China’s “anti-Japanese” war of the past, was the “anti-China” war of Hong Kong today. In the past, Japan was confronting America and China. Today, Hong Kong is struggling against the America and the Britain. But Japan did not have any backing in the past, and today Hong Kong has China's backing. So today, we must not only save Hong Kong, but also face the truth on Asian history regarding Japan. We have to correct history and wake up to the fact that America did not salvage us from Japan, but rather Japan and Mao Zedong did liberated Asia. Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang was the mob of Hong Kong today!

Moreover, today's trade war between China, America, and Japan and South Korea is a product of Western barbarism. The West wants to drag us and the world down to the gutter as they did in wwii, with its superiorities in armament, propaganda and monetary. We can't fall into their trap. We must unite our Asian brothers' Japan and South Korea with the traditional culture of "Asia is family", and utilize our latest breakthroughs in computer and communication, together with our secret weapon of "ROBACUS" in software automation.  Even though, the trade war is the big hit today, we need to focus and win the technology war, which, though, is only a sideshow, but don't you know why Trump got his teeth on it so hard? 

It’s time to wake up from this 200-year long nightmare.

当年中国的“抗日“是今天香港的”抗中“。当年日本要对抗的是美国和中国。 今天香港要对抗的是美国和英国。 但当年日本没有任何后盾,而今天香港有中国做后盾。 所以我们今天,不但要解救香港,而且要平反日本。但最重要的是,我们要纠正历史,彻底醒来:美国从来没有救过我们,而是日本和毛泽东解放了亚洲。当年蒋介石的国民党就是今天香港的暴民!

而且,今天的中美和日韩的贸易战是西方野蛮主义的产品。西方想以军备,宣传和金融的优势把我们和世界拖垮就像在二战。 我们不能陷入他们的陷阱。 我们要以“亚洲一家人“的传统文化去团结我们亚洲兄弟的日本和韩国,和以我们共同近来突破的电脑和网路上的成就, 加上”电算盘“软件自动化的秘密武器,一口气打赢哪场,虽不起眼,但川普死咬不放的,科技大战。