You can't fool all the people all the time。。。 There is not free lunch.  That's why we all just keep on trying.
In free lunch, we know it does not exist.  But the cost 
could be shift to others, that's why the debts of evil 
deeds have piled up to the point that it would take a 
doomsday war to get the score settled.
Among the most tantalizing of such a free lunch is 
Christianity.  Let me see if I could just make a case on 
behalf of all its victims to plead with the Christians that 
they could "believe in Christianity at they own cost".  
To do that, we need to say a few words about 
Christianity in order to dispel all the possibility that 
there are some superstitious entities, such as Jesus 
Christ and God, who would bear the costs in their evil 
deeds.  We need to go through some of the causes and 
effects of Christianity that make it just another segment 
of human history, rather than a divine diversion that 
would require the most powerful weapons to defend it.
Let's start with the saga of Jesus.  Do you know that in 
his time, there was this law that required the killing of 
the first born?  No, I'm not talking about the 
superstitious evil king, worrying about the birth of some 
new king to replace him.  I am talking about the low 
sexual morality of the time that resulted in the 
suspicion that the first born being a bastard.
So, here we have this super-intelligent kid, stuck with a 
promiscuous and rebellious teenage mom, who could 
not quite make out who's the biological dad of the kid.  
What was anyone in his situation to do?  
Well, since he's already a potent candidate for the kill-
first-born law, why not just go all the way and make up 
a story that would match the torment awaiting him.  
The story wound up so unbelievable that it was 
believed as a powerful tool to exploit those who missed 
it altogether, or unlucky enough to suffer a tragedy that 
could easily be blamed on the wrath of God.
The former are the Asians.  And the latter were the 
victims of the Black Plague that infested the West for 
four centuries, whose longevity, ironically, could be 
best attribute to the superstition of Christianity.
Then there were numerous Christian Crusades that 
were genocidal in scope around the world in history, 
aimed at nonbelievers, whose mostly of the Islamic 
faith.  Today, the world is waiting to pay the cost in the 
form of Armageddon or a doomsday showdown 
revenge by the Asians.
Is there anyone still reading this waste-of-time writeup?