An Open Letter to My Fellow Asians:
My name is Joe Ching.  I am a researcher 
of contemporary Asian history.  Although I 
was born a Chinese and now am an 
American, but, in my heart, I am an Asian.  
I am here to present an Asian history based 
on Asia's own perspective.  I especially 
would like to correct the history between 
Japan and China that the West has distorted 
in order to divide and conquer Asia.  
Our history is not tragic, but valiant.
Our history is not about crying past 
grievances, but to illuminate our future 

Historically in Asia the greatest ambitions of 
our ablest leaders have been to unify us 
under one heaven, or 天下.  And what we 
considered to be "under one heaven" are 
people with the same culture.  These 
people all belong to the same large family.
Therefore as an Asian, I consider   
Japanese and Chinese are cousins.  
Since Confucius planted the seeds of 
unification across China 2500 years ago, in 
246 BC, the Qin Emperor unified China.  
Then the Mongols decided to join China in 
1271, and later twice in 1274 and 1281 also 
tried to unify with Japan.  Had not for the 
interference of kamikaze, the "divine wind", 
typhoon, Japan might have become part of 
China during the Yuan Dynasty.
If that did happen, it might just be the 
Japanese, rather than the Manchurians, 
that were to take over China to end the 
Ming Dynasty, making China a part of Japan.  
And under Japan, Asia would definitely not 
have lost the war to America.
But even if, just as the history had it, that 
the Manchu conquered and ruled China, 
Japan's intervention into China should be 
more traditionally interpreted as an act of 
the Asian unification, rather than what West 
claimed to be same as its own barbaric 
custom of colonization.  
More than that, it should be morally 
considered as a mission by a family relative 
to rescue China from an involuntary opium 
addiction, courtesy of the Jews and British 
Navy.  No wonder Mao Zedong thanked 
Japan for "invading" China.
Too bad the Westerners never understood 
Asia's tradition of cultural unification.  So, 
they and many of their Asian followers 
misinterpreted Japan's sending troops to 
China as a ruinous colonization.  
But shouldn't Asian history be written 
according to Asia's own perspective?

The Westerners and their Chinese puppets 
also solidified their distorted view for the 
purpose of dividing and conquering Asia.  
They have been found by today's historians, 
though little known to the general public, to 
have played some of the dirtiest tricks in 
history.  They included:
1. America immortalized the first shot of 
Asian liberation fired by Japan at Pearl 
Harbor , as a "Day of Infamy" and has been 
trying to suppress the Asian liberation effort 
ever since.
2. The use of the forgery of Tanaka 
Memorial to poison the relationship 
between China and Japan as early as 1929.
3. They forever demonized Japanese army 
with the fabrication of the Nanking 
Massacre by China's Chiang Kai-shek, who 
timed it as a revenge for the humiliation he 
received in the Xian Mutiny at its 1st 
4. They blamed on Japan for the greatest 
man-made catastrophe, the Yellow River 
Flood of 1938, which actually was ordered 
by Chiang Kai-shek.
5. Under duress of unconditional surrender, 
they indulged in the unprecedented and 
unfair practice of singling out Japan for 
war-time sexual violations, known as the 
"comfort woman" abuse. 
Adding injury to insult, America sealed all 
these dirty tricks into history books with 
two abombs.
These underhanded assaults on Japan by 
the Western forces were actually a repeat 
for China in Asia.  
China during the Qing Dynasty, while still 
the most advanced civilization on Earth, was 
smeared to be "backward and corrupt" by 
no other than Karl Marx -- the poor-man's 
oligarchy masqueraded as champion of the 
oppressed mass.  Marx also claimed that 
the Chinese people had a "natural 
inclination for opium" in a New York Daily 
article to justify the Opium Wars.  
And his cousins, the Sassoons and 
Rothchilds, made Marx's claim self-fulfilling 
with two opium wars, sandwiched in 
between was a crippling Christian crusade 
called the Taiping Rebellion, much like what 
America did with the Tanaka Memorial to 
Japan. The result was a century-long opium 
holocaust lasted from 1839 to 1949, just as 
Marx has asserted that China deserved it.  
