Who is competing? I can't figure out why this is the 
major cause of humanity's rush to its doomsday.
What is all that talk about rises of superpowers?  It's 
more like how these risen powers have relied on opium 
to suppress China, and have bought out so many 
Chinese domestic traitors to sell China out. In the end, 
they simply used the standard genocide of Christian 

They almost knocked out China, then went on to Japan, 
and almost exterminate the Japanese race, had not for 
the samurais' switching to plan B, the Goujian's 
Revenge. But the Christian ghosts and God are still 
hanging around everywhere in Asia.

China is a land of no-god people, who even feel they are 
more superior than the God of their invading rising 
powers from the West. There were also the most 
uncannily capable Chinese leaders, who managed to 
free the people from the forced opium addiction. The 
current leaders have also used the Asian tradition of the 
peasants' belief in communism, and a centralized 
management system to chase the highest rising powers 
out of the country.

So, who are competing?  Nobody! 

All we have is that many a rising powers did have tried 
to chase up with China for more than three centuries, 
but failed to catch up!

China will soon return to its peace and prosperity that 
had lasted for thousands of years. If the rising powers 
cannot see this, China would again have to move all 
their national treasury vaults to China, just like what 
happened before the Opium War. In this way, the Earth 
this time might not be able to escape the fate of being 
blown up.

So don't be sour losers anymore.  America, especially, 
needs to admit that it cannot catch up with China.  In 
that way, China this time around could make some 
special arrangement to take care of these rising powers. 
What they want is money. China has plenty of that.  
And China is never a stingy country.  
What China wants is culture, and China should upgrade 
its culture a bit from last time, so it would be a bid nicer 
to the rising powers this time.

                SOFTWARE VS 5G

America might think the current contest on domination 
of the rollout of the 5G network is the final great battle 
in tech supremacy.  That's wrong, since it's wont matter 
to the consumers who dominates and provides the 

However, the next and final tech rollout will matter.  It's 
the software operating system, an automated software 
environment that interfaces the users with a universal 
native language.  Now, here humanity needs to choose 
between English and Chinese.

It should be English, as there is no problem for Chinese 
to learn English, but not vis versa.  But would the 
Chinese make this concession?  Tough! Maybe if 
America gives up the current bullying techniques in 
stopping China's 5G, China may seriously consider.