Can North and South Koreas reunify?  Can China and 
Taiwan reunify?  Can Japan make itself a normal 
If every country tries to do it on its own, it cannot be 
done.  But if the three countries all come together, 
they can definitely do it.
Yes, people of the three countries and five lands would 
not want the countries to "come together".  Their 
leaders are too busy to worry about difficult problems 
at hand.  They have no time to worry about this kind 
of issues.
So here, we can only let these four books to volunteer 
some thoughts to help resolve the issue.

The first book, "GIVE US BACK OUR HISTORY!", is there 
to ask all Asians to face history together, rather than 
each insisting on their own point of views separately.

The second book, "GIVE US BACK OUR PEACE!",  is 
there to show how, once we agreed on a unified Asia 
history, we can bring peace back to Asia.

The third book, "GIVE US BACK OUR CULTURE!", is there 
to remind us how the West has forced us to give up our 
culture, and how we must relearn and appreciate its 
merits, because we must not desecrate the sacrifices 
and expectations of our ancestors.

The fourth book, "AN ASIA WITHOUT AMERICA" is how 
to get America out of Asia on 10/1/2020 using the 
method of Goujian's Revenge.
Our goal is:
Through cultural revival, this new Asia Family of China, 
Japan and Korea should let the cultural-rich minority 
country of Korea to rule, taking the lesson from the 
great Qing Dynasty.  The high-living-standard Japanese 
should use technology and sports to make sure that no 
one is left behind, in living a comfortable and happy life 
style.  And the resource rich China should let all the 
members of the Asia Family share China's vast 
resources and markets, to recover every inch of 
territory that we lost after the Qing Dynasty and forever 
henceforth preserve Asia's past splendor.
A great goal will always have a great obstacle. The obstacle is 
how to chase Asia's biggest enemy, America, out of Asia. In 
the next two years, if we want to achieve this, we must turn 
the current pile of loose sand into an iron fist that can strike at 
any moment. And it would be coincidently on the same day of 
the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, respectively 
representing national pride and family unity.  Let's make it 
October 1st, 2020, as the Day of Reckoning for America to 
leave Asia while it still can. 
It's all explained in the books.