China is a pile of mess. Who caused it? Mao 

China used to be a living hell on earth. Who 
saved it? Mao Zedong.

What kind of person would think of using a pile 
of mess to replace a living hell on earth? No one 
would be able to understand him, unless he is 
also a crazy person.  Let me give it a try.

I have been racing against a supercomputer for 
30 years. Once broke the US sanctions to save 
Taiwan's technology. Then again broke the US 
sanctions against China to help China stop 
copying America and surpass America to build 
the world's fastest computer. Later, gave up 
science and went to train in pingpong aiming at 
playing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at the age 
of 77. I wrote several books on why and how 
Asia could put America back in its place on 
October 1, 2020.

Is it crazy enough? So let me try to understand 
the super crazy person here, see what kind of 
snake oil he is selling in the gourd?

In fact, I have been a faithful follower of Mao 
Zedong in recent years. I can't believe that 
someone was crazier than me. However, most 
crazy persons, like me, are selfish, but he offered 
his life for his country. Mao Zedong was a great 
man among the great men. I vowed to find out 
how great he was.

Really great men in the world, such as Qin 
Shihuang, Laozi and Confucius, often started 
careers as low life bums or evil tyrants, as their 
greatness is to be for the long-lasting future. 
They are just paving the way for future 
generations to put the world on a path of hope. 
So we have to discover the road that Mao 
Zedong paved for us, and the bright future that 
he had reserved for us.

Why was Mao Zedong not like the ordinary 
Chinese, not hostile to Japan, even during the 
"War of Resistance" against Japan? He even 
reprimanded General Peng Dehuai for his 
frontal assault on the Japanese army, claiming 
"that is Chiang Kai-shek's private war?" Later, he 
gave favorable treatments to the captive 
Japanese soldiers, letting them help improve the 
artillery weapons Mao received from the 
surrendering Japanese and teach his peasant 
troop to fly planes in order to dominate the sky 
in the Korea War. Then later when the Japanese 
Prime Minister visited China to offer their 
apology to China, Mao, instead, told them that 
China should thank them. Finally, at the time of 
his death, Mao used his final ounce of strength 
to knock on wood three times to indicate his 
strong concern in the ongoing Japanese Prime 
Minister, Miki's, or "three wood", election?

Mao Zedong wanted to save not just China but 
also Asia. The wish he expressed to us was that 
Asia must be united. The alliance of China, Japan 
and Korea is the only hope for world peace.

Mao Zedong did not like the Four Books and 
Five Classics which collectively represented 
China core culture, but liked to play hookies, 
become a beggar, and carry on guerrilla warfare. 
He eventually used the Cultural Revolution to 
purge many learned scholars, especially those 
having been brained by the West.

But for Confucius scholars, Mao could only say: 
"China cannot sacrifice the big for the small." 
The small is the ancient culture of China, and the 
big is the demise China is facing. So Mao saved 
the "big" China, and we have to save the "smal" 
culture. That is, wait after we save Asia first.  So 
Mao's second directive to us is culture revival.

Mao Zedong is famous for loving Africa. He also 
defended injustice to his Muslim brothers and 
had a soft spot for pro-China countries in 
Eastern Europe. Of course, for China's own Asian 
brothers, North Korea and Vietnam, he was 
willing to risk China's own life to fight America. 
He believed: All under heaven is a family.

This is my personal understanding of Mao 
Zedong. So I had to personally write a box of 
books to explain my views. Of course, a crazy 
person will certainly go to distance to help 
fellow crazies to fulfill their desires that have not 
yet been completed.

I just wrote nine books, so I thought of the "four 
books and five classics" that Mao Zedong and 
Qin Shihuang both hated. Nevertheless, 
personally I do think that the "Four Books and 
Five Classics" is the culture of China and Asia. 
But their static tendency is where my 
predecessor crazies, Qin Shihuang and Mao 
Zedong, were displeased with. In order to 
preserve their influence on social stability, we 
should strive to preserve them, but we should 
also add to their shortcomings in dealing with 
the modern society. That is to add some 
dynamic stuff. Therefore, I will name my book 
collection as "Four Defeats Five Exercises" .

That "Four Defeats" is written about history. The 
defeats are: Opium War, Taiping Christian 
Rebellion, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek's 
betray of Asia and Japan's surrender. The "Four 
Books and Five Classics" only taught us how to 
cry, but this "Four Defeats" demand vengeance.

The "Five Exercises" is written about how to 
exercise our brains and bodies to restore in each 
of us, the cultural and kungfu skills passed down 
by our ancestors. The "Four Books and Five 
Classics" definitely have his own merits. It is only 
that, in this 21st century, it needs to be 
improved. No wonder they did not leave a good 
impression with Mao Zedong.  Probably not 
crazy enough?

The "Five Exercises" is therefore being written 
about the novel and innovative ROBACUS and 
Pongfu, plus some "Taichi Tennis", "Sky 
Yoga"and "Pulse Dance".  I am sure they 
could get Mao sufficiently confused to not 

They are all coming from superhigh-tech 
background, as well as China's national sport, 
pingpong, and Asia's very own sport tradition, 
kungfu. Westerners may never learn what the 
"Four Books and Five Classics" are all about, not 
to mention forcing them to give up their useful 
barbarism. But the "Four Defeats" were caused 
by them.  And the "Five Exercises" are 
derivatives of the high-tech and violence they 
worship so much that they may eventually be 
swayed to accept.  We shouldn't easily give up 
on Chairman Mao's "One family under heaven" 

The following four books describe the Asia's 
defeats and the subsequent clean-ups strategy:

1. Give Back Our History 
2. Give Back Our Peace 
3. Give Back Our Culture 
4. An Asia Without America

The five books on the "Five Exercises" describe 
how we can maintain the fitness of our brains 
and bodies, as well as increase the fun and 
challenges of modern life.  They are:


In the fifth and last book, we will introduce, in 
the coming automation society, besides of 
ROBACUS and Pongfu we should also have 
some innovative fitness programs, such as 
Taichi Tennis , Sky Yoga and Pulse Dance.

The Four Books and Five Classics will teach us to 
be humans. The Four Defeats Five Exercises can 
prepare each of us to adapt and enjoy the 
achievements of high tech and automation, 
rather than being excluded and eliminated.