And it was during a period when the rest of 
the world had all outlawed opium.

The opium holocaust provided the perfect 
incubator of 38 years of living hell in China, 
from 1911 to 1949, that started right after 
the end of the Qing Dynasty and ended 
when Mao made China "stand up" again 
with his peasant liberation movement.
Amid all the hullabaloos about revolution 
and Westernization fervors near the end of 
Qing Dynasty, quietly and coincidentally, 
both the Qing's Empress Cixi and her 
successor son died.  And this once great 
dynasty faded away without a credible 
succeeding ruler.  This event was not even 
been noticed in Chinese history, except in 
In official Chinese history, the story was the 
other non-event called Xinhai Revolution, 
which overthrew the Qing Dynasty.  It 
stuck, as is, in history since there was no 
sense to debate about a dying China.  
Most historians are more eager to help their 
new masters forge their own versions of 
Nevertheless, this little noisy revolution did 
wake up all the warlords and provincial 
governors to cut up China -- a feat that all 
Western powers had tried to do but failed.  
And the people who contributed to this 
accomplishment were naturally described 
by their private historians as heroes.
However, based on the anti-separatist law in 
China today, all those warlords and 
governors should be thrown in jail, rather 
than be considered as revolutionary heroes 
especially when most of them were hunting 
Mao Zedong for being the lone champion of 
the oppressed Chinese people.
Among these separatist revolutionaries was 
a Chinese American named Sun Yat-sen, 
who lived like George Washington and died 
like Abraham Lincoln, with Lincoln's famous 
funeral train processions.  Sun promoted 
himself loudest with democratic skills he 
picked up in America and became the 
"Father of China".  Sun's real aim was to 
turn China into a "Little America".
Sun's successor, Chiang Kai-shek, a Japanese 
military officer and master of dirty tricks, 
then suppressed the impoverished Chinese 
mass so much so that made himself public 
enemy number one.  However, anyone 
who uttered any negative news on Chiang 
was immediately awarded with an assassin's 
As a result, much of China's history today 
came from Chiang's own historians hired to 
praise him and cover up all his crimes.   A 
major source of historical data was Chiang's 
diaries, which were penned by someone 
else, but contained only materials approved 
by Chiang.
Chiang's long list of assassination candidates 
includes: Mao and family, General Tang -- 
defending commander at "Nanking 
Massacre", Chiang's own second wife -- for 
writing an autobiography, and Wang 
Jing-wei - a man of high integrity, who was 
called a "Han traitor" for being the head of 
Nanking government during Japanese 
Both Sun and Chiang were the opposite of 
Wang Jing-wei, who, incidentally, wrote 
Sun's memorable will to the Chinese people 
and was actually designated by Sun as his 
Chiang was able to keep all his handy works 
shrouded in mystery, credited to his devout 
spy master, Dai Li.  But before the curtain 
fell, Dai Li also must die a mysterious death.
And both Sun and Chiang were rampant 
womanizers - copying the life style of the 
Westerners.  Sun once proudly bragged 
that "next to revolution, my greatest love is 
women".  And they like them young.  
Sun's record was eloping with a 14 year-old 
farm girl. And Chiang beat Sun to it by 
attempting to rape a 13 year-old girl -- the 
2nd wife mentioned above.  Fighting off 
rejection by her family, Chiang finally 
proposed marriage at her dad's funeral but 
gave her gonorrhea on their wedding night.  
When Sun attended their marriage 
ceremony, he remarked: "She looks so 
young!"  What a pair of rivals, these two 
But what was most remarkable was that 
they finally all married the most respectable 
ladies of China, and made them "First 
Ladies".  The ladies were actually 
daughters of a Christian minister dad.  And 
Chiang had to convert to Christianity to get 
the girl.  
