No matter how other planets do, the earth must be a 
public world based on merits.
We have tried communism, but the capitalists, who like 
to exploit others, have been threatening us with 
Ok, now the mass is being slave-driven by the capitalists 
like cattle and a sheep, enabling the world to progress 
to an era of automation. Now even the cattle and sheep 
have lost their reason for existence, and are facing the 
fate of being slaughtered.
Those greedy capitalists also use wars and money to 
exploit other countries. The bullying trade wars and 
illegal sanctions were not enough. They were so stupid 
that they even went after the top scientists of rival 
countries, to smother their contributions to the world. 
The Earth itself is now also facing a crisis of being blown 
up by something called "trumpidity".
All the oppressed masses and the hunted scientists 
must stand up and save themselves.
We must make automation public.
We must remove and replace those idiotic and barbaric 
capitalist leaders with the best talents in the world.
The world must be made public and meritocratic, letting 
leaders of good characters to bring fairness to all, and 
let all the people of the whole world to share the fruits 
of automation.
The above mission would not be possible before. But 
now that we have ROBACUS and pongfu, we can do it.