APPENDIX V. China-Japan-Korea Alliance

The unification effort between North and South 
Koreas and the warming of relation between 
China and Japan are good opportunities for 
history to roll back. We have to roll back to the 
momentum in the tripartite cooperation of third 
China-Japan-Korea summit in 2009 and the 
fourth meeting's "Vision 2020".

Last time, because the time was not ripe, 
America was able to sabotage the effort, and 
China, Japan and South Korea had to go back to 
their separate ways. This time we will have to get 
double back on our investments in the 
China-Japan-ROK alliance with practical actions.

We want to connect China, Japan and Korea 
within the framework of the Belt and Road 
Initiative. China and Japan should cooperate to 
dig an undersea tunnel to connect South Korea 
and Japan. At the same time, China, Japan, 
should help the North and South Koreans to 
build a high-speed rail from China to Japan. This 
project should be listed as the first in the new 
"Vision 2020".

Since 2020 is a showdown between Asia and 
America, China, Japan, South and North Koreas, 
and even Russia and the European Union, 
should publicly announce their support for 
America's Democratic Party in the US 2020 
presidential election. This would suppress the 
anti-Chinese extremists in America with their 
current escalating mischiefs, and also increase 
the morale of decent and rational Americans.

Now in America, there are two things that are 
very helpful in preventing America from 
irresponsibly going its own way in recent years. 
That is California's application for independence 
and an Asian, Andrew Yang's, bid for America's 
presidency. These two events, to put it bluntly, 
are declarations of war against Trump's policies. 
Just like the trade war between China and 
America, we must proceed with a spirit of 

October 1st, 2020, the day of reckoning, is only 
two years away. We must begin to turn from 
defense to offense, seizing the chances to 
increase our odds, and bring the world back 
onto the right track.

Past history has shown us that nothing is more 
damaging than a divided Asia. Our current 
mission is to prove that Asia's unity is a powerful 
force that no one can stop it.