Well, not quite.  Chiang got the girl, but 
then almost lost her during her effort to 
prostitute America's high political circles, 
trading her charm for military aids.  She 
almost became America's First Lady should 
her affair with her new American beau, the 
1940 Republican Presidential candidate,
Willkie, work out should Willkie be elected 
But her sex-for-aids trading was still quite 
successful. Chiang's gang cheated out of 
America billions of dollars.  Even the U.S. 
President Truman loudly scolded them as 
"bunch of thieves and robbers". 
But for them, since they willingly sold their 
souls to the Lord Jesus Christ and GOD, the 
reward they got in return, to become the 
world's first billionaire, should not be 
considered as excessive.
By the way, another one of their sisters of 
this China's no.1 Christian family was 
naturally married to the richest man in 
China.  Who says sex doesn't mix with 
fame, power and money.   
This Chiang's third, or whatever, wife, Song 
Meiling loved to tell people that:"I am really 
an American, except for my Chinese face."  
Ain't 'em all!
Today, all the anti-China Chinese learn how 
to become reckless hoodlums from Sun 
Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek.  And they 
learn to worship everything American from 
Song Meiling.  Taiwan is the best example.
Opium, seasoned with the Christianity's 
original sins, delivered to the Chinese 
people the 38 years , or San Ba Living Hell 
between 1911 and 1949.
Finally, Chiang's big break came from 
blackmailing Sun about a secret 
assassination Sun ordered.  The ransom 
that Chiang finally received was to become 
the principle of China's no. 1 military 
academy, Huang Pu Military School.  This 
propelled Chiang to become the Mr. 
Militarism in China. 
Chiang's tyrannical carry-ons finally caught 
up with him in a mutiny by his generals at 
the city of Xian.  In the Xian Mutiny, he was 
forced at gun point to stop killing his own 
people and to start fighting the Japanese.  
This turned Chiang into the world's fiercest 
and most vengeful hater of Chinese people. 
Chiang, with America's full backing, killed 
up to 100 million Chinese -- 30 million by 
flooding the Yellow River that he blamed on 
the Japanese and 45 million in the Taiwan 
Strait War, in which weapons of 
mass-destruction, possibly even nuke 
cannons, were used to keep China's army 
preoccupied with defending the shore and 
away from going to the rescue of famine 
victims as they normally did.  Then Chiang 
blamed it all on Mao's Great Leap Forward 
One American journalist in the Yellow River 
area in China reported: "Mothers were 
exchanging babies so they didn't have to eat 
their own". 
What he saw was the "SanBa Living Hell" 
that history never recorded!
Naturally, Chiang also needed to leave 
behind in China with his-story of an upside 
down history.  After glorifying himself and 
Sun, he tried to convince all the Chinese and 
foreigners alike that Mao Zedong was the 
evilest murderous "commie bandit", a term 
coined by his wife, Song Meiling, in a speech 
to the U.S. Congress.  And he put into 
history books that China was an 
impoverished and backward country.
Exactly how impoverished was China?  
Chiang emptied and brought the National 
Treasury vault with him to Taiwan.  And 
Chiang's men also took all the golds and the 
best of national antiques.
And to make sure China stayed 
impoverished, America fought two 
exhaustive wars, the Korea and Vietnam 
Wars, against China, and then coerced the 
West to slap an "Iron Curtain" and "nuke 
fence" type of sanction on China.
And how backward was China?  America's 
media monopoly had reversed the truth and 
convinced the world that not Chiang, but 
Mao, killed more than 100 million of his 
own people.
And China's communistic government was 
smeared as the most exploitative regime. 
But when China finally opened up to the 
world, we found it has been the most 
benevolent and harmonious country in the 
Unfortunately today, there are still a 
dangerously high number of Westerners 
and Asians alike who cannot re-wash their 
brains off the powerful propaganda, as well 
as the harsh experiences.
The Sun-Chiang legacy is the greatest 
obstacle for China's revival.
