Was Sun a traitor?  No, but he sure 
tried.  He was so inept that he didn't 
make it.  Nevertheless, that's when he 
was alive. 
After he died, Sun's corpse actually 
made big time that it has become the 
spiritual foundation for China's 
separatists' movement to date.
Sun Yat-sen whole sold out China, in 
land, culture and tradition, to the West.  
He first verbally destroyed the Qing 
Dynasty, thus, leaving China as a 
governmentless and lawless land of 
warlords, who were all backed by 
Western powers. He himself solely 
belonged to America.
Sun's revolution was really a non-event.  
It's more a violation of Asia's highest 
morality -- loyalty to the country.
Anyway, the real situation at the time 
was China was already fatally wounded 
by the Opium Wars and the domestic 
Christian crusade, Taiping Rebellion, 
initiated,respectively, by the Jews and 
the "brother" of Jesus. 
Specifically, it was the "God chosen" Jews and 
the younger brother of Jesus, who had been sent 
by God to rid China of the "devils", including, 
what the West considered, the "corrupt" Qing 
government and"backward" Confucian culture.

The Taiping Rebels sought to upend the 
moral and social order of China.  In the 
glory of God, Taiping Rebellion got itself 
ranked as one of the bloodiest wars in 
human history, the bloodiest civil war, 
and the largest conflict of the 19th 
century, with estimates of the war dead 
ranging from 20-70 million to as high as 
100 million, with millions more 
displaced.  Who but the Christians...!
The Taipings captured the city of Nanjing 
and their leader declared it the Heavenly 
Capital of his kingdom.  Ever since then, 
Nanjing has become the incubating 
crucible for anti-China Christian 
These activities include being the capital 
of Sun and Chiang's Christian puppet 
government, all the way to today's sites 
for Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and the 
anti-Asia, pro-Christian Nanking 
Massacre Museum, on whose ground a 
huge Christian cross stabbed right into 
the heart of China.
Sun and Chiang actually considered 
themselves as the successors of Taiping 
Christian leaders.  And these two 
clowns were just as hypocritical and 
immoral as the leaders of the Taiping 

Even though polygamy was banned, the 
leader Hong Xiuquan had numerous 
concubines and frequently mistreated 
them.  Many high-ranking Taiping 
officials kept concubines as a matter of 
prerogative, and lived as de facto kings.
The Taiping Rebellion was a total war. 
Almost every citizen of the Taiping 
Heavenly Kingdom was given military 
training and conscripted into the army to 
fight against Qing imperial forces.
This type of arrangement is only possible 
with an all-Christian government, such 
as the one when America was founded.  
Such military camp of a nation was the 
first step humanity takes toward its 
Well, it surely almost doomed China if 
not for the gallant and loyal Han general, 
Zeng Guofan.  Zeng and many of his 
protégés, such as Li Hongzhang and Zuo 
Zongtang, were celebrated as Han-ethnic 
saviors of the Qing Dynasty and became 
the most powerful men in late 19th 
century China.

