5G and speed trains are only possible under communism and centralized planning dictatorship.  both 
technologies thrived when everything capitalistic were ignored.  huawei operated like the beggar's 
guild and china's central government is in the business of fast trains.
In fact, my own company, EECCL, energy engineering computer lab, practiced what huawei did, and 
much more.  We just put all the employees' name in the company bank accounts.  Aisans liked it, but 
americans kept on emptying the accounts.  And cia/fbi/livermore lab investigation completely got lost 
tracking in their money trail, open the way for us to break 2 of the america's disastrous sanctions.
for all doubters of the above view, they ll be hit harder soon with the coming age of automation.  here 
communists and dictatorship of the public will be the only option to sustain our civilization.
it's a pity that all these future developments are sure give all the faithfuls of capitalism, democracy and 
god unbearable amounts of insecurity.
If trump doesn't like socialism, he should try communism - the only way to catch up with china's fast 
trains and huawei's 5G, soon to be 6G.