All these were feats initiated by the Jews 
and executed by the British Navy, then 
exacerbated by the Taipin Christian crusade 
and later reinforced by Asia's own 
Westernized vultures, the likes of Sun 
Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, suppressing 
China on behalves of their master, America, 
to destroy the mainstay of Asian civilization.  


But Asia was too old to die so young!

Two timely-tested old traditions came to the 
rescue.  They were cultural unification and 
peasant liberation, respectively, carried out 
by Japan and Mao Zedong.
Whatever others might want to called it, 
what Japan really did was cultural 
unification, even though the Westerners 
and their Asian supporters tried to brand it 
as a brutal Western-style colonization.
The method Mao Zedong used to save 
China was the age-old tradition of peasant 
liberation, even though history recorded it 
as Marxist communist revolution.  Why, 
Marxism tactics almost aborted the 
revolution in its cradle.  
Just look how much the Soviet Union had 
suffered from following the Marxist lie of 
the poor-man's oligarchy for more than a 
century.  Mao just knew better, so he stuck 
to the good old peasant liberation.
And as for the term "communist", it's totally 
redundant, since the Chinese peasants 
always think of themselves as communists.
That's why China abandoned communism 
the minute the Western hostility ceased and 
the peasants are no more needed to further 
liberate China.  
And how many times has Japan had to 
re-iterate to the world her intended 
objective was "The Great East Asian 
Co-prosperity Sphere".  Even as late as 
2010, Japan's Prime Minister again called 
for the "East Asia Community" concept.
Even though Japan failed the unification of 
Asia in WWII, she was successful in 
triggering peasant liberations in all of the 
Asian colonies of the West, except Australia 
which had already massacred all its natives.  
And in China, Japan contributed critically to 
prevent China from being sold out to 
America by Chiang Kai-shek as a puppet 
But, sadly, after Japan sacrificed everything 
to save Asia, at the end, she was not able to 
save herself.
In China, Japan provided incidental 
sanctuary to Mao's peasant army that was 
nearly exterminated by Chiang Kai-shek in 
the arduous Long March.  Then Japan also 
occupied all the sea ports around Asia 
mainland to blockade American weapons 
from reaching Chiang for mopping-up 
actions on Mao's peasant troops.  
And immediately after Japan lost the war, 
she passed the baton of Asia liberation to 
Mao in the forms of world's best artillery 
weapons, which allowed General Lin Biao 
under Mao, to win the first few 
table-turning battles against Chiang, that 
eventually expelled Chiang to Taiwan.
After Mao liberated China, he carried the 
baton of Asia liberation to Korea, against 
the advices of many of his top diplomats 
and generals.  And in Korea, it was the 
Chinese fighter pilots trained by the 
ex-members of Japanese air force that won 
the make-or-break air battles against 
And the exceptional Chinese artillery skills, 
that traced its origin to the Japanese army, 
might very well be a deciding factor in 
beating the America in Vietnam, when they 
were used to shoot down and capture the 
crown prince of America's Asian Pacific 
force, John McCain.  
Holding McCain as a hostage by North 
Vietnam caused America to hesitate in 
using the abombs and gave time for China 
to lure American President Nixon into the 
peace option with Pingpong Diplomacy.  
Japan was definitely an enthusiastic 
promoter of the Pingpong Diplomacy, as the 
whole thing could only become a celebrated 
world-wide news event when the 
supportive and influential Japanese media 
overwhelmed the initial objection of the 
Chinese diplomats and allowed the news to 
reach the severely ill Mao, who vetoed his 
diplomats' objection and invited the 
American pingpong team to China.
It was as if Mao refused to go, in his death 
bed, just to wait for this tiding of peace.
What Mao used was the good old one-two, 
two-punches and good-bad, two-cops trick 
of the Culture Revolution and Pingpong 
Diplomacy.  The first cold, then hot, 
approach thawed America and finally put an 
end to America's winning streak of killing 
sprees since America's founding, at 
Mao later told the initiator of Pingpong 
Diplomacy, Zhuang Zedong: "You are even 
better than my best diplomats."
