For nearly two centuries, Asia has gone through the most twisted and winding path in the history of mankind.   This might be because the West had mistaken Asia for yet another backward American Continent.  So the arrivals from the West carried on like the native population could be killed or enslaved at their beck and call. 

On the other hand, the Asian culture was actually too-deep deeply rooted to be comprehensible for the Westerners.  So the Western leadership was jealousy and fearful of Asia.  The West would, rather destroy the Asian civilization, than try to understand the Asian culture.  This was actually attempted, so as not to expose themselves as yet a not fully matured human species .

The “God chosen” Jews took the lead in destroying the Asian civilization, much like what America is doing to China today: China is too meritorious.  The Jews used opium to weaken China, then they used Christianity to incite among the ignorant and greedy Chinese people, which included the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom renegades, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, as their proxy tools to destroy China. 

As a matter of fact, the Jews had first organized, in the name of one of their own, Jesus Christ, to create the Christian religion, whose followers have since created the military camps of nations, such as America and Britain, dedicated to the genocides of non-Christians around the world, by democratically declaring such killings as sacred missions ordained by God.

As early as 1650, Japanese have seen this coming. Thus, Japan cleaned out all Christians in their country. The result was a genocidal payback by the Western Christians from America. To this day, Japan can only survive at the whim of the America.

Asia has had a hard time to revive itself, especially in the way Asian history and world status has been so badly distorted. It seems that Asia was so sinful that it does not deserve to be revived. If the following three anti-Asian terms "commie bandits", "Han traitor" and "little Japanese devil", is not correctly absolved and honored where the credits are due, the road to revival are all blocked. The following new understanding is the first step that must be taken in Asia’s revival:

"Commie bandits" saved China and Asia with the belief that "We rather starve to death, than be humiliated ever again!"

“Han traitor" prevented the Chinese Christian protagonists, backed by America, to engage in the extremist Han fundamentalist movement, so that the Chinese Peasant Liberation Army could eventually unify China and Asia.

The "Little Japanese Devils" swore the non-coexistence doctrine of Buddhism and Christianity, thus helping Asia to preserve the purity of its spiritual root.

As for the second step, it is very easy, but it all depends on whether the Asians are truly meritorious enough to be worthy being revived back to the path of past 5,000 years of splendor.

China, Japan and the Koreas should come together and form one new large family, to drive out America and restore the firm and steady feudal system passed down from our ancestors.

10/1/2020 China's National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival is the day of reckoning for America. The Asian revival depends on adequate preparations for this day.


近两百年来,亚洲走了人类历史上最扭曲的道路。 一面是因为他被西方误认为又另一个落后的美洲大陆,人口任其奴杀。另一方面是,亚洲的文化其实是太深而不可测,西方是又妒忌又恐惧,宁愿灭了亚洲,也绝不能试尝去懂亚洲,以免暴露他们自己还是一种还没成熟的人种。

犹太人领先,要毁掉亚洲文明,因为就像今天美国对中国崛起一样:中国太优秀了。  犹太人用了鸦片,加上基督教去煽动中国的无知和贪念之徒,太平天国极端分子,孙中山和蒋介石,都是用来去灭亚洲文明的利器。当犹太人自己用耶稣基督为名组织的,专搞种族灭绝的英美全民拥护的战争国家型的军事基地,已可把杀戮变成神圣使命。

早在1650,日本已看出这个诡计。 日本把国内所有基督教徒都给清理掉了。 结果引发了那些西方基督团队的灭种报复。  到今天日本还只能苟且偷生地活在美国的压迫下。

亚洲已很难复兴了。  尤其在道理上已经被扭曲的好像罪有应得的不该再复兴了。  三个词汇,“共匪”,“汉奸”和“小日本鬼子” 如不平反,亚洲的复兴之道已全被塞住了。 以下的新认识是亚洲复兴必要踏出的第一步:






10/1/2020 中国国庆和中秋节是老天爷安排的卧薪尝胆日。亚洲复兴就看中日韩朝为那天的准备了。