My conclusion is: Trump started it, but made perfectly 
clear that he has nothing to do with it, and act it, until 
the market crashed on him.
The evidences for crosschecking the origin of the 
conoravirus pandemic are presented below.  I am still 
looking for an assistant in the dissemination of the 
evidences.  The first job of the assistant is to translate 
the concluding utube video into English.  I shall keep 
on working on it until, his conscience wakes up and 
relieve me by picking up the rest of the work.
Wyn, Yew, Hugh, John...any taker?
"""Dr. Li Wenliang is a martyr. It remains to be seen, however, how far 
the shadow of Dr. Li's martyrdom will be cast."""

"""The Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, 
acknowledged on Feb. 9 on CBS's Face the Nation that there is no 
certainty about the origins of COVID-19. When asked by CBS's Margaret 
Brennan where the virus came from, the Chinese Ambassador responded, 
"We still don't know yet.""""
"""Did the Chinese communist government have a role in creating 
COVID-19 either purposely or inadvertently? What did the Chinese 
government know when did its leadership know it?"""
"""The conscientious portion of humanity, many of whose members have 
done independent homework of their own on the events of 9/11, will well 
understand the importance of identifying the actual originating source of 
the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic.""""
I have lived the 911 from seeing how America compel the muslims to make 
the plunge after unleashing Israel on the palestinees and then 
u.s./Britain/Israel walked out the un conference on races on 9/1/2001 so 
they don't have to listen their cries.  I was screaming "bloody murder" on 
the asiaweekly forum, until 911 hit.  Seeing how America got spanked as I 
have warned for their mischieves, the redneck americans on the forum 
came in with death and bomb threats to terrorized to forum to self abort.  
Case closed!
"""Such basic questions have yet to be 
objectively considered by a panel of 
genuinely independent experts not 
beholden to any centers of established 
authority, funding, publicity and 
political networking."""
Count me in!
"""Yet another possibility is that the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is 
part of some agenda of "hybrid warfare" by the US government against 
China. Speculation surrounding this scenario emphasizes that hundreds of 
US soldiers were in Wuhan in late October of 2019 for the World Military 
Here is the smoking-gun that, if truth, nails this theory:
it basically said that 5 members of the u.s. team brought the virus to the 7th military game in 
wuhan, and then got sick and died after being brought back to America. 
"""The fact that ground zero of the Novel Coronavirus is Wuhan, home 
of China's newest and most sophisticated microbiology laboratory, 
naturally casts a shadow of doubt over narratives minimizing the role 
of human agency in creating the new strain of Coronavirus."""
"""How tight is the relationship between the WHO and the Chinese 
Communist Party?"""
"""The Chinese strategy for achieving traction in this competitive 
milieu is to apply breakthroughs in digital computation and 
communications. The strategy is to integrate innovations in Artificial 
Intelligence, AI, with cutting edge developments in biotechnology. This 
methodology is understood by some Chinese students of geopolitics as 
integral to the military process of "preparing a new domain for warfare.""" 
the new CHINA BRAIN backed by ROBACUS will save this guy from keeping 
on arguing for America's trumpidity.

Here's more lies about china that really applies to a tee for America:

And the following materials that I should let them all fight it out in your 
brain, so, at least, should u become a victim of covet-19, u ll know what hit 
u, maybe.