No one could live forever.  When Mao died 
he carried the baton with him to the grave. 
Too bad, Mao's son, Mao An-ying, was also 
sacrificed in the Korean battlefield. Now 
Japan is left to take care of herself. 
While, on the other hand, just as only to be 
expected, once Mao pulled his people out 
of the Jewish opium den, China quickly 
resumed her old position as head of 
household of the world.  
Unfortunately, Mao's successors are not 
Mao.  Basking in their new gained 
prosperity and prestige, they handily 
ignored the plights of their cousin Japan, 
and little brother North Korea.

So, it's hard to blame one Japanese, who 
had taught the Chinese to fly a plane during 
the Korea War, said later in disappointment 
that "Now, it's not the 'renmin', or people, 
any more , but the 'renminbi', or people's 
dollar bill".

Let me conclude this Asian history with a 
brief description of American history, since 
the struggle between Asia and America has 
lasted for more than 150 years and does not 
seems likely it would end soon. 
From the Taiwanese TV program, "Crucial 
Moments", a group of seasoned journalists 
researched into the plague epidemic in 
Europe and found that the plague did not 
ended in the 15th century, but lasted to as 
late as the 18th century, coincided with the 
founding of America.
When the European colonists landed in 
America, they carried with them 4 centuries 
of negative impact of the plague that have 
turned them into savages.  These wild 
animals in fancy human clothes formed the 
world's first military camp of a nation, 
dedicated to world domination.  
The formation of a new government was a 
division of labor between the southern 
conservatives and the northern liberals.   
The conservatives took care of the 
suppression and killing of their victims. The 
liberals schemed up a seamless propaganda 
machine to pave the way for the 
conservatives' conquests, enslaving and 
As history has shown us, America has 
always been able to seize the moral high 
ground in all their war crimes against 
It's only until recent, America has been 
considered the undisputed leader of the 
world.  Today, China and Asia's rise is 
challenging this myth.  But in its homeland, 
America is still complacently holding tight to 
the notion of "America First".  How come?
More than anything, it's Christianity. 
Just as during the early plague-struck days, 
the superstition of their Christian God had 
prevented a humanistic cure as the one 
effectively practiced in Asia, the Americans 
persisted in praising the useless God and 
blaming China as the source of the plague 
and everything else, most of which has 
been found to be wrong, but still ignored by 
most Americans, who are shielded from 
truths by saturation bombardment from the 
seamless propaganda machine.
In the great migration to America, the 
Europeans did not bring the plague.  
Instead, they brought something even 
worse -- Christianity.  
Christianity was used to justify that the 
America natives were ordained by God to 
be exterminated and the African blacks, 
enslaved.  Naturally, the Asians, who have 
lived nicely for five thousand years without 
any God, have also become their targets.
Furthermore, if we want to look for a 
definitive motive for the WWII in Asia, it 
was the intolerance of Christianity toward 
WWII in Asia was a religious war between 
America and the Buddhist countries.
And more than Buddhism, Christianity 
hated communism even more. It was 
considered as the cancer of the heart for 
China.  Chiang Kai-shek, a Christian convert, 
made eradicating the Chinese communists 
as a God's sacred mission. 
This, later in World War II, became an 
excuse for Chiang's betrayal of China to 
America.  Interestingly enough, today's 
Taiwan still inherits this excuse.
Actually what historical facts have shown is 
just the opposite -- it has been the Asian 
Christian converts who have been the 
detrimental cancer tumors of Asia.
By now it should be obvious: who are the 
real Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as 
mentioned in the Christian Bible?  They 
are Christianity itself, Plague, Gun and 
Once histories like ours start to be written, 
the Horsemen of Gun and Propaganda will 
be tamed.  And modern medicine is 
getting a grip on the Plague.  But when 
could we be cured of Christianity?
Let's look at what happened in Asia.  In 
Asia, history was considered worthy to be 
recorded when humans began to rely on 
themselves, rather than on some fictitious 
entity like God.  This is because this 
fictitious history will not be understood and 
accepted by future generations.
