that the earth is alive. The earth is our 
ancestor.  It's the tradition to pass on from generation 
to generation. And it's our duty to protect the earth. In 
the end, the dragon's descendants inherited the 
dragon's soul to create the longest lasting, the most 
prosperous, as well as the most powerful, paradise on 
earth. They coexisted with each other on a land of 
harmony and benevolence. Therefore, the neighboring 
descendants of the dragons are continuously coming 
and joining them and, together, they tried to spread the 
benefits over the entire earth.
But in recent years, the believers of God have struggled 
and competed to the point of eliminating their own 
mother planet, the earth. The earth had to howl to the 
descendants of the dragon to save her.
This is the actual situation.
There is a small race of humans that has abandoned the 
inheritance of the earth and the dragon. In order to 
dominate the earth, they claimed to be the "God 
chosen" race. To control other races, they also created 
many "believers of the Son of God."  The mission of 
these believers is to demand that everyone must 
believe in God. If you don't believe, you have to go to 
hell - either after death, or by their hands.
About four hundred years ago, "Dragon man" and "God 
man" finally met. The excellence exhibited by the 
Dragon man made the God man doubt the superiority 
of God whom they have always worshipped. Even 
suspect that the Dragon man is God, or, even more 
horrible to imagine, that the Dragon man might be 
some super God. 
Unknown to the God man, the fact is that their 
thoughts were exactly that of the Dragon man.  In the 
land of East, the Dragon man passes down from 
generation to generation in the expectation that their 
offspring would go above and beyond all that in the 
No way, this can be!  Thereafter, God man started 
aggression toward two faces and three lands - two 
faces are the faces of Chinese and Japanese, and three 
lands are China, Japan and the whole earth.
That time, two hundred years ago, China was the big 
brother on earth, and Japan was just the little brother.  
So, the God man has to start operate on the big brother, 
thinking one done, the little brother would follow suit.
They used opium.  As opium corrupted the vast land of 
China, they announced to the world that China was a 
land of devils, and only God could save China.
Therefore, a bunch of the most opportunistic Chinese 
were brainwashed to become God's death-defying 
squadrons, that beat up the civil and opium'ed Dragon 
man to half dead. Then, directly from the West, an 
eight-nation God's coalition force thoroughly beat China 
to whole dead.
That time, it's fortunate that little brother Japan also 
got dragged into the eight nation God's coalition.  But 
incidentally, two hundred years ago, little brother had 
already found out that God was the really the devil 
itself. Furthermore, Japan's Dragon man has already 
cleaned up all the God's devils that infiltrated into 
Japan's homeland.
This eight nation God coalition's trampling on the holy 
ground of China, in a manner worse than even the very 
devil was capable, not only failed to make Japan follow 
suit to the God's way, but frightened Japan into an 
utterly anti-God little dragon, sworn to give life to save 
the Dragon man that were on the verge of being 
exterminated, along with mother earth.  Little dragon, 
thus, single-handedly challenged the God's army, but, at 
last, gallantly sacrificed itself.
Of course, the big dragon must also save himself by 
resisting Godman's aggression.  It was the last-ditch aid 
from the little dragon, that helped the big dragon kick 
all the God man out of China mainland.  But no one was 
able to save the little dragon. 
Today, God man's representative, America, suppressed 
Japan on Asia's outlaying islands, and continued to do 
serial military exercises aimed at invading the land of 
Dragon.  Now, the final battle between Dragon and God 
is right in front of us.  But the modern weapons of mass 
destruction would destroy earth in such a battle.
Earth is thus howling "Help!"
Actually, earth's call is aimed at the Dragon man, to 
wake them up to the true history of the dragon, which 
has been overshadowed by the history of God.  The God 
man's aim is to hide the truth about how the little 
dragon Japan's valiant effort to save China.  They want 
to divide China and Japan, so that God man would once 
again beat up the Dragon man.
Now the greatest risk for the Dragon man is that many 
of the remnant of God man are still backed by 
America's military and the financial bankrolls that they 
looted from China during the previous struggle.  They 
have also targeted for unrelenting smear the two most 
outstanding heroes of the Dragon man - the Chinese 
communists and the Japanese Asia liberation leaders.
These anti-dragon remnant's predecessors have once 
before benefitted from America's use of two atomic 
bomb on Japan.  So just by hiding inside rugged 
mountain regions, they were able to claim credit for the 
victory over Japan.
Now, today on a little off-shore island of China, they are 
still hoping and waiting for the same thing - America's 
throwing a few more atomic bombs into China and 
another victory will fall from the sky.
But our mother earth is howling to us, "Don't believe 
America and its remnants' lies aimed at dividing Asia!  
Chinese communists and Japan's leaders are forever 
dragon brothers, and if brothers failed to unite, we 
would again lose to America."
But what's even more important is that if fighting really 
initiated, it would kill earth, too.  Therefore, we must 
win by not fighting.  That is, we must not only united 
China and Japan, but also divide America.  At least, we 
must cause enough division in America that would 
make it not dare to initiate the war.
Ok, that's my story.  Go do what you think is best.