By the time Sun started the revolution, 
Empress Cixi had already passed all her 
power to the Han generals.  And when 
Sun tried to persuade the generals to 
join the revolution, they simply saw 
nothing to revolt against, especially after 
Cixi died and there was no heir apparent 
to the throne, except a subordinate 
general with dubious characters, named 
Yuan Shi-kai. 
Finally Sun bribed Yuan to be the head 
of the new revolutionary government to 
make things to look not so non-event.  
But Yuan died away shortly after 
ascending himself to the throne. This 
supposed harmless non-event 
blossomed into the greatest tragedy in 
the annals of human history.
And Sun and Chiang's crime of treason 
was in the manifestation of this tragedy.
After the one-two punch of the two 
Opium Wars and Taiping Rebellion, the 
nails on the coffin were the 8-Nation 
Coalition's invasion in China around 
By ways of the General Zeng's Han 
ethnics army, the Boxer Rebels, and 
finally Mao Zedong's peasant liberation 
troops, China reemerged from the 
Jewish opium holocaust and Taiping 
Rebellion's Christian Crusade only to run 
into the 38 years of Sam Ba Living Hell 
courtesy of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang 
It's unfortunate for China that Taiping 
Rebellion provided inspiration to Sun 
Yat-sen and other future revolutionaries, 
with some surviving Taiping veterans 
even joining the Sun's killing of China.
Although Sun was absent and only found 
out about the first successful 
revolutionary battle in some American 
newspaper when abroad, he 
shamelessly claimed the credit for the 
revolution and immediately got down to 
his handy destructive feats.
After successfully bringing down the 
number one morality of loyalty to the 
country, Sun went after the second 
highest morality of filial piety.
He ordered all the Chinese to cut their 
long hairs.  But the reason the hairs 
were kept long was supposed to be a 
gesture of respect to the parents, as 
hairs were given to them by the parents.
Not satisfied with just fatally damaging 
Chinese morality and tradition, Sun 
wanted to ruin China's culture by way of 
altering Chinese history.  He openly lied 
to the Chinese people, who at the time 
was suffering from Western devastation, 
that they have lived the same way in 
slavery for 5000 years.
So he proudly, on behalf of his new 
Western masters, changed the Chinese 
calendar from the year of 4533 to 1911. 
In his eagerness to cut China off from 
her root, Sun took 2622 years off 
Chinese civilization.
Sun and Chiang demonized China to 
such a despicable state, at home and 
abroad, in the forms of distorted 
historical documents, that at the end of 
their 38 years of brainwashing, China did 
become backward and corrupt in most 
people's minds.
And they arranged for Christian charities 
to use their opium profits to create 80% 
of the institutes of higher learning in 
China to indoctrinate Chinese youths in 
these Anti-Chinese materials.
Today, so much of these distorted 
information were deeply imbedded in 
people's minds that China must take 
measure to restrict freedom of 
information and speech in order to save 
itself an insurmountable amount of 
hassle to clean up the mess.
After Chiang took over from Sun, Chiang 
installed in China a rule of terror by 
killing communists and oppressing the 
poor farmers and workers, while 
protecting the interests of the Western 
And after the Xian Mutiny in 1936, 
Chiang placed his entire attention on 
personal vengeance for the humiliation 
he suffered at hands of Chinese patriots, 
though in the Mutiny, Chiang promised 
to fight the Japanese instead of killing 
American military consultants, who were 
sent to China along with billions of 
dollars of military aids, considered 
Chiang a nitwit in military strategy 
against the intended enemy Japan.  But 
little did they know that his real 
adversary was not Japan, but the 
Chinese people.
Throughout the WWII, Chiang was never 
"resisting Japan" as history recorded, but 
he was in reality "supporting the West to 
resist Asia." 
And in his private time since Xian Mutiny, 
Chiang shifted his focus from 
exterminating the communists to killing 
as many Chinese as possible.
The fabricated Nanking Massacre, the 
Yellow River Flood that immediately 
followed and the Changsha Fire were 
Chiang's attempts to maximize his killing 
of Chinese people.
The most laughable mission America 
paid Chiang to do was the Southeast 
Asia Expeditionary Force, dispatched by 
Chiang to fight the Japanese troops 
there.  The urgent task was to rescue 
the British colonists in Thailand and 
Burma.  But Britain was the very 
country that forced opium down China's 
The issue of opium had been central to 
China's survival.  Chiang, with help 
from Sun's non-revolution, revived the 
opium culture in China.  And this is 
where the crime of treason of Sun and 
Chiang would be confirmed, as it 
showed that they sacrificed the welfare 
of China for personal gains.
The Qing Dynasty, on the other hand, 
started an anti-opium campaign even in 
its dying days.  An estimate of domestic 
production in China fell from 35,000 
metric tons in 1906 to 4,000 metric tons 
in 1911. 
By the same year, the combination of 
foreign and domestic efforts proved 
largely successful, but the fall of the 
Qing government in 1911 effectively 
meant the end of the anti-opium 
Local and provincial governments 
quickly turned back to opium as a source 
of revenue, and foreign governments no 
longer felt obliged to continue their 
efforts to eliminate the trade.
The fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, or 
more exactly, the "broadcast" by Sun of 
the "fall", led to resurgence in domestic 
During Chiang's rule over the Republic of 
China, opium trafficking was used for 
funds by Chiang Kai-shek.  Chiang's 
main contribution was to grow opium in 
the remote areas around Chongqing.
The Mao Zedong government was 
credited with eradicating both 
consumption and production of opium 
during the 1950s using unrestrained 
repression and social reform.
Here it should be clear now: Who were 
the traitors of China, and who were the 
There was a highly respected 
contemporary Chinese scholar 
commented on Wang Jing-wei, who was 
designated by Chiang as the number one 
traitor, but, in truth, he was a savior.  
The scholar expressed the view that 
even if a person had high morality, he 
might still end up a traitor to the country. 
This kind of comments of the time even 
justified Chiang to take extreme 
measures to dig out Wang from his 
fortified tomb.
So what should we do with these two 
immoral traitors, who openly promoted 
Chinese traditional morality, but 
secretively violate it and wanted to 
replace it with Western barbarism?
Besides of the above-mentioned crimes 
of private vengeance, their most 
unforgivable crime was planting the 
seeds of anti-Asian sentiments home 
and abroad.  Even today, their heritage 
in Taiwan is making the island an 
outpost fortress for America's continued 
aggression toward Asia.
We must not let them dwarf the Chinese 
nation, and also make the Chinese 
people, like them, to worship of Western 
culture and the Christian God.
Asia would never be able to exonerate 
itself from past smear and regain its 
former glory, now that the fake history 
they forced down on us had many 
associated memorial monuments built 
to perpetuate the lies. 
So we might just have to do some name 
changes of monuments, memorials and 
mausoleums as well and serious grave 
Let's get to work!