Asian civilization began 7018 years ago.  
But history only certified 4640 out of the 
7018 years.  This is because in those 4640 
years, we have been able to not rely on God 
and became mature and responsible 
enough to answer to history entirely by 
So, let's assume the birth of Christianity and 
the birth of Asia civilization happened to 
occur at the same time.  This will allow us 
to estimate how many years delay it would 
take for Christians to mature from relying 
on a parental God to becoming their own 
responsible adults. 
All we need to do is to first figure out how 
many years it took the Asians to free 
themselves from reliance on God.  It is:

[Asia's age] subtract [Asia history's age], or

So it took Asians 2378 years to evolve from 
God-relying pre-humans into no-God 
humans.  From this number we can 
calculate the time Christians will also 
become their own full human beings.  We 
just subtract the age of Christianity by the 
age at which Asian civilization matured.  
This is:


So, it will take humanity 360 more years to 
attain full control of our own destiny.  Can 
we wait this long while risking ourselves on 
God's path to Armageddon?  
Too tough!  That's why we Asians must 
"add oil" by taking matter into our own 
Up to now, many world leaders are still not 
sure which one is worse -- the Republicans 
or the Democrats in America?  And 
American leaders could care less about 
being modest toward their victims as long 
as there are still a few among them who are 
still being praised worldwide as heroes.  
The current American President Trump is a 
businessman, who thinks abombs are like 
money, the more the better.  And many 
leaders around the world still look up to him.  
We are trapped in a dangerous world.

Based on this theoretical analysis, we Asians 
could only accept the West's military 
ventures in Asia as an act of nature -- a 
storm of barbarism blown in from the West. 
Apart from this, there is not much need for 
further explanation and debate.
Japan and China's ability to overcome the 
opium holocaust and subsequent difficulties 
in Asia, testifies to the resilience of Asia's 
culture and tradition.  But to finally 
weather this storm of barbarism, all Asians 
need to work together to avert America's 
last desperate move -- WWIII.
Heroes and villains of history have come 
and gone.  We can worship or condemn 
them anyway we want.  But we must not 
allow them to misguide us back to traverse 
the same tragic path they created by 
trampling on history.
Asia has confronted America to turn around 
from warmongering competition to 
peaceful cooperation since their first 
encounter in 1854.  
Before WWII, Asia could only act at 
America's mercy.   Up to 2017, Asia was 
still at America's beckon and call.  In 2018, 
the Korea Peninsula challenged America and 
the verdict is still pending.  But in 2020, 
Korea, Japan and China will dare America.  

An Asian's life is timeless and space-less.  
It's timeless through generation lineage.  
It's space-less through marriage. 
Marriage is considered the union of two 
halves of the world, making life henceforth 
Generation lineage allows an Asian to 
believe he and his offspring are of the same 
one live, making him live only for the 
Our mission here is to strengthen the 
foundation upon which we build our future.  
This foundation is history.
We need repair our history with lessons of 
the past.  We should use Empress Cixi of 
Qing Dynasty's anti-trend behavior, of 
sacrificing her country in order to preserve 
China's culture and tradition, to start the 
Empress Cixi did try to Westernize China.  
But after a hundred days, she had to stop 
the process when she found out that many 
Western practices were wrecking the 
foundation of Chinese tradition and culture, 
upon which her own Manchu Monarchy 
had relied on to rule China.
One example of such a cultural crash was 
the construction of China's first railroad 
track.  Cixi had to order the railway 
disassembled because it trampled on the 
burial ground of our ancestors.
For most of you Westerners and many 
Westernized Asians, this may seem 
incomprehensible, and a definite proof of 
Asian backwardness.  
But if we take another example from the 
Ming Dynasty's Admiral Zheng He's voyage, 
it might make you think that you, not the 
Chinese, who have the problem.
