When I tried to get out of the bed this morning, I felt that something was wrong and I wanted to vomit. Immediately I tried to rushed to the bathroom, afraid to throw up on the bed.
I couldn't get up, my left foot couldn't find the floor, I used my right foot to help, and found that it was “not there”. I could only use my right hand to grab the table next to the bed. It didn't work. I had to turn my back into the wall, and then I realized that I was about to faint.
Struggling to maintain awake, holding onto the wall and struggled into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and sighing. My body want but wont vomit. Then after climbing back to a sofa and laid there for three hours, I finally vomit five times. After a while, I burped a few time, which made me feel much better. I slept for four more hours in semi-coma.
After I got up, I thought I would like to make up for something I owed nature. After eating a cup of goat milk, bananas, bread and fruit last night, I should go outside to take a walk. But before doing that, I decided to write this analysis first.
Yesterday, by some people's urging, I went to test out my pongfu, or ping-pong kungfu, that I have invented and drilled for five years all by myself, without interacting and feedback from the outside world. I was quite satisfied with the test, but I feel extreme stressed out from the playing because of the constant need to suppress the wrong style of playing of the past.
After going home, eating something, I felt I have been over-stressed today and it was time to go to sleep. So, I finally violated the ban by nature that says: elderly people with stomach problems should not go directly to sleep after eating, without first going for a walk.
However, this is not the reason why I actually wrote this article. My reason is that it makes me see the power of nature, especially regarding to my development of pongfu.  In particular, just before I realized that I was going to faint, the most horrible thought was : my pongfu is finished!
My present pongfu stroke requires a left to right, round-trip swing. That goes against the ups and downs that nature dictates to be easier, especially on the brain. That extra strain on the brain is probably also contributed to my fainting.
Since then, I have changed the pongfu strokes in term of the paddle motions from: flip lift … turn slam chop to lift flip … slam turn chop, realizing the left to right, flip and turn is more laborious than the up and down, lift and slam.
Let me go try it, after I take a walk to the top of the mountain.
In the end, I must add one more pointer: every such revelation, that I must have had more than a thousand times, is the last straw for the success of pongfu.
今天早上一起床,就觉得不对劲,想吐。 马上冲向浴室,怕吐在床上。
挣扎维持一丝清醒,扶着墙进入浴室,坐在马桶上叹气。想吐又不能。爬回沙发躺了三小时,结果终于吐了小小的三五次,再过一阵子,打了两个嗝,感觉好多了。 再半昏迷地睡了四小时。
昨天,照着有人的劝导,去试探一下我独自五年自己一个人苦练后的乓夫,或乒乓功夫。 还蛮满意,但感到极度的压力,由于不断地需要压制以前习惯的错误打法。
从此我改变了乓夫的招数指令从:翻提…转砍削, 到:提翻…砍转削。 注重左右“翻转”比上下“提砍“要来的费力。