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"China as a civilizational state" is right!

"And if discussions of the Western nature of human rights aren’t about culture, then what are they about at all?"

Answer: They are to white-wash human wrongs by themselves.

"Cultural unity makes strong societies; cultural diversity is corrosive. For evidence of such views, look no further than Brexit, U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign, Russian irredentism, and Confucian nationalism in China."

Right again!

"How can “regions with such divergent cultures, histories, and traditional theories of order vindicate the legitimacy of any common system?” Kissinger asked in his book World Order."

Solution: Cultural unification, with minority rule and majority military control.

I have to add my thoughts here, especially after seeing the name of the author: CHRISTIAN REUS.  Any culture, that is based on some fictitious entity like God, is not human culture -- rather, must be some form of animal instinct.  And to godly lost souls, "international relations" is simply an arms race to blow up the human civilization, and culture.


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我必须在这里添加我的想法,特别是在看到作者的名字后:CHRISTIAN(基督) REUS。任何基于像上帝这样的虚构实体的文化都不是人类文化 - 相对,必须是某种形式的动物野性。对于信神失去灵魂的人来说,“国际关系”只不过是一场炸毁人类文明和文化的军备竞赛。