Zheng He conquered the world.  This is   
according to Gavin Menzies, a former 
captain of a British Nuclear Submarine.  
Menzies' claim was further substantiated by 
a bunch of Taiwanese sea adventurists, who 
built a Zheng He type of junk sailboat and 
travelled in it from Taiwan to reach 
America's West coast and back.
Now, here is the real incomprehensible part.  
Zheng He's voyages around the world were 
ordered to stop by the Ming Emperor and 
his 28,000-crew fleet was demolished.  
But the most incredible part was that all of 
the invaluable intellectual properties that 
China could use to dominate the world 
were burnt and destroyed.  The map 
Columbus used to get to America was one 
of the rare, leaked piece of intellectual 
Well, too bad, the Confucius court 
mandarins, like Cixi, decided that 
colonization was not in line with China's 
tradition and culture.
You see, Asian tradition only goes as far as:  
1. Reunification is a must!
2. Cultural unification should always be the 
highest goal of all leaders.
3. And don't think tradition never innovates.  
In the recent 3 dynasties, China was ruled 
more than half of the time by minority 
ethnics -- Mongols and Manchus. 
The innovation is that minority rule should 
be preferred during cultural unification to 
achieve ethnic harmony.
In Mongol's Yuan Dynasty and Manchu's 
Qing Dynasty, minority ethnics ruled China, 
which had more than 100 times the 
majority Han ethnics than the minority 
ruling ethnics. 
The Qing Dynasty was especially remarkable 
in that its monarchy actually first learned 
the Chinese culture before unified with 
China's failing Ming Dynasty.  
And harmoniously they made the whole 
country to live under the same Chinese 
culture.  At the end, they were even 
willing to be pushed into oblivion in order 
the culture and tradition were preserved.
Today, with the onslaught of globalization, 
small countries either unify, or perish.  In 
order to share the vast Chinese market, the 
original Japanese concept of the "East Asia 
Community" is the only viable option for 
Korea, Japan and China.
A not so trivial a bonus of this Asia 
unification is to finally get America off Asia's 
The unification of Asia should adopt a 
time-tested method of ethnic minority 
governance to achieve ethnic harmony as 
demonstrated by the Qing Dynasty 
North Korea, being the undisputed minority, 
and for what Japan owed Korea for Japan's 
WWII mischiefs, should be voted the top 
Being the country, least contaminated by 
Western barbarism, North Korea should be 
given the authority to guide the new Asia 
Family back to reviving Asian morality, 
culture and tradition.
With Korea being the Minority ruler, it 
would leave Korea an option to preserve 
and protect her ethnic purity and reclusive 
tranquility.  But most of all, minority rule 
will guarantee all minority ethnics' 
accessing the majority ethnics' market place 
and military protection.
Japan, naturally, should be given the 
responsibility to bring all the family 
members up to the highest living standard 
in the world as herself, using her 
benevolent fascism experience.
You see, fascism, is as much hated by the 
unruly Westerners as it is loved by the 
disciplined Asians.  Actually, same applies 
to communism, because of West's 
selfishness and Asia's generosity.
China should be asked, first of all, to keep 
America's military at bay from Asia, as her 
People's Liberation Army has been doing 
that since day one.
But in the long run, China's new cultural 
innovation of communistic volunteerism 
should be fully developed and implemented 
to usher in the post-scarcity era of full 
automation and excellence in innovation.
In conclusion, this is the hopeful future 
Asians should expect.
The new Asia family should be ruled 
culturally by the minority tradition-bounded 
North Koreans, by way of cultural revival.  
The high-standard-living Japanese should 
make sure no one is left out from the good 
life, by way of technology and sport fitness.
And the hard-working Chinese should 
volunteer everything else that Korea and 
Japan missed, with their die-hard 
communist spirit, by way of software 
Finally on the practical front, Japan and 
Korea's crises of population aging fit 
squarely with China's inclination for filial 
piety.  Aged wisdom will guide youthful 
exuberance to new frontiers in humanity's 
journey on Earth.